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  1. Horry


    Atari 810 Happy Enhancement
  2. The ROM image that I posted is 4kB in size. The ROM that's compatible with Happy7 SW does bankswitching and has two bank of 3kB, giving a total of 6kB. You will need at least an 8kB EPROM (2764) and some logic to do the bankswitching (it is performed via 1FF8/1FF9 ROM address read). Within the last days, I took the time to modify both of my Happy 810 disk drives to be compatible with Happy v7.x software. I used the ROM shared by AtariGeezer in post http://atariage.com/forums/topic/257578-happy-810-resources/?p=3622941. Once again thank you very much for sharing, AtariGeezer! This is what I did: - Remove both TTL ICs (74LS00 and 74LS32), that do the address decoding. - Rebuild the address decoding circuit in ABEL and program it into a GAL. Worked! - Extend the code of the GAL to do the bankswitching. The GAL type is GAL22v10B. The signals RAM_CS1 and RAM_CS2 are compatible with the "old" 810 Happy design incorporating 2x 6116 2kx8 SRAM devices. The signal RAM_CS is used to drive a 6264 8kx8 SRAM instead. Both drives are now fully compatible with the Happy 7 Software and should behave exactly like the ones that have a Happy 810 Upgrade PCBA installed. Both drives fully pass the Happy 7 diagnostic test - incl. ROM test. They even work together with 2 1050 Happy drives in Happy multi drive copy mode (the 1050 on the right is a 1050 Mega Speedy set to Happy emulation mode): Attached is the GAL .jed file as well as the GAL logic (ABEL schematics for LATTICE ispLEVER Classic). This how you have to wire the GAL to the solder side of the CPU: Here are some pictures of the mod: Maybe I will publish a detailed description how to modify a stock 810 if there is demand. Please feel free to ask questions. Horry happy_810_v7.zip
  3. I compared the schematics I've drawn a long time ago to the ones you've drawn - they don't match directly, so they may be derived from different versions of the HAPPY enhancement (or maybe one or the other was a pirated version, I'm not sure). This is what my first version looked like: The ROM contains the message "WORK COPY V1.1" in the unused area. Please find the ROM-dump down below. These are the schematics I've drawn including information which traces to cut, the slow speed mod is also included: For better understanding, I labeled the signals according to their function. As 8k SRAMs became available, I modified the circuit to support a single SRAM chip (instead of two 2k SRAMs). This is what it looked like: and here are the schematics: Most likely the signal A11_LATE is no longer needed in the 8k SRAM version. You may try at your own risk to leave out IC1D and IC1C and directly connect IC2 Pins 10 and 12 to A11. Horry HAPPY810.BIN
  4. Horry

    Happy 810

    I'm living in the south of Germany (Bavaria), so sending (or even meeting each other) might not be an issue. Anyway, i can provide more detailed information on the 810 Happy upgrade as well as the 810 Archiver upgrade including ROM dumps on request.
  5. Horry


    Horrys Atari 8-bit collection
  6. Horry

    Happy 810

    Which upgrade chip are you talking about? AFAIK, the 810 Happy Enhancement consists of a RAM expansion, a new ROM and logic circuit for address decoding. I reworked a drive with this enhancement some ten years ago, analyzed the modification and dumped the EPROM. After that, i modified the circuit for low parts count. This is the result: I did the same on the 810 Archiver Enhancement, which - in my opinion - is also a good choice for a classic 810 disk drive if you want to copy protected software. Feel free to contact me if you need additional information or if you want me to modify you drive. Regards Horry
  7. I'm very interested in this particular offer, because its the first computer that i ever owned. Due to the fact that i'm living in Germany there are two questions: Do you ship to Germany? If so, how much is P&P? Regards, Harry
  8. I'd be glad if you inform me as soon as pokey chips will be available again. I'll buy up to 20 pieces. Regards, Horry
  9. Thank you. I already checked this an dozens of other sites and unfortunately didn't find what i'm looking for. Maybe any other ideas? Greetings Harry
  10. Hi folks, i recently checked some of my Atari 8-bit hardware and discovered the following problems: - If i try to access my 810 Happy Drive and my 1050 Happy Drive from the "Happy Warp Speed Menu" Disk, only one drive is recognized as a Happy Drive, depending on the Revision of the Disk (Rev 5.x: 810, Rev 6.x and 7.x: 1050). As far as i remember i was able to copy from 810 to 1050 via Happy Backup in the past. Any ideas? - I had a 810 Happy Drive that was compatible with "Happy Warp Speed Menu Rev 7.10" that i traded for a XEGS. Before i gave it away i dumped the EPROM content to disk. The disk with the EPROM image is unfortunately no longer readable - is there any way to get a dump of the EPROM on the internet? - The 810 i traded also had the ability to switch to slower speed, my recent drive does not repond to the "slow speed" command. As far as i remember there was a tiny electrical circuit that did the job. Are there any schematics or other information available to implement this feature to my drive? - My "Happy Warp Speed Menu Rev 5.6" disk is also no longer readable and i haven't been able to find an atr-image on the internet. Has anyone dumped his disk and can send it to me? Any help will be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance. Harry
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