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    One day I will build tube amps.
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    Atari, family, friends, linux, baseball, guitars, amps, music, hockey, trees, theology, philosophy, peace, BMX. Not always in this order of course.
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  1. Ice cream and baseball. Old friends.

    1. save2600


      Peanuts, popcorn and hotdogs too!

    2. Joe C.

      Joe C.

      Hotdogs Yes! Peanuts Yes! Ice Cream Always! Popcorn no way! :))

  2. littleman jack

    littleman jack

  3. Three: One 4 switch woody, which is barely working (bad video) One Sears Arcade II One 7800.
  4. Ice cream. It's often ice cream.

    1. adam242


      Or sometimes, it's sherbet.

    2. Swami


      Haagen Dazs is pretty close, except for all the sugar.

    3. DZ-Jay


      It's *always* ice cream.

  5. Our children and grandchildren will hopefully keep playing Atari until there are no more working joysticks left. My son likes to play the 2600, 800, 5200, and 7800 in between runs on the ipad, NES, SNES, Gamecube, PC, Switch, and 3DS. So there's hope the Atari will outlive us old guys.
  6. Pac-Guy 26 and groundtrooper, your ideas are great. But there's yet another: Buy an Atari 8-bit computer and play the Donkey Kong designed for them. They had all four boards, tight controls, and great sound.
  7. I enjoy it from time to time. I just wish it had more screens. It is better than the Atari 800 version, due to the better, more responsive control on the 2600. The Atari 800 version control scheme is way off.
  8. Snow, snow, and snow. We have a chance. Or it might be ice. Ice, ice, and ice.

    1. jd_1138


      We have snow, ice, snow, snow. Minus ten windchill.

    2. jaybird3rd


      We had harsh winter weather in December at the end of the Fall semester ... and we'll probably have harsh weather this week at the start of the Spring semester. Very unusual in the southeast.

    3. littleman jack

      littleman jack

      Yes! This is not normal southern weather. Last winter I barely wore a coat. This winter I've already broken out my old coat from my Boston days.


  9. Happy to see this starting again! My collection has dwindled, but I'd vote for: Star Raiders Preppie II Centipede Pac-Man Donkey Kong Joust Miner 2049er Jumpman Jr. ET Phone Home Donkey Kong Jr. Qix
  10. Winter, Atari, bmx, pound cake.

  11. We did play both Froggers in one round. I think it was in 2012. They're both great.
  12. This is great. I'm looking forward to the finished version and hope there is a version for NTSC machines. I spent a lot of quarters playing this one in the arcades.
  13. DK in the arcade was my favorite along with the Atari 800 version. Much later John Champeau made an awesome port called Champ Kong for the PC running DOS.
  14. Joust or Pac-Man? They're both great. And both sitting next to me on my desk.
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