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  1. this was the reason why I wanted to use SGM as an external RAM ...
  2. I just wanted to add it as external memory because it is for my dev kit and I wanted to keep it ok with SGM or no SGM. But you're right, as @Kiwi said also, I will change the data-loc and put a big comment in documentation about the use of SGM ram with the kit.
  3. __sfr __at (0x2000) PORTA_255; seems to work, not byte __at. Another problem, I can't declare array
  4. If you change data-loc, you will lost the 1K original ram of CV. @PkK, any idea if sdcc is able to handle external ram for Z80 ?
  5. Hi guys, I'm trying to add new feature to my pvcollib and I began to implement SGM functions I'm currently trying to use external ram, so I added to linker options : But I have a problem to declare variable in this external ram, how can I put variables at 0x2000 ? I "googled" and found some examples, but they do not work Here, for example, http://fivedots.coe.psu.ac.th/~cj/masd/resources/sdcc-doc/SDCCUdoc-10.html xdata at 0x2000 unsigned char PORTA_8255 ; will produce "sgmramtest.c(12) : syntax error: token -> 'at' ; column 8" If I try xdata unsigned char PORTA_8255 ; I have same error. I also found we must use far, same issue with "far unsigned char PORTA_8255 ;" Same thing with "unsigned char __xdata PORTA_8255 ;" Do someone know how to declare in C langage the use of external ram with sdcc ?
  6. I did it for Colecovision. Just waiting now for a release (perhaps this year ...)
  7. You know, Circus will be published soon from CollectorVision
  8. Really nice @nanochess, I wanted also to post it to coleco, you did it, that's really great ! Bravo !
  9. Thank you, Luc! Happy Holidays and Merry Christmas
  10. Hi @digress You need to run the .bat file to install pvcollib in c:\colecodev (take a look at wiki for explanantions), I don't think you need to copy the bin folder Regarding the samples you tested, I updated them and now they worked. I pushed the updates on github (only some fix with enablenmi and gfx names) but not yet released a new version I'm waiting for new feature we are currently working on with @newcoleco
  11. you're right and I don't think I credit you about that, my mistake :/. I updated readme.md with a link to your website Regarding EmulTwo, i will work on it again to add more Adam support and update some screens for programmers.
  12. Yeah, I also manage some code about VDP corruption, and you have two functions you need to use to update VDP OUTSIDE of NMI routine : and
  13. thanks for your tests @digress, I will investigate the blacks screens. That's strange but I think it is because I did them a long time ago and I forgot regression tests because I use pvcollib for each game I make without any issue ... For all community information, @newcoleco is working a lot to port some of her games she did a long time ago to pvcollib to have more examples to help us using pvcollib She is also working with me to improve pvcollib and add some functions!
  14. New version 1.5.1 is now available here:https://github.com/alekmaul/pvcollib Here is the changelog: Add bunny example (thanks Amy Purple for sharing this game) Fix Makefile to add sys_choice and vdp_putvram_reapeat <_< (stupid I was ...) Add vdp_putvram_repeat to repeat some chars n times on screen (thanks Amy Purple for this function) Add sys_choice function to choose a key on joypad (thanks Amy Purple for this function) Remove docs content (useless) Add graphic mode 1 example Add vdp_putarea function Add default sprite address 0x3800 in mode 2 Add spr_updatefast funciton without changing order Change palette for f18a from bytes to words Add sys_memcpyb to copy memory byte per byte Add snd_mute variable to mute background sound playing (if you have another sound engine) Change vdp_disablescr & vdp_enablescr with flag for nmi Add vdp_getvram function
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