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  1. Snoopy Pong is just regular ol' pong in a Snoopy doghouse cabinet. The version sans Snoopy but kept the doghouse cab is Puppy Pong.
  2. How could you even wish that on me you MONSTER!
  3. Speedball II : Brutal Deluxe (Commodore Amiga/Sega Genesis) Toy Bizarre (Commodore 64) Sonic The Hedgehog 3 (Sega Genesis) H.E.R.O. (Commodore 64) Halo (Microsoft Xbox) Streets Of Rage 3 (Sega Genesis) Black Crypt (Commodore Amiga) Keystone Kapers (Atari 2600) Pitfall II - Lost Caverns (Atari 2600) Jet Set Radio Future (Microsoft Xbox)
  4. Johnny has always been kind when it comes to releasing the roms of his games. Perhaps he'll release the final version at some point. There's also the demo, of course, but not sure the differences between demo & final roms. The last demo of Mappy was pretty much the final rom, I believe.
  5. I remember seeing screenshots and a description in Video Games Player/Computer Games magazine.
  6. Ready for that rom shop to start up, @Albert Hopefully you've had a chance to give it some thought.
  7. I thought Vanguard was going to be in the 2019 rom pack when it was announced. It's going to be in the 2020 pack so all good.
  8. Either way the math works. Since we're not getting anything else for 2019 I'll await the 2020 club signup and I'll be glad it won't take a year this time around to get everything... ...plus Vanguard. What can I say? I love me some Vanguard. To be honest, I hope one day a C64 version pops up as well.
  9. There were 59 roms were in the 2019 club so 2.54 USD a rom and that's with the super secret game on top of it. Even if the 2019 club members pay the $150 again 25 roms is 6 USD a rom with the 2020 super secret game included. Even if the 2020 super secret game is a dud for me it's still worth it. 2019 club I played the hell out of Side Trak & Rip Cord. 2020 I'm sure to play the hell out of Vanguard and I don't even know what else will be in there. Hell, the 2020 super secret game is done from what they said and we'll have it 1st quarter presumably. It was a tremendous deal in 2019 and will be again in 2020.
  10. It's an iffy situation. For one, if someone is disappointed with the game they have said you can send it back. Exchanging for next year's game tho? That one I don't agree with. For one, that title is secret as well. What if a person doesn't like that game either? Then again when you buy into a membership with a secret game involved you're rolling the dice, aren't you?
  11. Well, again, it's been dumped. The MAME team has it already for archival purposes under promise they don't release it (I guess until he permisses it so). I'm glad the owner is still planning on releasing it even after the whole Akka Arrh debacle.
  12. Then my money awaits the e-mail, good sir.
  13. 25 more roms makes it worth it to me. This leaves me with 2 questions. 1. Is it $150 for 2019 members or do we get a discount? 2. If the game is already done and tested (tho presume printed materials are not yet done) does this mean we're not waiting until late into the year for it?
  14. That's fine. Can we get a definite answer on if and what 2019 club members might still be getting? Obviously many will be disappointed if the answer is nothing (I know I will be). I do plan to re-up my membership for 2020 but I'd like to know exactly what would be included rom wise (aside of Vanguard which I think you've already said is in the 2020 batch).
  15. I can send a photo of the box it got shipped in
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