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  1. Why no Atari 8-bit Elite homebrew? So many amazing Atari 8-bit homebrew coming out, but why hasn't Elite been targeted?
  2. This is correct. The Atari 2800 and Sears Video Arcade II both use AC power not the far more common DC power. I use a modern 10VAC power supply I had that was lying around from some other equipment and works perfectly.
  3. Can you tell if an Atari 2600 is PAL or NTSC by looking at the console only? Does the label on the back on Atari 2600 JRs tell you if they are PAL? The reason I ask is that as an Australian living in a PAL region I want an NTSC console. On eBay consoles come up regularly but they are mostly always PAL. Occasionally one will come up where the owner doesn't know but provides a number of photos. I've noticed that my PAL consoles seem to have the letter "P" or "PAL" on the back. Is this true for ALL PAL models? ie. if there is no 'P' the console is therefore NTSC?
  4. I like PAL60 games - as my monitor supports this format nicely. I love playing the games at 60hz like they were meant to be played! My favourites are the trakball version of Centipede and Millipede and Missile Command! So good!
  5. The trackball updates to the 'pedes make both of them so much joy to play. I don't think there is a huge difference in the graphics really and to be honest I find the bottom grey player's band on millipede provides less contrast. I find myself playing Centipede more though, it's just so much fun and IMHO a purer experience.
  6. I've only just discovered this thread now - shame! What a fantastic bunch of mods. I did previously know about the Missile Command mod (some time ago), but Centipede and Millipede AND Reactor as well! Wow, I love the 'pedes now! Transforms them! And Missile Command! Fantastic. I'll check out all the others too. A big thank you to everyone involved in this project. Just a quick question, is it worth getting a Wico trackball? Does it "feel" any better than the Atari CX-80s? Or is this too subjective?
  7. I recently upgraded my Atari 7800 using the Future Was 8-bit AV mod. Whilst it works I'm not very satisfied with the out come as it still looks grainy and seems to suffer from interference from the audio, ie. especially when there is white noise playing. I also have an Atari 2600 JR modded and in comparison it looks great - bright, crisp Could anyone assist? I have some photos of my 2600 vs 7800, but they aren't really showing the difference very well in real life as the camera seems to be compensating with different levels of exposure.
  8. I've checked the bulb - which is perfectly good - so that's not the issue. I'm out of ideas.
  9. Okay well that's pretty much that! Thanks for the information. Do you know if anyone has been able to repair my specific problem with my Lynx, or is it a matter of just putting up with it as-is?
  10. Thanks for the info! So it's just a matter of getting a spare replacement screen. I haven't found anything, except for Best Electronics - but they don't specifically list replacement Lynx screens.
  11. Alright, so that's a pity. Could I swap the LCD screen with another? Or is this a difficult operation? Or just forget it?
  12. I have both versions of the Atari Lynx however my v1 has a screen problem: The left third or so of the screen is significantly dimmer than the rest - otherwise everything seems to be working nicely... No dead pixels or anything like that. Would this problem be fixed by replacing the capacitors? I'll post a pic and serial number tonight.
  13. This really needs to be done. Are we wating for Stella @ 40 to release it? Or Stella at 20 at 20?
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