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  1. Downloaded the ROM from above and am playing with it (the other ROM had a date of 1996!). Anyway 31300
  2. 30100... That be said... Playing thru an emulator. Round 1 - fine Round 2 - garbled graphics - just kept firing... survived (somehow...) Round 3 - finally died Not sure if this qualifies or not...
  3. 6:16 - getting better at avoiding cars (still want laser cannons!)
  4. Seeing jblenkle ONLY a second behind me prompted me to try this again. So instead of 'flooring' it I tried 'go slow' and avoid car 'hits'... Worked out well... 7:09 Moral of the story... Drive fast! :) I don't really care for this game and by the number of people playing... not a lot of others do either.... Jeff
  5. My Phoenix (early release - paid extra $$$) has 'worked' from day 1 (although WITH NO SOUND). I've read there are fixes - but with '700-900' responses - I don't have the time to find if there is a solution or if my TV is not compatible. (I think I asked about it in a PM and did not get a reply). I've dealt with Collectorvison from almost day 1... +++ Great games...minor problems (8+) (but I have not played all games a lot...) Phoenix somewhat good (5+)... Why is there not a problems page with solutions on the Collectorvision site or wherever? Instead of a forum here with 800 responses to ALL topics? No Sound - try this.. No Picture - this monitor... try this (or working on fix) Something else... go here Seems 'simple' to me. As I have always stated communication is key! "I have a problem" - we will look into it. And then within a short period of time... "working on it or this can't be fixed". Look I get it... 1000 monitors / flats screens - you CAN'T test them all. But respond to your customers (AND I'm not saying that Collectorvision doesn't) My 2 cents. Jeff
  6. Thanks fakecortex. I swear to god... every time I try to pass, the car in front cuts in front of me! Where are my laser cannons to blow these SOB's off the track?
  7. Don't think I owned this back in the day... 6:51 semi-pro, 9 laps, single race, St Jovite - screen 'flipped' before I hit screen shot. OH - and how about 'bonus' points for most cars hit? I'm at... let's see 9 laps, about 25 per lap... 225? Should lead everyone! :)
  8. And that won't matter... 10138 - YES! Gold Medal Patch score...
  9. NCG - no big deal but you have my score in the first post as 9982... It was 9892. Still so close to 10K...
  10. Looking back at my high scores... Any score over 1K is very good on any event... How the hell did I get 9.14? must have broken a joystick and my arm! A score over 10K 'requires' a HJ of 2.2m and a PV of 4.8 (5.0!) The above total 10763... Kudos to Ed for the 10K + score
  11. DAMN!!! Nice score! Also - BITE ME! LOL! Now I need to go and kill my old arms some more!
  12. Just noticed that last part. LOL. Same for me. Ran the 880 in around 2:05 - much to slow for HS so the coach put me in the mile thereafter. Did get to a PB of 4:41 or so....
  13. And now I run 3:36.38 just .22 seconds SLOWER than my 1020 score but 2.06 seconds FASTER than my 1016...AND I GET 1 POINT! GAHH!!!
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