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  1. Wow, I can't believe this thread is still (sort of) going a decade later. I was unemployed at the time (I was hired into my current job about 2 weeks after this post). I was REALLY REALLY bored 🤪
  2. Mirage


  3. Pre-ordering right now. Thank you for making this. This is a dream I had to do years ago, but a lack of ambition combined with a total lack of any ambition prevented me from doing so! Glad to see this has become a reality. The art of Atari deserves this.
  4. No, I said to make sure it's NOT mounted Read Only Glad you got it working though. I was unaware of a firmware that had an error like that, but since I never had the error, I probably wouldn't have noticed anything like that.
  5. Strange, it should work fine (I've done it many times). Once you mount a blank disk image or any other disk image (be sure it's not mounted as Read Only (I think it says RO or R/O on the menu selection), you do it just like you would for a physical disk, from the C64's native interface. To help more, I think I'd need more specifics, but that's really all there is to it.
  6. Yes, you can easily tell a heavy from a light sixer from a picture. If you guys are referring to the one in that ebay ad, that's a heavy sixer.
  7. If you really want to start collecting, okay, start buying. If you just want to play, just get a 2600 of your choice and a Harmony cart, put all the ROMs on it, and go to town. This will leave you more money and space to buy some homebrew carts. I own the majority of the original carts and a good # of the original boxes and instructions, and while I enjoy the feeling of having them, if I were starting today, I'd just get the Harmony cart and be done with it. I prefer the 6 switch due to all the switches being handy in the front, and it's the system I had back in the day. But there's no reason I can think of to not get a Junior if you prefer it otherwise.
  8. To the original question: Do they? Who cares? I like what I like and who cares what anyone else likes or thinks.
  9. That will be GREAT for burning off excess winter energy!
  10. NICE choice! I love that game, and a good one to have in dedicated form.
  11. OK, I still think you're misunderstanding and misquoting me (my comment never had anything to do with you, I had no knowledge of you or your wants/needs at all), but it doesn't much matter. Thank you. The only reason I hadn't thanked you yet directly is because I'm not at home, and I was going to look and see what I might have to offer once I see what I have.
  12. I did not express that I needed them more than you did, how would I know that? LOL I'm sorry you took it that way... the only reason I said anything at all is because someone commented that "they bet they know who the first two people that PM'ed were" and my point was that no, they did not, since I was one of them. I even said it wasn't a big deal. At any rate, thanks for the O2 stuff. I just wanted to set the record straight that I wasn't whining about it or anything of the sort.
  13. Well, I was one of them, but even though I went to check to be sure I really needed them and posted in the thread, someone had already beaten me to it, no big deal. I've offered up at least a couple things since I've tried to claim anything. I'm usually far more interested in getting rid of things than obtaining new things at this point
  14. As one of the 12 O2 collectors here, my FF manual has severe water damage, so I could actually use that! Sending PM.
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