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  1. Nice! Always liked this game on other platforms.
  2. 3rd try... I suppose there are strategies... LOL I just run around... 16250...
  3. Just tried another 6/7 times on my emulator... nope. Really frustrating. Thought that the phoenix would work - but NOPE . (And don't get me wrong but this piece of hardware had been an EXTREME disappointment to me. A $300 piece of plastic with chips) Jeff
  4. Somehow on the emulator I got by event 1 then failed at 2 but at least not 0. 3040
  5. club member and ordered also.
  6. Tried this on my emulator and could not come close to the time needed to advance... So I tried the supplied rom on my phoenix and the game locks up after 1 or 2 seconds of the races start. I DO like this game and could set up my coleco and dig out the cart... etc etc etc... - maybe I will But for now I tried - score 0 Jeff
  7. Oh - did you mean the ship we fire with.... nevermind...😃
  8. Too 'BIG'! Heck no... 50% (or more...) of my shots miss! And is it just me... but my ship seems to home in on their shots... :)
  9. I was one of the lucky 5 to get T&F 2. Was the ROM ever released? If so make it a T&F 1 & 2! That would be different.
  10. Anyone here get/have T&F 2? I think Ed made 5 copies available back in the day...
  11. I did too... Except for the crevasses, Ice holes, pop-up seals, flags and fish appearing on the opposite side of the screen... fun game! 😀 Somehow I scored 89470 (stage 14) back in the day...
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