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  1. Summer, and how great it is.

  2. The weekend. I can't wait for a break from work, time to play some Atari and relax.

    1. Flojomojo


      I'm with you. But it's only Tuesday. And I'll play a little soothing Animal Crossing, not spazzy Atari. 

    2. littleman jack

      littleman jack

      Try the homebrew SeaWolf sometime for 2600. It's strangely soothing.

  3. Ice cream and baseball. Old friends.

    1. save2600


      Peanuts, popcorn and hotdogs too!

    2. Joe C.

      Joe C.

      Hotdogs Yes! Peanuts Yes! Ice Cream Always! Popcorn no way! :))

  4. Ice cream. It's often ice cream.

    1. adam242


      Or sometimes, it's sherbet.

    2. Swami


      Haagen Dazs is pretty close, except for all the sugar.

    3. DZ-Jay


      It's *always* ice cream.

  5. Snow, snow, and snow. We have a chance. Or it might be ice. Ice, ice, and ice.

    1. jd_1138


      We have snow, ice, snow, snow. Minus ten windchill.

    2. jaybird3rd


      We had harsh winter weather in December at the end of the Fall semester ... and we'll probably have harsh weather this week at the start of the Spring semester. Very unusual in the southeast.

    3. littleman jack

      littleman jack

      Yes! This is not normal southern weather. Last winter I barely wore a coat. This winter I've already broken out my old coat from my Boston days.


  6. Winter, Atari, bmx, pound cake.

  7. Summer, guitars, bmx, Atari.

    1. Grig


      YES! and Waterslides, Mini Golf, Nachos, Pizza by the slice

    2. littleman jack

      littleman jack

      All awesome summer stuff!

  8. Laundry and coffee. This weekend BMX, guitar, and 7800.

  9. Playing Incoming! and trying to stay warm.

  10. The Dew Tour is happening in my brother's backyard. Wish I could be there to see it.

  11. Thinking about a car with crank windows, manual locks, no gps, analog dashboard.

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    2. fdurso224


      @Keatah: I want the Lada Niva! I posted a video of a 2011 review on that car from Russia here on the status updates!

    3. fdurso224


      Here it is! They still make it!

    4. fdurso224


      @Jack: I hear ya! I have a 1991 Ford Explorer that still keeps going! Best car I purchased on Craigslist!

  12. It's too cold and wet for BMX, but perfect for some Atari.

    1. Fixitguy74


      It's never to cold or wet if you race indoors. http://www.usabmx.com/tracks/1931

    2. littleman jack

      littleman jack

      Yes! There's an enormous indoor bike trail with jumps and logs in Ohio. I read about it in a mountain bike magazine, but they allow bmx-ers as well. I wish we had one in Chattanooga. Perhaps a road trip is in the cards.

  13. Watching the World Series.

  14. Saw Video Games Live last night. Quite a show.

    1. icemanxp300


      I've wanted to go for years. They never have anything close to me. I was going to buy tickets to a show about 3 1/2 hours from me on NOV 8, but now they have a location like 1 1/2 from me that is tba so I'm waiting.

  15. Scored 2600 Desert Falcon for $1.95 locally. Quite happy!

    1. Grig


      great game, great price.

  16. Caught up in books.

  17. Atari Vox has arrived!

    1. desiv


      Awesome! Love mine. Have fun!!

    2. ilovethevectrex
  18. Spring is finally here. BMX commencing soon.

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    2. BillyHW


      Still snowing here.

    3. Trinity


      Had my PK Ripper out for a few miles yesterday! :)

    4. Keatah


      Time to get my RoadPatrol AM radio ready!

  19. Been to Florida. Hard to come back to my allergy town.

  20. Florida.

    1. Mxyzptlk


      or Germany, oops got the order backwards.

    2. littleman jack

      littleman jack

      I'd just like to be warm. And see the ocean.

  21. Finally two great events--it snowed and Adventure II arrived!

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    2. littleman jack

      littleman jack

      It's that wizard/magician guy's magic powers. Or maybe it's the giant ducks.

    3. accousticguitar


      I don't think there is an estimated release date for the 8bit version.

    4. accousticguitar


      I don't think there is an estimated release date for the 8bit version.

  22. Where's the snow? Let's have it already.

    1. Albert


      I'd love to see snow here!!

  23. Ice cream.

    1. BillyHW
    2. ydcl


      Chocolate with chocolate covered chocolate flavored jimmies.

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