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  1. Thanks a lot !!! Nice to see you back on the coding path Will check your code and how I can use it, if possible, in my games.
  2. alekmaul


  3. Amy or Daniel, no problem for me. You will stay a really nice friend and a really great person. I really want to see your new works on CV now, hope you will be back soon !
  4. Are you talking about this one youki ? coleco29.asm.txt
  5. Here is a small video of the gameplay https://youtu.be/jHmwQCydJ54
  6. well, I hope it is like the original
  7. Hi guys, Another topic regarding a new game coming (I hope) from Collectorvision. For a french friend of me, who loved this game when he was young, playing again and again on Ti99. Now, he also did a version of it on NintendoDS and Linux. He dreamed someone to do a version on Colecovision, and here it is A game regarding a town attacks by Morgs , again and again, your goal is to save the population. You want to know why the name is Saguaro instead of another, just google a little and you will find Some screens may change before final release.
  8. certainly gifCam http://blog.bahraniapps.com/gifcam/
  9. Thanks a lot, great Colecovision librarian
  10. Never heard about this game, it was on the CV list in the 80's ?
  11. hum, I hope it will be a game form *STOCK* colecovision and not for *SGM*, or I will not be happy at all ...
  12. Thanks a lot for sharing, didn't know all these prototypes !
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