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  1. Lord, Crazy Kong. There was a stationary that had that bootleg cabinet I remember asking if their Donkey Kong was broken with it making such silly sounds.
  2. The 7-11, back when 7-11's had arcade cabs at them, near my childhood home actually had Baby Pac-Man...come to think of it, they had a lot of games you wouldn't expect at a 7-11 like Dragon's Lair & M.A.C.H 3. It was pretty good to have games are several places in walking distance since arcades weren't locationally advantageous to me. We had a deli with rotating games like Missile Command, Moon Patrol, Elevator Action and of all things Mr Do's Wild Ride. We had another that had three games that never changed for years with Popeye, Lady Bug & Robotron. I honestly admit I didn't get Baby Pac-Man at the time. That young with quarters burning in hand if I didn't get it within one plays worth I moved on.
  3. It Came From The Desert on Commodore Amiga had one part where a giant ant would walk across the screen and you had to shoot off its antennae. If you hit only one of the antennae, once the ant leaves the screen, would show up in from of you filling up the screen with its giant head.
  4. I'm playing on New Game Plus right now but waiting on the bonus characters as well. I hope that with Shovel Knight being a bonus and that Iga had to call in WayForward in for help finishing the game maybe we'll get Shantae as a bonuc character. Longshot but one can hope. 1/2 Genie Hero was also an amazing game.
  5. Hmm...this one needed some thought. I'm going to go with beating Raid On Bungeling Bay. Had it before I had a Fast Load cart so you wait FOREVERRRRRR for the game to load. Seeing the parade at the end made it worth it. Runner up goes to beating Ultima IV.
  6. I can't agree with that. James Morgan was possibly on the way to saving Atari...albeit had to scale things back drastically employees & buildings wise. I'm not saying he would have for sure. It was possibly too far gone even if coin-op was still doing well. I presume it was Steve Ross who negotiated the deal to give Jack Atari for no money down plus throw more money in when Jack asked. Did Steve Ross ever make a GOOD deal? I can;t even count him buying Atari because Manny Gerard did the legwork. All Ross wanted was a Gran Trak 10 cabinet in his penthouse and no one thought to measure to see if it would fit in the door.
  7. I burned through the PC version already. Iga outdid himself and even knew he needed help at the end and called in the wizards at WayForward. This makes up for the mess that was Mighty No 9.
  8. The sons are still alive (far as I know) so they can give their angles. It would be nice to know things from the Atari side since I read the Commodore side in Brian Bagnall's book.
  9. I've always thought Jack's main goal in acquiring Atari (can't really say bought...he didn't put any money into it!) was revenge. He got out-maneuvered by Irving Gould and lost the company he made. I'm sure there weren't that many tears for how many companies Jack had a hand in ending. I've always said tho the cutthroat tactics that made Tramiel detestable, how bad he was nothing compared to Warners CEO Steve Ross who seemed to make the worst deals ever and I've always wondered if he was the one who cooked up the deal to give Atari to Jack for nothing but promissory notes and Tramiel Tech stock. See, now I want Marty & Curt to finish Business Is War. 😆😆
  10. I understand but it's also me leaning towards digital these days. You ever try carrying around the Atari - Business Is Fun book? Crack a few vertebrae you do it for too long.
  11. Shame you don't sell digital versions of the book. 73 USD after shipping is a bit high for me.
  12. H.E.R.O.

    Windows 2600

    Windows 2600? Was there a blue pixel of death?
  13. Haven't been about lately but what a pleasant surprise. Was Zoo Keeper put on the back burner in favor of Galaga?
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