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  1. Great news! DragonBox are very reliable and are nice guys.
  2. The French one is terrible on 7800 games. I have one using on a CRT and there are several distortions on the screen and washed out colors. When you startup the first 3 seconds the screen is also in black and white.
  3. [email protected] maybe you'll make contact with Michael from dragonbox about dealing shipping in mainland Europe. He has years of experience in dealing all kinds of retro tech and homebrews. He also sells everdrives and different flashcards since years. Check out https://www.dragonbox.de/en/ I know him personally for years and can vouch for him.
  4. Use Filter not search https://demozoo.org/productions/?platform=9&production_type=1
  5. Hope we'll see some hacks in the future of some jaguar games with this SD carts. Thanking of Turbo fire hacks for games like Raiden or Zero 5.
  6. No it is a case mod of an infamous JS 2 member. [redacted] Wow his user name is on the black list ^^
  7. Ok then bring it on clone console makers ^^. Would love to have a Jaguar FPGA solution.
  8. Jaguar FPGA ist near impossible as of today. Its the same story as with a saturn FPGA clone, as the FPGA has to rebuild a complex system architecture
  9. Why? Just go to his store and order when available...
  10. Amazing to see these CD Games boot. Sadly Blue Lightning seems to be missing in game music.
  11. Not to forget these nice 3D games Hunter (kind of GTA grandpa) Trex Warrior
  12. No the game don't support it natively. The video linked above was overlayed with midi music. So the ife came to mind it would be cool these tracks could be used in game when using a Roland midi device like some Sierra games did (latty3, kq4, sq3)
  13. Love the video with the midi music. Any chance to get these in the game using a Roland mt32?
  14. Sounds really interesting for me. Even a solution with CF slot would perfectly fine.
  15. Hi there, my Mega STE died, so I'm gonna do a full recap of the machine in the next few weeks. Didn't found a list of caps online so I noticed all caps by myself from the mainboard and the PSU. I's a PAL machine, but I suppose it should be the same with NTSC 110v as the PSU ranges from 100 - 240v Here is what you need: PSU: 110 uF 10v 22 uF 25v 3.3 uF 50v 220 uF 25v 4.4 uF 50v 680 uF 16v x2 100 uF 25v 4700 uF 16v 2200 uF 10v 1000 uF 16v x2 10 uF 400v 120 uF 400v Mainboard: 100 uF 16v x7 470 uF 16 47 uF 16v x15 470 uF 35v axial 10 uF 16v x4
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