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  1. well, you know, I'm very busy with some homebrews currently, but I put that on the "todo" list of EmulTwo. I also have to add 'F18A' emulation to EmulTwo ...
  2. nice, thanks to share it ! are you going to share source code to help people like me including, for example, driving controler in our sdk (pvcollib on my side) ?
  3. for sure, mail sent to your friend
  4. Hi ten-four, yes, please PM me his email, that's cool
  5. Hello, I'm currently working on a game named Circus and I need to transform some sounds intro CV Bios sound effects. pop.wavmiss.wavbounce.wav I tried on my side but the result is not really nice. I also try digit version but it is not nice too. Could someone help me to have something really great or to help me to find a way to have these 3 sound effects close to the real version Thanks in advance
  6. really great 😮 ! Thanks a lot !
  7. I think the problem can be the video chip emulation with interrupt trigger. Perhaps it is not good in ColecoDS.
  8. You're right. There was a bug to download msys. I updated the wiki page, it's ok now for msys.
  9. Perhaps you can try this https://github.com/alekmaul/pvcollib And tell me if it is easy or not to install it
  10. Nope, you need to ask to collectorvision if they want to do a video
  11. this was the reason why I wanted to use SGM as an external RAM ...
  12. I just wanted to add it as external memory because it is for my dev kit and I wanted to keep it ok with SGM or no SGM. But you're right, as @Kiwi said also, I will change the data-loc and put a big comment in documentation about the use of SGM ram with the kit.
  13. __sfr __at (0x2000) PORTA_255; seems to work, not byte __at. Another problem, I can't declare array
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