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  1. Just found out why my game box is damaged. US Customs ripped the box open from the bottom then used their wacky green tape to close it again.
  2. Just arrived. Very good choice for a super secret club game. My game box came in a wee bit damaged but it's all good. Cannot complain overall. Now looking forward to next year's club. Much thanks to retroillucid & Toby. Great work.
  3. I'm still curious for when we receive the rom for this game. I really don't want to wait until 2021 club in December as we did with last year's club. I just prefer playing stuff on my PC.
  4. The guy's bio is longer than the article
  5. Also, no box so I guess I'm SOL until Monday seeing how no USA mail tomorrow.
  6. They already announced the winner some posts back.
  7. Still yet to arrive. I was, like..., the FIRST one to get it last time through some Twilight Zone Delorean happenstance too.
  8. What? I heard the super secret club game was 'Mario's Sex Toy Factory'!
  9. Here in Virginia and have yet to receive it. Perhaps today.
  10. Would have been cool to put the console in the membership box for the winner.
  11. Just hope we don't have to wait for the next club to get the rom file.
  12. This is a good update. Haven't been checking in as was grinding hard in GTA Online with the 2x payouts & RP on warehouses & MC biz's. Now all I got to do is daily objectives, spin the lucky wheel and play three card poker for a few weeks. GTA Online aside, I'm glad we're at the shipping point and will soon see what the super secret club arcade game will be this time around then I gather wait a period of time for fellow members to receive said game then we get the rom file like last club year. It's still exciting to wonder what game it could be. It was never said it was a well known arcade game just one that was never made into a home version anywhere... so who knows...Mr Do's Wild Ride??? Wait...wasn't that on MSX? GAHHH!
  13. The GTA Online modders, cheaters & ne'er do wells finally broke me so taking a sabbatical from the game (except a quick daily hop in to spin the lucky wheel). I imagine they must cheat to compensate for underdeveloped manhood. 

    1. Eltigro


      I found the most fun I had in GTA Online (which I haven't played in several years) was when I made my own private lobby/server thing and just messed around by myself.  I was "social distancing" even back then.  lol

  14. With all that's going on in the world and we have zero idea how long before the cartridges can be assembled and shipped out I wonder if sending out the rom of the 2020 club to members will be considered.
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