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  1. It may have helped that Atari didn't design the graphics chip for the 7800 on thier own, General Computer Corporation did a lot of work on the chip. Dan
  2. This seems possible, it's not actually that far a jump from the game Wayout, which did a really nice smooth first person persepctive maze. Dan
  3. That is correct, the DLI occurs during the last scanline of the mode line on which it was set. So the proper way to use DLI's is to set them on the mode line prior to where you want the change, then at the start of you DLI routine hit the WSYNC register so you know that you are at the start of the horizontal blank for the next line. Dan
  4. Not getting upset, just trying to set the facts straight. The problem with the Activision games is plain and simple the Bankswitching, which I just never got around to implementing. Dan
  5. "The main problem with current 7800 emulation (With respect to Dan Boris for his outstanding work), is that most of the Maria graphic stuff had to be more or less guessed out on how it worked." This is incorrect. I had actual Maria programmers guide when I developed the emulator and didn't really have to guess at anything. The problems with the video emulation on the 7800, like most systems, is emulating the stuff that is NOT documented anywhere. With that said, the document that Curt posted is very cool, I love getting a look at stuff like this. I will have to take some time to peruse this in detail. Dan
  6. The reason is probably that until recently the information and tools needed to do development have been very hard to come by. The first emulator only appeared about two years ago, and the tech docs didn't hit the net until even more recently. Another problem is the problem of producing actual new carts for the 7800 is the all 7800 carts have to contain a special vaildation key or they won't work on a real 7800. There is currently no way to produce these keys, but someone did recently come up with a way around this that did not require a modified 7800. As the other poster mentioned the 7800 graphics hardware is totally different the the 2600 (or 5200 for that matter). With all that said, I hope some people do get interested in writing some 7800 games, it would be cool to see the system pushed to it's limits. Dan
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