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  1. This wait remember me the long long wait for the Guns n Roses album called Chinese Democracy. Announced many times and finally released years later in the indifference of the fans. I hope in a different finale for the ataribox but waiting too long could kill interest on a thing.
  2. Hi! Seaquest has a graphic problem on the left of the screen. Is there an alternative rom?
  3. The "N" (ntsc) could be on other edge of the box, like the one in the pic:
  4. If you find games in silver multilanguages box with the N sticker on the top, the cartridge inside is the NTSC version. On these boxes you usually find another sticker on the back, a yellow sticker from Atari Germany. I would like to know if there are silver multilanguages boxes with the yellow german sticker but with PAL cartridge inside.
  5. Hi guys, I've posted in the marketplace section but with no answers: I'm looking for a brand new Seaquest (international edition). If you have a new copy to sell, please contact me!!! Thanks
  6. Ci sono anch'io!!! E giusto per unire l'utile al dilettevole: qualcuno di voi sa dove posso trovare una copia nuova del gioco Seaquest per Atari 2600? La cerco PAL International edition, o eventualmente anche solo PAL. Grazie 1000!
  7. Probrably I need more ice in my cocktails
  8. after about 1 hour of play my atari 2600 jr and the game cartridge are slightly hot? Thanks!
  9. I'm looking for a new copy of Seaquest International Edition. Thanks!
  10. Hi guys, just received a Pitfall 2 cartridge PAL version but I have my console in another place so I will test it next week. I have a question for you because here I have a Seaquest cartridge and I noticed there is a difference about the 2 plastic theeth (sorry but I don't know other word to define them in english) near the cartridge connectors. On Seaquest cart when I press them with a finger they go down; on Pitfall they are blocked. Is it a defect? Could I have problems inserting the Pitfall cart on the unit? Thank you!
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