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  1. You're right. The only example with bitmap mode is with MEGACART example : https://github.com/alekmaul/pvcollib/tree/master/coleco-examples/megacart
  2. Circus is also using F18a mode
  3. You know, I'm 53 years old man !
  4. So @Tony Cruise, you're also using the speech synth. for sound effects ? no more use of standard coleco soundbios for that ?
  5. you can also use pvcollib which is supporting megacart (more than 32k) natively also shipped with an example : https://github.com/alekmaul/pvcollib/tree/master/coleco-examples/megacart
  6. thanks for your reply @Ikrananka, i willl play it again and will see if it is so much hard to finish it with such speed. @zaphro72, if you can send here some screenshots about when you think it is not palyable (as you said previously) because monsters are too fast.
  7. ok, it is faster, but is it a problem ? my goal is not to have the same speed but a nice game. You think it is not nice like that ? I'm surprised that people still need to compare instead of saying if they think the game is nice to play or not ...
  8. Please, could you give me where it can't be possible to "past the bad guys", with some screenshots for example, it will help me to understand. Regarding the grave (or bible), it seems ok for me,I will check again ... For your information, monsters and Sir Ababol are using the same frameskip (1 frame), so I think it is now a good compromize for the game.
  9. OK, new version is available here : https://www.portabledev.com/jeux/colecovision/sir-ababol/ You got also a small manual (print & read verison) and an flyer, enjoy ! Don't forget to support homebrew !
  10. ok, will check more deeply the ZX Spectrum version ...
  11. Regarding monster speed, I managed it, don't worry, they move slower now ;). The other problem is not a ROM issue with monster, but a RAM issue. I will try to store monsters coordinates in VRAM , will see if I can have something ok...
  12. you're right Kiwi, not enough RAM to manage x & y coordinates for each monster in map (120 monsters ...)
  13. Thanks for your comments about what you think I need to adapt, I will release a new version with all your suggestions.
  14. Hey the coleco fans, I don't know if you saw what I posted on Facebook but I released for free a new game for Colecovision, adapted from a Mojon Twins title on ZXSpectrum. It is Sir Ababol You can download it for free here : https://www.portabledev.com/jeux/colecovision/sir-ababol/ You can also support my works with a Paypal gift Enjoy !
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