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  1. I've now uploaded both the 2600 and Space Invaders emulators source code to github https://github.com/MikeDX/si_gba/ https://github.com/MikeDX/2600_gba/ Now to see if it will squeeze into the new devkitpro gba setup!
  2. Where on earth did you find this? I ported this years ago and uploaded it anonymously to what used to be Dave's classics along with my pacman and space invaders emulators. I recall @Andrew Davie on IRC at the time doing some amazing work on his emulator. He had full speed, i had about 1fps. Kinda wish I still had all those other emulators + code. Was a fun time back then.
  3. Hot on the heels of my pitfall and pacman remakes, I present you my work in progress space invaders you can play it online here: http://js.mikedx.co.uk/invadersa2600.html I've tried hard to make this as faithful as possible. The saucer code, invisible invaders and moving shields code is already in, but not activated / selectable yet. use cursors to move, space to fire. The code is on github for those interested. https://github.com/MikeDX/div-spaceinvaders2600 Enjoy, and please as usual give me all the feedback you can
  4. I've found this thread whilst looking for some info on the pacman ghosts AI for my pacman-ce remake using SDL, aimed at linux primarily but obviously welcome ports to other platforms. Just wanted to say thanks to those involved in pulling it apart, and a big thanks for the very description explanation of how the ghosts move. Since there is no current doc on the movement of the ghosts in pacman-ce on the 360, I'll make mine use the "classic" AI of the ghosts... I'll keep you all up to date, in another thread though as I dont want to hijack this one.
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