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  1. RIP John Madden. While many hail his eponymously named football game from EA few recall he was a spokesperson  for CBS Electronics Atari 2600 games and was supposed to even have his own 2600 game called Maddeness.

    1. SlidellMan


      He also was on SNL with Eddie Murphy and Tony Rosato.

  2. My wife is having twin girls. She's 12 weeks in. I'm so frickin' happy.

    1. joeatari1


      Congratulations!  Girls are easy until they reach the pre teen years.

    2. Rick Dangerous

      Rick Dangerous

      Twins!!  Congrats man! 

    3. GoldLeader



  3. Every Halloween I swear off buying the monster cereals (Count Chocula / Franken Berry / Boo Berry) and the following year there I go filling up my cart at the store. Poor Fruit Brute/Yummy Mummy got shafted again this year!

    1. SpiceWare



      Poor Fruit Brute/Yummy Mummy got shafted again this year!


      Not entirely - this year, in honor of the 50th anniversary Monster Cereals, General Mills has released Monster Mash which has all 5 monsters in one box.  I saw it at HEB and debated picking up a box, but then remembered I still have an unfinished box of Boo Berry from last year.




      front of box


      back of box



    2. GoldLeader


      Yeah,  I'm still working on some Count Chocula I bought...Some time ago.  I think despite all manner of happy memories,  as an adult I'm just rarely hungry for cereal.

    3. jeremiahjt


      I did not realize they released Fruit Brute and Fruity Yummy Mummy this year.  Might have to make my way to HEB and pick up that box.  I already finished off family size versions of Frankenberry and Count Chocula and picked up a Boo Berry yesterday.

  4. RIP Nukey. I raise my Dr. Pepper in your honor.

  5. RIP Nukey. Thanks for all you brought to us here.
  6. Missed saying this yesterday but happy 44th birthday Atari VCS. You changed lives and you made magic.

    1. Keatah


      44 years.. Some games and consoles are timeless indeed.

    2. GoldLeader


      44 Years?  That's a long time for a console...Shoot!  It's older than I am.   Oh wait!!  No it's not!

  7. OK, this may be a weird one to do. Basically, Collectorvision started a Colecovision club in 2019 where buying in would get you access to their rom vault and a boxed with instructions cartridge game that was limited to 100 copies for club members. Here's the rub. It was agreed upon buying into the club that the games could not be publicly disclosed. I can disclose via PM if there are any interested but would ask whomever decides to purchase would continue keeping the games a secret. So...please limit pm's to actual interest and not just to find out what the games are. They've never been played. My original 1982 Colecovision finally departed this mortal coil before the 2019 game arrived and I never got around to getting another. Asking $250 for both games with shipping to the continental USA only via Paypal. The 2020 game has a box defect on the bottom front where it's a bit wavy...I know some get anal about box condition so I can take a photo by request. I'm trying to be as honorable as I can in this case. I could easily sell on ebay and get $300 plus a game probably but promises were made and that means something to me.
  8. I'm putting up my 2 Collectorvision 2019 and 2020 secret club games up in the marketplace tomorrow. They've never been played. Before I ever got the 2019 game my beloved Colecovision I got new in 1982 for Christmas finally bit the dust before the game was received. Stay tuned, kids. 

  9. Well, I guess my last post was too late to continue the conversation. Sad.
  10. Just got done reading Howard Warshaw's autobiography 'Once Upon Atari: How I made history by killing an industry' and boy, there's was one doozy of a reveal in it.

    1. BydoEmpire


      Is that a new book?  Different from the 4-part documentary?  I like those so much, I've probably seen them a dozen times.

    2. H.E.R.O.


      Yeah, apparently came out in December but I didn't see it until last week on Amazon.

    3. BydoEmpire
  11. Donkey Kong & Pac-Man were the two games I received with my Atari 2600 birthday gift. Played them on a 13 inch black 'n white tv. Those were good times. Then next game I got was Pitfall and things got blown wide open.
  12. I'm not holding my breath for roms to be added to the AA store. I've seen discussions about it over the years. I've got a new baby girl here so fiscal responsibility has to be practiced and I can't go dropping $60 to $140 for a copy of Circus Convoy. I'd spare $10 for a rom. it's true there are honorable people around here. I was in the Collectorvision Colecovision club for two years. Far as I know no one has shared the massive rom packs one got with membership nor leaked the names of either secret boxed game (something that was requested by the Collecotorvision guys). The only 'leak', per se, was someone selling the 2019 Intelliivison club game on ebay. I always appreciated some programmers linking their final rom versions but seems that's drying up as well. EDIT: I should state I've been buying Commodore 64 / Amiga games off of Itch.io from devs like Psytronik, RGCD.Dev & Megastyle for a few years now. I dare say the Commodore computer market is probably more niche than Atari 2600's . They sell full boxed with goodies versions as well for those who desire them for the obvious larger price than the 5 bucks they charge for the .d64 files.
  13. If there was one thing I didn't like about the club was that you don't get that year's secret game rom until the following club year, hence, I didn't join the 2021 club so I miss out getting the 2020 secret game rom.
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