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  1. Hi all, I'm looking for RFD-40S1 owners manual. eightbitter
  2. VBXE5200 is accessible here: http://www.apple2gs.republika.pl/VBXE5200.rar
  3. Hi all Here you are attached necessary files to make VBXE inXL/XE/5200
  4. rayik, drop me email directly to dereatari(nospam)op(dot)pl, then I can send you all files about VBXE5200. Other guys who're interessed them too
  5. I do not think this is the correct solution, because to short the output to ground. It is better to connect as shown below in circle. http://www.dereatari.republika.pl/Reset5200.gif
  6. When I bought i.e. 5200 console not working and repair it, then is OK? Or when I replace bad rom into cartridge to eprom? Why I can't repair or replace label of my cartridge?
  7. Hi all, Has anyone considered the possibility to print new labels on the cartridges that have been damaged, worn or lost? Especially Parker Brothers made are misery​​. I have in my collection a lot of these carts. I do not have the ability to graphics, maybe someone has some ready-made designs and can put them on the net? Not for free, of course ...
  8. I have 3 2-ports and 2 4-ports consoles, many gadgets, controllers and about 140 (5200 only) cartridges (60 different titles).
  9. It's not surprising. 2600 adapter is a whole console 2600 without a PSU and RF cord.
  10. Repair broken track or replace GTIA or ANTIC . I think that you should carefully check middle pins of VR1 and VR2 whether any broken or bad contact with GND (without supply!). Disconnection this pin causes the appearance 7.5V instead 5V on output. It's hard to find when you don't know about it.
  11. Lorne, clean cartridge socket and cartridge edge connector and try again. If no picture or no black screen - disassemble console by remove top cover and top metalic shield. Insert cartridge to socket (in proper position) and connect console, PSU and TV to switch. Turn on the console and check voltage on pin 3 of RF modulator and both pins of L13, should be 5V. In many cases console not starts when cartridge connectors are dirty.
  12. Are you sure that 4116 are proper RAM chips? In 5200 should be 4516 single voltage (5V only) chips. 4116 require dual voltage 5 and 12Volts.
  13. There command line is missing, so only datasette can be connected, or Supercharger thru 2600 module.
  14. VBXE new issue preorder: http://www.atariage.com/forums/topic/190603-vbxe-pre-order-thread/
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