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  1. A couple of things to check: 1. Is the FTDI set to the correct voltage? There is a little switch on it and it needs to be set to 3.3v 2. Have you tried a different USB cable? I had to try a NUMBER of microUSB cables before I got one that would work on it reliably. Could be my collection of cables is wonky, but you never know. 3. I think you said this was set, but the jumper on the XEL is set to DSR? Hope this helps. -M
  2. Glad it all worked out! If you are coming to PRGE, I will be there in Booth #166! Enjoy your "high definition" 65XE!
  3. If the most current version of firmware is the 09 Oct 2018 version then that is what carts are currently being shipped with. I will update the manual to note that it does BF/BFSC up to 256k
  4. I hear that. Seems like time is moving faster all the time
  5. NOTE: 256k .3E files must have the extension .3E in order to be correctly loaded. Note: The table does not reflect the fact that currently shipping firmware will allow the use of 256k .3E ROMs.
  6. So, a couple of things: The amount of the sale has to be at $125 or higher to get free international shipping.* The $23 is significant, I know, but once you cross 8 oz (~0.25kg) the shipping rate skyrockets. It stays level until you reach about a kilo and then it goes even more insane. *=It was $100 for worldwide shipping, but I raised it to $125 on the first of this month (https://thebrewingacademy.com/blogs/news/order-flying-out-the-door-and-the-free-shipping-continues-with-a-slight-modification). It should stay at that level until the US arbitrarily leaves the Universal Postal Union that it has been in since 1844.
  7. Can y'all give me the original name for this part so I can find it on the BOM? IS this what we are discussing? 1 Various Headers 0.1" SIL Single Row Breakaway Male Header Digi-Key S1011EC-40-ND (Note 5) J3,J6, J7, J8,J14,J16 Note 5 has this to say: Note *5 Substitute Digikey # S7005-ND for J3 on mainboard for use with Dropcheck Rear Level 1 I/O board only So are we changing the part number?
  8. The bonus part is that all of the 1050 cases I produce come from certified dead dead dead 1050s, so no working 1050 (or even a recoverable one) was sacrificed.
  9. You will get the following: 1050 Case Cleaned & Painted New rubber feet installed All posts verified suitable for use as a 1088XLD case Video Port has been suitably filed and drilled so you don't have to Metal strip has been replaced with the XLD piping
  10. They are available. Sorry, forgot to click the button. Will put up files by Monday.
  11. Black boards have been built and tested. Red & Blue boards have been built and tested. Although there is never 100% certainty, it appears we are good to go. 1088XLD Black Board sets & build are now available. https://thebrewingacademy.com/collections/1088xel-xld/products/1088xld-by-mytek?variant=29484777439334
  12. Go to the MPBI on the board. There you will see: /RST = Reset /L-IN = Left audio IN /R-IN = Right audio in GND = GND (you can also get this at various points on the board, but since you are connecting three other pins here . . . . Yes, you can ignore the LED pins.
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