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  1. Hey Folks, Been busy for a while, list updated to reflect sold items.
  2. No reasonable offer will be refused on what I have left!
  3. Hey Folks, I am relisting some games that I have still kicking around the house. It is about 12$ to ship a boxed game from Canada to the US. If you would like pictures of a specific game let me know. Located in Calgary, Alberta. Myst (Jaguar CD) Complete (box is squashed) 20$ Attack of the Mutant Penguins Complete (Like new, partially sealed) 60$ Pinball Fantasies Complete 45$ Rayman Complete 125$ Theme Park Complete 20$ Skyhammer Complete 75$ Checkered Flag Complete 15$ Cybermorph Boxed 15$ Zool 2 Boxed 20$ Towers 2 Complete 80$ Ruiner Pinball Complete 30$ Brutal Sports Football Loose 15$ Kasumi Ninja Loose 20$ Val D'isere Skiing Loose 5$ Super Burnout Loose 35$ Defender 2000 Loose 40$ Missile Command 3d Loose 55$ PRICES ARE IN CAD - THAT MEANS 1 USD IS WORTH 1.30 CAD - should have mentioned this earlier
  4. Skunkboard SOLD! All games requested are on hold until I can get a few more boxes - thanks for the interest so far guys!
  5. Hey Folks, I have been slowly getting rid of my collection over the last few years and this is the last major holdout. I am located in Alberta, which means shipping is quite pricey to the states (I would expect 30$ for one boxed game) so I would be happy to work out a larger deal with someone if they wanted to save that way - USD is worth 1.24 CAD as of posting this so any Americans who are interested would also save 24% in conversion. Titles Include: Myst (Jaguar CD) Complete (box is squashed) 20$ Doom Complete 60$ on hold Attack of the Mutant Penguins Complete 60$ Pinball Fantasies Complete 45$ Hover Strike Complete 25$ on hold I War Complete 55$ on hold Rayman Complete 125$ Theme Park Complete 20$ on hold Skyhammer Complete 75$ Checkered Flag Complete 15$ Cybermorph Boxed 15$ Zool 2 Boxed 20$ Towers 2 Complete 80$ on hold Ruiner Pinball Complete 30$ Brutal Sports Football Loose 15$ Kasumi Ninja Loose 20$ Val D'isere Skiing Loose 5$ Super Burnout Loose 35$ Defender 2000 Loose 40$ on hold Missile Command 3d Loose 55$ I no longer have a Jaguar but these games were tested and working about two years ago. I also have a Rev. 3 Skunkboard Ghost, if there is any interest in that, let me know. I'm not sure what these are going for currently. Prices are based off lower than completed ebay auction values, but always feel free to send me reasonable offers.
  6. Hey there, Thanks for the response. I am aware of how dangerous monitors are, and that's why I was trying to avoid messing about in there too much myself. To be honest, much of what you said went straight over my head - I have very basic soldering and *minimal* electronics knowledge. I have heard no unusual noises coming from the monitor nor have I seen any flashes or lights. It would seem that if indeed this monitor is suffering from what you believe there is likely no way for me to fix it. Like I said, the monitor still works great, but the smell is so strong that beyond any aural complaints I am concerned that it may actually be bad for my health. I don't believe it is o-zone as I have smelled that before and it is much more acidic than that. Guess I need to find a display alternative! What is my best option? Thanks again!
  7. Hello, Years ago I made a topic on this issue http://atariage.com/forums/topic/176706-why-does-my-atari-sc1224-smell-like-burning-plastic/?hl=monitor#entry2223041 - I recently pulled out my atari ST hoping to play a few choice games (and maybe even think about getting an Ultrasatan) and am now curious if there is a way I can save this monitor before it dies. The SC1224 has super crisp picture quality and perfect speakers, but the melting smell (which does smell electronic in nature) is making it impossible to use. Not only that, but the screen has started to roll after extended use (30+ minutes). I opened that sucker up thinking dust might be the culprit but there was barely any in there. I blew it out and wiped it of the inside of the shell, but no dice. So, what I am really asking is if there is a way to extend the life of this monitor that would not require precision technical work (I can solder but would NOT be comfortable anywhere near a monitor). What should I look for as the cause? leaking/expanded caps? I would appreciate any advice. It would be very difficult to find another atari monitor in my area, and RF output is useless. Elerach *edit* my text appears to be linking to the article. weird.
  8. Needs an atari compatible stick! PM me if you have an extra!

  9. You know your collection is a shadow of what it once was when you can't find an atari compatible controller amongst your boxes and buckets. I hooked up my atari ST tonight hoping to play through a few classics and realized that I sold the last of my 2600 controllers and master system pads quite a while ago. I found a 6-button genesis pad and clipped the toggle wire on the inside hoping that would be a solution, but no go So, I need an atari compatible joystick (not a genesis pad), preferably a fairly comfortable one. I can't seem to find anyone locally willing to just sell the controller, so I am forced to come here seeing the prices on eBay (15$ for a junky 2600 stick? yeah right). Ideally you wouldn't be too far from Alberta to cut down on shipping costs. PM me, thanks!
  10. http://savygamer.co.uk/ This is all you need.
  11. Agreed. I think my concern as a parent would be access to sexual content rather than violence (my father let me rent M rated games from a very early age - however, I was not allowed to rent games with strong language or sexual content.) If your child is old enough to recognize the difference between fake and real violence I don't believe it would be a problem.
  12. Thank you for the added information. I will be uploading a picture of my Limited Edition box and cart soon - the cart HAS indeed changed. The new releases do not use the same sticker as the older copies (which were black and white). I am still skeptical.
  13. Has this increased in value recently? I have a good condition CIB copy that I got for 90$ about two years ago. I would send Carl @ songbird an e-mail and see if he is going to get a copy in stock - as far as I know, he still sometimes sells new copies for 119.99. Elerach *EDIT* I just found this copy on eBay and am very suspicious of the box in the photo - I have the "limited edition" so I am aware there are a few different box variations but I have NEVER seen one with this specific layout. I would shy away from this one until someone more knowledgeable is able to confirm it's authenticity. http://www.ebay.ca/itm/Towers-2-Brand-new-and-sealed-for-Atari-Jaguar-/161123184712?pt=Video_Games_Games&hash=item2583b0b048
  14. I have actually never been to Holden but if you are in the Calgary area send me a PM! I would love to pick your brain a bit. Eddie
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