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  1. Yep, I got confirmation, it's the same. I can work on it. I began to integrate the f18a initialization, I will had a default bitmap mode and also adapt the tool gfx2col to have the good palette management for f18a. If you want to participate to the lib, don't hesitate
  2. SGM and f18a are on the way, don't worry. But I need to know how Phoenix handles SGM before (don't know if it uses same ports).
  3. New release 1.2.0 pushed on github
  4. I did the update, it works fine, thanks !
  5. just a question, do we have a special order for install ? Service before CV core or it doesn't care ?
  6. also got my membership card and the game today, thanks a lot collectorvision team, that's so great !
  7. Hi all, I forgot to post here that i'm currently working on a lib based on works of newcoleco (Amy Purple). The lib uses last sdcc version, is fully functionnal and i'm now going to do the wiki page to help people to install it and doing games with it It is available here : https://github.com/alekmaul/pvcollib Next step will be to add SGM support (how to detect it, to use it) and also F18A support (same functions). If you want to help me with the lib, you're welcome !
  8. Thanks a lot for sharing the source code. Nice to see such piece of game port to Coleco & MSX
  9. @Bruce Tomlin, you forgot to talk about the few amount of ram available on Coleco, regarding MSX fr example...
  10. alekmaul


    I also added a option menu for arcade switchs available As I now improved also the gameplay, the game can start the beta test , it is finished !
  11. alekmaul


    well, will check what i need to implement regarding driving controller. Don't worry, I think it will do the job
  12. alekmaul


    arcade has in game sounds, but not in demo mode, only when you are playing, like this version of course
  13. alekmaul


    Here is a arcade conversion of Circus from Exidy. The game is now finished and will go in beta tests. My goal was to do a perfect conversion from arcade version. I hope you will enjoy it, for 1 and 2 players. The game is also compatible with roller controller. I will try to add turbo controller also (will be useful because it is a little hard with joysticks). I hope that Collectorvision will be able to make it available before the end of this year !
  14. Here is a small contribution to the game, will now work on the documentation
  15. Please, do not disturb him, he seems already angry ... An other few animated gifs from the game which is , by the way, currently finished \o/ (ok need to add a credits screen ) ...
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