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  1. This looks great! Thanks for the hard work. I definitely want one once they are available.
  2. I'm going with games that I own that we haven't played yet this year. I know some of these have been played in recent years, but there's always a chance they might spark interest again in a new season. Here they are in the order that they appear in my stereo cabinet drawer. Preppie Preppie II Maniac Miner (not the same as Manic Miner) Jawbreaker Crossfire Canyon Climber Star League Baseball Jumpman Junior Adventure II XE Montezuma's Revenge King Tuts Tomb Joust Frogger Galaxian Basketball Star Raiders
  3. I used the emulator years ago, on a different computer with a different version of Debian, so any configured files and roms from before are long gone. I also used altirra at one point, so I might be confusing altirra and atari800. In any event, thank you for the advice and suggestions! I think the next step now is to get the roms and configure my current atari800 emulator and then get playing. I prefer to use my real Atari 800 with disks and cartridges but, with a limited supply of games and money, I sometimes need to play in emulation. Thanks for the tips and info!
  4. I tried running the atari800 emulator in Linux (Debian) for the first time in a few years. Previously I've had no trouble. I hit a snag that I've never encountered before and wondered if anyone has suggestions. When I tried running a rom and then an atr file, the message "cannot run, you need a real atari os" appeared. So I looked into the settings and it appears the os roms are missing in this version of atari800. Where do I get os roms? I looked in Atarimania but I can only find DOS files. Where do I find the os roms? I think my older version of atari800 must have had the os roms included. Thanks for any help!
  5. Atari 800 The Tail of Beta Lyrae---90 minutes Preppie II----35 minutes Canyon Climber----20 minutes Preppie---40 minutes
  6. A little late to the party. I'm sorry I missed the beginning of the season. This game, Pac-Man, and Shamus are my all-time favorite games. Here's my late entry: 84,100.
  7. Another slight improvement. 7,145 After a few runs each time my score goes up, but it's hard to stomach the times where I shoot an enemy and the enemy doesn't blow up. Especially when I then end up running into the enemy and loosing a ship. However, the speed and the slight improvements are really exciting.
  8. Shamus, Preppie II, Pinhead, any of the Pac-Man games, Montezuma's Revenge, and Star-League Baseball.
  9. Finally made a little headway.------ 6,495 Still tough as nails.
  10. My son, littleman jr.------ 4205 Me, littleman jack------ 5659
  11. Such a tough game! My son said, "I think this game is mocking me."
  12. I think there might be two different "Pac-Man 8k" games out there: one is a hack of the original official Atari release by Nukey Shay and the other is a homebrew by another programmer. I've played the Nukey Shay version and it is great. The other one looks excellent as well from what I remember seeing here in a thread on Atari Age. The hack has the same maze as the official release, but with better colors, fruits, sounds, and intermissions. The homebrew has a maze that looks more like the arcade version. But I could thinking of the homebrew with Pac-Man 4k. Is there someone out there who knows for sure?
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