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  1. Okay. I will look into this. Will try to have it ready by PRGE.
  2. Here is the manual as it stands (it goes out with every order). There is information culled from the threads in here. As I get a chance (and feedback), I clean up the information/change it. As I do the installs myself for test machines and/or customers, I write up step by step and take new pictures. The 800XL was just done by me in a step by step fashion, so no need to re-invent the wheel there. My next step is the 400. I have two sitting here for installation. However, I need to test the audio prototypes I made. TBA UAV Manual.pdf
  3. That would be great, but I do not see where the project went. If someone is still creating this, I would be happy to license and produce it.
  4. Sorry, I have not been having this thread send me emails. I have prototypes of some audio boards (not Bryan's) in hand. I have to build, install, and test them. I will be sending out a few to people just as soon as I have a chance to do the above. Give me till end of the month and then ping me again. -M
  5. When I first started making them, I tried doing it via the ISCP since that is how I flash most of the others things. Your experience mirrored mine. I was able to rescue them by getting the original boot loader program and flashing that (as has been mentioned in this thread). However, I think I also had to force a -D in the command line in order for it to work. This is a hazy memory. I had a few moments and was trying to rescue some members of my "fix me" pile, but could not recall the specifics. If I get some time, I will try it again and document it step by step. If you reach the point of "oh, I am *SO* done with this thing," send me the not working board and I will send you a flashed one that works. I will put yours in the "fix me" bin and get to it soon enough. Good luck! -M
  6. Thanks. I have never seen that version of the UNO, so needed to see the pins. The other thing to test would be if your pins inside of the SIO connector are making contact with the SIO pins on the computer.
  7. Can you give a shot of the top of the Uno you are using without the screen connected? Try to orient it the same way you have for the backside, please
  8. Just to chime in here on this topic: 1. Glad the 3904 fixed it for you, tf_hh 2. My personal daily driver XEL is a PAL unit and it does not suffer from color radiation problems at all. 3. I have built five PAL 1088XELs for customers and have not had the color problem you speak of. Perhaps, there is something to be said about 50Hz power versus 60Hz power? That is the only difference I can think of.
  9. Apologies, did not know what you were asking for. Here is the version I use exclusively in the ones I sell.'
  10. Just as a note, the easiest way to power those and not put another power supply on you desktop is to connect the USB cable to a USB charger (*everyone* has at least two of those lying around). Heck, the power strips/bars are being sold now with USB ports on them. It's clean power, you don't have to worry about the wrong voltage or polarity. Easy peasy.
  11. I know this is a necrobump in the extreme, but I believe there may be some 7800s that do not work with the CC2. I have an N=3, but hear me out: I had a 7800 that was my main tester. Everything worked on it EXCEPT the CC2 that I had purchased used. The CC2 menu would show games as garbage, the emergency menu worked, but only so far. Sometimes I would get a whacky screen with it. I had no reason to suspect that the 7800 was in error, so chalked it up to either me not being able to properly format the MMC or the cart itself was weird. Later, someone else sent me their CC2 for repair (MMC slot had broken). I repaired it and had the same results. Even with a known good MMC. Over the ensuing months I tried various things. Well, in the interim, I lent my 7800 to someone working with me on a UNO game project, so I had to use a different 7800 for testing. On a whim, I tried it in that machine. Both worked like a charm, no problems whatsoever. Every game played, every MMC card work without a problem. So, I would try the CC2 in a different 7800 and see what happens.
  12. That is me. I am it. It is the same cartridge. The Brewing Academy is me.
  13. If that is what you ordered, that is what you got. Did not realize you bought it from me.
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