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  1. What version of the manual are you using? 1.94 has a correction. Verify these are your connections. Swap L9 & L7 L9 is to Luma, L7 is to Chroma Comp Video
  2. You selected Amiga mouse at the selection screen, I am presuming?
  3. Hmm, I cannot think of any reason why it would not work (outside of the mouse itself being non-functional). You can send it to me and, if I can verify it is defective, will send you a replacement. If not, then you know you need to find a new mouse without having to find a PS/2 capable computer! -M
  4. A couple of questions: 1. Is it a standard PS/2 mouse or is it a mouse USB with an adapter? 2. Does port 2 work with a regular Jag Pad? 3. Have you verified operation of the mouse in a computer? 4. What kind of PS/2 mouse is it? feel free to email me directly @ [email protected] -M
  5. If anyone has his contact information, I would be happy to contact him and license the design. He could make some money and not have to make them, Nanos would still exist, win-win. Just a thought. -M
  6. I was only referring to the board, but if you want to license your shell design, we can certainly discuss it. Always open to new possibilities.
  7. I/We (The Brewing Academy) will probably offer some form of this for sale if it is okay with everyone concerned. I plan on modifying it a little bit so the dev board is not needed, but initially, it just might be what is available. There are other projects in the works as well that we will offer for sale. -M
  8. Fair enough, but what did you tell them? Leave it as is or delete?
  9. My vote is for "UNOfied PlusCart" (Hello, all) -M
  10. If there are some still available, I will take five (5). Thanks -M
  11. Yes, I know. I happen to have "a couple" of them to look at. However, I was referring to L7 & L9. I did not want to have to open my 800XL again to see where I installed them so I could correct the manual for the 5th time.
  12. ACP.XEX is in the link I put in message #1185. Can you please tell me which lines you have Chroma and Luma connected? I have flipped them back and forth countless times because people keep saying they are reversed in the manual.
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