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  1. why using BCD? i never used it...(maybe it saves a lot of code but...) ldx value lda digit1,x sta anticline+1 lda digit2,x sta anticline digit1 dc.b 0123456789abcdef0123... digit2 dc.b 00000000000000001111... worked always perfect... and i use this code as well in senso 7800 dx. heaven
  2. gauntlet was released on most every console / computers except the atari game consoles but the computers... the atari 8bit version sux... but anyway...
  3. just installed @ work the SAP-Plugin for atari music... excellent to here at work all my fave tunes... heaven ps. who cares about digital sound;=) pokey rulez!
  4. i love it but never came to 3rd airport in my career ten years ago... the speech system was excellent: "united airline zero 1 2 5 1 - cleared for landing...shhhhhht....rooaaager..." "delta 7 9 8 - decending to 4 thousand feet...shhhhht....roger..." "emergency - 8 minutes fuel..." i had not understand the manual correct because i bought the original (!!!) as a teenager... and it was in english here in germany... but today i know how it works far better... i missed one very important roule... the planes have to leave @ 4000 feets the corridor... and after 20 minutes with 10 planes around... it is really hard...
  5. short info: i do my dlis in this way: set it directly in the displaylist... no long dlis... dli1 pha txa pha tya pha sta wsync do the stuff lda # sta dliv (512 on atari 800) lda #>dli2 sta dliv+1 pla tay pla tax pla rti dli2 same as above just pointing to dli3... last dli does not enter the new vector or even the vector to dli1... my vbl routine sets the correct pointer to dli1... if you need a dli in between a line than point the dli directly to it with WSYNCs...because in character mode you just can set the dli-bits on 8/16 scanline modes... maybe this helps... btw. you should not have jumping scanlines with "STA WSYNCS"... i would switch each dli off and try each of your 6 dlis... if they are jumping and then switching them on separatly: 1, 2,3,4,5,6, 1+2, 1+2+3, 1+2+3+4, ... maybe you can trace which or when your routines get out of sync... hve http://www.s-direktnet.de/homepages/k_nadj/main.html
  6. 1. rescue on fractalus 2. alternate reality: the dungeon 3. ultima 4 4. mule 5. international karate 6. the great american cross country road race
  7. i love alternate reality the dungeon... played it twice and ordered it from the states when it was released... "the waves are pounding on the shore..." i played (and ruined one of my 1050) because of the disk switch... but with 128kram and 2 diskdrives it played amazingly good... i even finished it... it took me 2 months? ultima 4 rocks as well... i played that even for months but my crack had an error on the disc... 2 tiles of the background map missed (there was just water...) where there should be the entrance of my last dungeon to enter (i had the rest of 7 quests done!!!) well... i can tell you stories... about that time... but the public need this prototypes as well...
  8. or so called prototype? i remember - kick off from anco - Elite - jet boot jacks "shadows of the beast", "the last ninja2" - ????
  9. wow...sounds like a hard work... or did you used own utilities which converted c64 screens best to xe? i can not wait to see TLN2 & SOB... I hope you have them still somewhere and will not loose them while you are moving... cheers karolj
  10. but just one question left... if you convertet in TLN2 the c64 screens to several charsets... how did you managed the "colors" of the c64 colorram? or are all screens 4 colors?
  11. here is the FAQ to Vector http://atariarea.nostalgia.pl/vector/faq.htm Cheers, Heaven/Taquart
  12. ? and how to do you start a game? by fire? for the sound values... i need 8 which sound excellent together... i have the table from eckhard...grabbed from a thread in stella archive but you see & hear what's happening when a non musician choose sounds... ;=)
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