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  1. Hope I ordered... If not... dang it... way to busy these days...
  2. Dang - glad I checked my email one last time today! Ordered!
  3. I believe that Ikrananka now takes care of the list...
  4. I've got 20 or so duplicates that I'd be willing to sell.
  5. Got mine a few weeks ago - still have not checked them out (i DO NOT expect any problems). I'd recommend any one 'on the fence' to get both of these items!
  6. My two cents.... I DO NOT care what the game is (well ok if it's pong 2600 upgraded... 😪 ) I may not have many years left in this life but... I've paid my money to a group of people that continue to 'amaze' me at what they release (Collectorvision / Opcode / Pixelboy / others). Haven't been able to purchase EVERYTHING released (dam it) - but please continue to do the 'job' you do. Thank you to all!!! JF / Toby + a cast of other great people! Luc + ditto to your 'helpers' Ed (AND Grazi) + 'helpers' so many others.... sorry if you are not named.... you are great. You are the BEST.... Jeff31
  7. Agreed. Just ordered both items complete...
  8. I like it - and I'll buy it when it is available! Thanks Jeff
  9. OH! So not much... SWEET - so I can order a cart next week? LOL. (WOW - remind me to never get into producing homebrews - you guys are GREAT (and somewhat crazy)) Looking forward to ordering the game if (when) it is released! Thanks for educating me! Jeff
  10. I'd say 10' should do the trick - but longer? then Yurkie is on to something...
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