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  1. Phoenix copy for me - if available (or put me on a list...) Thanks Jeff
  2. I like it - and I'll buy it when it is available! Thanks Jeff
  3. OH! So not much... SWEET - so I can order a cart next week? LOL. (WOW - remind me to never get into producing homebrews - you guys are GREAT (and somewhat crazy)) Looking forward to ordering the game if (when) it is released! Thanks for educating me! Jeff
  4. I'd say 10' should do the trick - but longer? then Yurkie is on to something...
  5. I've ALWAYS wondered... First post (5/27/2018 - now 8/2019 - so 15 months later...) shows... well everything - but then the cart is probably just a shell... So 'everything' is ready except for the game? NOT being critical - just trying to understand the process! How does this work? JEFF31
  6. Gads - years ago (1995/2000 range?) I did a few things for my brother, computer wise, and as 'payment' he gave me this CX-64 that he'd picked up at a rummage sale in Florida for like $5-10. I tried it out and the only thing I could find wrong with it were the 'hinges' on the folding stand(?) which i fixed pretty well. It was also missing a blue sticker on the carry / folding arm - did't fix that. The rest is history - it sets in another room 'filled' with a dozen or so working commodores / amigos - THAT I NEED TO GET OUT TO THE MASSES - as soon as I retire! Jeff31
  7. I'm interested in all of the remaining controllers (one set) - let me know what is still available. Thanks
  8. "Still need to finish final boss battle" Ha-Ha - Like I'll get to that point in the game - send it to me NOW! LOL. Looks like a fun game - count me in as a buyer Jeff
  9. Hope everything is working... If your in to the GG (eventually) then I'd highly recommend the McWill upgrade... IT IS FANTASTIC (but not cheap $175-$200) Jeff
  10. Great work as always Ed. Keep on truckin! (American slang for keep on doing good (GREAT) work!) Jeff
  11. Hey - all I can say is thank you for 'staying in the loop' and keeping people updated. I'm STILL waiting for VecFury updates from purchases back in 2012!
  12. Me too! Usually buy all of your games... Perhaps a list of of those that did? Jeff
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