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  1. SHould work without a problem. Here's from the manual: Arcadia/Starpath Supercharger titles are emulated with the multi-load parts combined in a single file. Up to 256 loads are supported (2MB file). The Supercharger BIOS will use the TV type set by the UnoCart-2600 TV jumper.
  2. TCOL is for 7800 installs only. It was not designed for that and I do not think there is an equivalent on the A8. Could be made to work, I suppose, but that was not why it was put there.
  3. Read Page 6 of the manual and it will detail where the resistor is and how to install the change to go around the colorburst. The silkscreen is on the UAV itself. You can also see the connections on page 3.
  4. That picture has a caption that states you should look at the silkscreen on the UAV for correct placement since the UAV in the picture is a rev. C and not a rev. D. Did you make sure to do that? Did you do this step as well: After that, the color signal goes through a 47pF cap and we can tie BLANK to this point instead, but another capacitor is needed in line with the 820 ohm resistor (.1uF is fine). Also, the resistor value can be varied to adjust the amount of saturation. Also, check continuity.
  5. Okay, so L7 and L9 are mislabelled in the instructions?
  6. Sorry about that. The pictures in the manual are the best I could find on AA (that doesn't mean there aren't better ones here, just I could not find them). As soon as I am able, I will put better pictures/instructions in there. IN FACT, if anyone has pictures/step by step guide that they think can help, I am happy to include them in the manual with proper attribution! Thanks!
  7. Any fully PS/2 compatible mouse will work (once you have the PS/2 to Jaguar adapter, of course). Indeed, the one I test all of the adapters on is an optical mouse.
  8. I am the producer, yes, of both. Although I am sure there are others out there by now, I am the one who is "authorized" to produce them. The Ultimate cart would have to have to wait as well, although I am closer to doing a new run of those. I would need exact specifications for the PCB and a sample of the shell before changing it, though. It would also cause the price to change on both.
  9. I will give it some thought. It will definitely have to wait until I am sold out of the inventory I already have.
  10. How would you access the uSD card in one of those shells?
  11. The PC1 sold today. The PC3 & PC4s are being tested as I type. I would look for them to be up on either eBay or the store by week's end. The PCF554 drives will be up as well. -M
  12. Folks, I have had the good fortune to come in to some Atari ST items that need to be given new homes! Some of these items are QUITE rare. Some are in good working condition, some are not. I am offering tested/working items as well, untested (aka "I just pulled it off the stack and put it in the box"), as well, as "STs only a parent could love." The tested items have been put through the Atari Service Center bench tests and have passed. They are pretty free from serious physical defects (cracks, missing keys, dents, holes, etc). However, they are AS IS. They were working when we put them in the box. It could be that they passed the test and then decided to fail after we power down, but generally that is not the case. You get the untested items cheaper and they could be working. We literally pull them off the stack and put them in the box. Maybe it was working or maybe only one item is not working. Who knows! The "STs only a parent could love" are machines with some physical flaw, missing keys, serious case defects (holes, cracks, missing parts). They are even cheaper, BUT they could have a treasure trove of good parts underneath that blemished exterior. We also have some rare(r) items: Atari PC1 (PC-1) PC3, PC4 machines and parts Atari N386SX Notebooks Atari ABC PC desktops Atari STBook parts Atari 520ST power supplies Of course, this is in addition to our regular offerings (see signature in this post)! Prices at the web store will ALWAYS be cheaper than on eBay. EBay wants their 10%! Happy to answer any questions! eBay: thebrewingacademy web store: The Brewing Academy If you do not see something for sale that you want, let us know and we either need to re-stock it or put it online.
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