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  1. the screen output looks identical to that of my Omnimon/Omniview on the Ramrod board in my 800. Ben
  2. Got the jumpers set right and it looks beautiful! I have yet to modify the case, so with no keyboard I loaded up an Atarimax 8gb cart and looked at Galaxian, wow. The I tried an ACE 80 cart to see what software 80col looked like. It showed me how badly out of adjustment my monitor is :-) ben
  3. You called it, I was using the Rev C jumper settings! I'll report on how the proper jumpers work tomorrow, gotta sleep.....
  4. Got my UAV board and mounted it on one of my 600XL's, triple checked everything because she boots, but the video rolls left to right and up to down. No monitor controls can stop it ( and if it could I'd have multiple READY prompts stacked up.) and the color looks very faint. Before I try to resurrect one of my other 600XL's to try it out on them, any suggestions from this knowledgeable group? It's not the Commie 1702, it works perfectly with my 1200XL. Checked all my connection with a VOM, all good..... Ben
  5. Bryan, can I order two, one for an 800 and one for a 1200XL? Looks like a great improvement!
  6. Mine 72R DA 21366 233 Modifications; Rambo 512k, internal MyIDE and serial connector for APE.
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