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  1. 64000 (Could do much better on the phoenix - just to lazy to set it up!)
  2. 35400. Never played this before this contest. Don't expect to 'win' any rounds - my reflexes are WAY off from nearly 40 years ago...but I'm happy that I finally get a chance to compete after saying I would so many years ago!
  3. A little better - 24200. Got to stop being aggressive.
  4. Got mine the other day - Thanks. Played it for a bit (have 10 others to try...!). Fun.
  5. 23200 - only 2 trys. Will have to try again later when not busy!
  6. 13450 - tough using keyboard (got to get a USB joystick - or hookup my Phoenix!).
  7. WOW no kidding! I've play 5/6 times (emulation) and have yet to record a score!
  8. Dang it! I have a 'licorice' Colecovision....how do I get a 'Vanilla' one! 😀😀😀 In for one also....
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