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  1. The one sad part of the 2019 club as we were promised this and it didn't happen.
  2. Wasn't asking much above the $75 each that it cost through Collectorvision. Some were looking to pay $30-40 for them.
  3. See, I thought we were keeping the secret no matter what. This is good to know.
  4. Ah, I remember walking past a neighbor's house with a discarded Adam in the trash. I was told it was broken but I liberated the controllers for use on my Commodore 64 for years. Still remember the bug in Summer Games II where holding the right fire button gave the player TURBO in some event like the javelin. Wicked high scores attained!
  5. A beautiful way to start a new year of Coleco goodness.
  6. To be fair, that sale was from the short lived Intellivision club and not from the Colecovision club side. Far as easy to sell, nobody wanted my 2019 & 2020 games without knowing what the secret games were ahead of time.
  7. I thought that I was #100. Not like it matters now.
  8. - folds arms - I don't know. Probably going to have to pass this time around. Have my first child on the way early next year and this year hasn't been all that great. I wouldn't even have anything to play the SNES game on anyway.
  9. I thank those who responded but some were weird from 'Can you give me the games for free?" (ummm...no!) to 'Can you sell me roms?' (???). Here's a price since seems no one who is asking about them want to give an offer. $220 for both which included USPS flat rate shipping fully insured. Remember, continental USA only, please.
  10. I'm going to sell off both club games together. I'm at the stage I have too much stuff and a child due soon. Both are unplayed. If anyone interested shoot me an offer. For Continental USA only. This is for BOTH games. To any interested I'm not saying what either game is. It was a secret to me, it'll be a secret to you, Link.
  11. I certainly didn't know Pauline could bend like that!
  12. Well, now have to choose between Colecovision & Commodore 64.
  13. So...what's our status, commander? Anyone missing their super secret club game and cool kids membership card?
  14. Just found out why my game box is damaged. US Customs ripped the box open from the bottom then used their wacky green tape to close it again.
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