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  1. Great work as always Ed. Keep on truckin! (American slang for keep on doing good (GREAT) work!) Jeff
  2. Hey - all I can say is thank you for 'staying in the loop' and keeping people updated. I'm STILL waiting for VecFury updates from purchases back in 2012!
  3. Me too! Usually buy all of your games... Perhaps a list of of those that did? Jeff
  4. WOW - very impressive! Congrats! I've got most of the games - missing one or 2 or 3... but boxes are not my thing. Paying $100 for a cart then $150 for cart and manual then $450 for complete.... nah - I'll pass - imho Jeff
  5. Hey Luc... forgot to email you back that I got the game a couple of days ago. To damn busy to email back. And haven't had a chance to try it out yet! Jeff
  6. I kinda talked with NIAD a few years ago about keeping this DB updated but - man I work 12 hour days 7/14 days biweekly... so no time... Thanks for keeping this updated!!! For me Excel (or a variant that I could download into Excel) is the best way to go... Thanks Jeff
  7. OK - so for several years I've wanted to get back into playing here...... GREAT first choice! A game I could NEVER get the hang of (plus the reflexes are just NOT there any more!).... 3900 is my best in 10-12 tries.... Since it's the low score I figured why take a screen shot... but what the heck - might do better on Carnival.... Jeff
  8. I'm curious... what games have not been played yet? I'm talking about original releases... I don't think I've seen Decathlon yet - interesting as it takes different skills and has multi events...? Jeff And yes - for a third year - I've got to find time to play (even tho I'll place last seeing the scores posted.... dang guys!)
  9. Are there ANY games released that have not been play? Try them... Yes have not played here in years - but get me motivated! Looking at last place Jeff
  10. 1.) Love our system and games! I do... it's just... well... I don't have time for it now... next year - when I retire and don't work 60 hours a week! 2.) Post a reply to this thread and tell us all at least one of the following: a.) How you got your system? Worked for an insurance company and around 15-18 years ago... a couple of ladies and I would go to 'garage sales' on Fridays before going to lunch. Found a complete in box system (with like 7-10 complete games) - box didn't have the styrofoam inserts - for $5 ($10?) and decided to pick it up. (It was ALL downhill from there... ) Over the years I've picked up some home-brews and unreleased games but not all (Amok / Tutankham / 128 in 1 multi cart and most recently the Mage Games from Revival Studios and a 'ton' of Videopac games from none other than Scotty (or at least I think so - god I work to much these days...)). b.) Your favorite memory of the system or games? Sorry didn't own the system 'back in the day' but say once in a while I pull it out and play the games (once in ten years!) - (hell I have 15-20 Coleco games purchased that I have test yet!!!!) c.) The weirdest thing you have typed into "Type and Tell" to make The Voice say? Well maybe some day.... 3.) Consider joining the Videopac / Odyssey 2 Forum here: http://videopac.nl/forum/ When I retire! no time right now. JEFF31
  11. Hey Ed, Glad I'm not 'in your shoes'! Gads - I would have quit years ago! "Thank You" for the SGM and game releases - keep up the GREAT work. I know that DK will come out - when it is ready and done. Jeff
  12. Zippo and Dupont style #30 if not taken already. Tell me how to pay. Ditto on all of the praises on this 'update' for the game. Jeff321
  13. Ordered from him before and have always LOVED the games I've received. Based upon the limited knowledge I know... 'he works at his own pace' and does eventually get things done ('dang dude - literally slow...'). MY thoughts in quotes. But ultimately - I very happy with the end product. Keep up the great work Kristof! Jeff31 Jeff
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