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  1. Thanks! I'll just leave this here: https://www.arcadeshopper.com/wp/?page_id=11#!/Brewing-Academy-finalgrom99-manual-ONLY/p/193146311/category=24438345
  2. Yes, been here a bit. Not as vocal as I could be, I suppose. Indeed, I am producing the ones Arcadeshopper is selling and they are the same blue ones as pictured on eBay. However, since eBay charges 10% for their services, the price goes up. I have the exact ones for the same price here: https://thebrewingacademy.com/collections/ti-99-4a/products/tipipeb-ti-raspberry-pi-interface-for-the-ti-peripheral-expansion-box However, you should buy from whomever you feel comfortable with. As a collarlary to that: if you buy from Arcadeshopper and love it: it is all his doing! If you buy it from him and hate it, then all the blame is mine! -M
  3. Here's my "something went 'kaka' checklist": 1. Check and touch re-flow all solder points on the bottom (maybe you missed *A* pin or got a cold solder somewhere or a small small bridge) 2. Doublecheck pins and insertion of parts (pins off by one, legs bent and not in the socket) 3. Check pin 1 orientation on EVERYTHING and check it with the SILK screen, not the socket. Lord knows I have reversed a socket in my day and didn't notice until the chip went in socket-oriented and not board-oriented. ESPECIALLY the SIP Resistor networks. 4. R & R daughterboards (U1M, UAV) especially since that U1M has been repaired. At least I am assuming it has been repaired since there is an empty pin and a jumper wire on the MMU connection. 5. R & R the 40 pin LSI with known good. 6. R & R the PIC chips with known good. 7. Crystal contact insertion with the SIP pins 8. Prayer, Mr. Saavik, the 1088 don't take prisoners. 9. Jumpers 10. R & R other socketed chips. 11. Start over at the top and make sure I really did all of the steps instead of saying to myself "Oh, that's not it!" because as soon as you say that, it is.
  4. Y'know, it's funny, because even though there are pictures at the beginning of this thread that detail **exactly** how they are going to look from the color to the form factor, when I opened the box, my first thought was, "Hey! Why are these white?!" Not sure why I was surprised by any part of it since the pictures were there at the beginning!
  5. Okay, I have them in hand. I will be sending invoices to those that gave me their information and PMs to those that did not. If you are interested, they are $6.50 each plus shipping.
  6. NOTA BENNE: NORTH AMERICAN shipping addresses only Okay, folks, I just paid foft for all of the SIO going to the UNITED STATES. They are $6.50+shipping if you pay via PayPal. I will remind you of this, but please send it "paying for goods and services." You are paying the fee either way and Paypal gets cranky if I get too many Friends & Family payments because they KNOW I do not have that many any friends! If you want to avoid the extra $0.50 per unit, you can always send me a check/money order/gold bullion via the USPS, but that is up to you. Send me the following via PM or via [email protected]: AA handle number of SIO requested How you want it sent (up to 15.9 ounces [about 30 SIO] can be sent first class, after that it is priority) email address Name Shipping Address I have some flexibility in the number, so feel free to add some to your request or jump on board even if you didn't ask before now When I have the connectors IN HAND I will send you an invoice and ask for payment. Let me know if you have questions. -M
  7. Well, we know from the proof of life video, it was working when it went into the box! I am glad it was a minor thing. We try and over protect those things when shipping, but it looks like we will need to make it even more damage proof. I am glad to hear it was nothing but a thing. Enjoy that beast, it is a monster machine, no doubt. -M
  8. Don’t think that is going to work. When I started trying to make these, thought I could just use the header and flash it that way. It appears to work, but won’t see the SD correctly. I had to reflash via the USB
  9. Here's some footage:
  10. If anyone buys an assembled unit from me, it will be an ili9341 if it has no indication of model. If it is anything but that, I will have noted it in the backside of the UNO where I date and sign it.
  11. If you send me a SASE, I will send you one for free (well, the cost of the envelope and a stamp). If you are out of the states, you can either send an International Reply Coupon or somehow get me USPS postage for a later to your address. The Brewing Academy 15 Court St Woodland, CA 95695 This is JUST for a blank UNO2SIO board, you have to put it together.
  12. The latter, not the former. I am sure there will always be prototypes out there and I will always be hunting them. 🙂
  13. No rest for the wicked it seems. I am going to leave this right here for you. https://thebrewingacademy.com/collections/atari-lynx/products/guardians-storm-over-doria-prototype-reproduction-1 Scroll Down for the YouTube link EDIT: More will follow as I have more time. Plus, there are many out in the wild right now.
  14. Power to the SDrive should not affect whether the 600 sees it or not. I would check to see if it has difficulties seeing other devices on the SIO chain as well. Something is marginal inside of the XL, I suspect.
  15. Thanks for tagging me. Did not get a notification of the tag, but DropCheck clued me, sorry it took so long. As I said, I can be in for 100 AND I can coordinate US shipments, if needed. -M
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