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  1. Ciao Anny, siamo due vecchi atariani di Roma iscritti all'Atari Italian Forum e al gruppo Facebook Atari Retrocomputing Fan Club, nonché collaboratori del progetto ACP-FireBee per la realizzazione di un nuovo clone Atari. Stiamo cercando di riunire atariani come te, Paolo e altri per rivitalizzare la scena italiana (continuiamo a far musica anche con gli ST, ad es.). Gradiremmo una tua risposta.

  2. thanks, you're great! maybe the only trouble to use the rollover version is on number cruncher variation, where you can go over 100 a lot of times during a game. working on some object showing number of times 100 is reached, could be a good way to improve the game. i am not a programmer, but a colored dot on the screen (a different color each time 100 is reached) could be a solution. anny
  3. the Street Racer cartridge is very poor. But it can be useful to veeeery young kids for playing to some, innocent, shoot-em up in some game competition at kid school or a party. The trouble is: it's too easy to each 99 points for one-player games. In italy where the games are 2'45" long it's also easier to go over. Is there some good programmer (I know there's someone here) able to hack it for me, so it will be provide three/four digits on the score (four digits are better for Number Cruncher variation), or simply a roll-up (after 99, come back to 0) and add an "dot" display on the score screen every time a multiple of 100 points is reached? The same hack can be done on some "Air-Sea Battle" variation where the 99 points are also easy to reach. Thanks in advance... I know someone of you can do it.... I will be grateful!! Anny
  4. That's right, thanks. There's the reason all 2'16" games in Italy are 2'45" long. We in Italy have 50 j/s instead of 60. To everyone: I'm 26... not so young. But thanks anyway Thanks
  5. Hi, sorry for odd question: why most of timed games are "two minutes, sixteen seconds" long? Is there a particular reason? Thanks in advance! Anny Carano
  6. Hi everybody! Can I use a TI/994A bought in the US (by using the RGB output) on a PAL TV in Europe? The PAL TV set is enough modern, It was bought around in the 2002. Thanks Anny
  7. Well that's my doubt, I wonder why the original PSU comes with 3.4A ....
  8. I checked it: the italian NES PSU is an AC adaptor: 9V, 1.3A, with the right plug. Of course, since it's too weak for Atari 1050 specifications, I definitely want to wait before trying.
  9. completely right ! I use it all the time since I have more nes/snes PSU's. Ampere is only the indication on a device of how many energy it will consume. But, if I was not wrong, the italian NES has a DC power supply, not AC. I should check for a friend, she should still own one NES. Anny
  10. Thanks for help Bryan. But what do you mean, in the previous message, with "unreliable" operation? What odd unreliabilities can I notice?
  11. Thanks Bryan I know it but my question is just due to my doubts - my uncle still says he bought it with that psu and never had troubles but I'm more doubtful than him I found a shop in the US selling the original Atari supplies at a good price, but postal expenses for Italy are awful then I should also buy a 110/220V converter...
  12. Hi, I beg your pardon if my question was already sent to this forum... since I like to play with old electronic stuff in my (few) free time, my uncle gives me an Atari 800 with a 1050 disk drive, and their external power supply he had when was a real collector. Let's talk about the drive power supply. I read the power supply needed is an AC 9V-3A power supply but the power supply he always used in the past was: model: Ingersoil Type 633498 240V (we're in Europe) Output 1: 9V - 15.3VA AC Output 2: 6V - 1.8VA DC of course I'm watching the "AC" parameter. The drive works goooood, but I am afraid it can damage if I will use a lot since the Ampere setting is lower than required. Is there someone can give me some tip? I asked for a new power supply in a good electronic shop near home but is hard to find unless I buy an AC transformer and mount by myself. Impossible for me unless I will disturb some elec-friend. Thanks Cheers Anny
  13. Thank you very much!! :* :* I'm working on a PDF now and I hope to put it online on some webspace. Kisses Anny
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