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  1. These are really looking good. There is no denial how much good artdesign helps to boost a prouct. Looking forward to get the chance to play it
  2. Received mine yesterday in Germany. Was a blast to play them again. And still amused about Downfall and my own 'Heiko' mode Thanks for all the games in the last years.
  3. It's great! Thanks for picking up suggestions in the game!
  4. Thank you so much, the second hint helped!!!
  5. There is an Amiga port in the making. Also a falcon port iirc
  6. No memorytrack is currently not supported in this beta firmware. Ok so noone got Robinson's to boot?
  7. Ok got tha sorted out but now what to do with the sand? "Give me the sand multiplied by 2 times infinity" wtf? XD
  8. Ah found the potter but missing the wood (got the clay) xD
  9. Got many games to work but still puzzled why Battlemorph won't boot. Converted perfectly from that redump set but started only once in about 15 tries ^^ Other games not working: Dragons lair World tour racing Vid grid (hangs at loading screen in game) But got varunas forces to boot ^^
  10. Anyone got Robinson's requiem to boot or even converted to jcd? Got my original and ripped it with clone cd and imgburn but both with no success when converting to jcd.
  11. Damn, now I have to try mine again xD
  12. Was curious and converted my Black Ice White Noise Alpha without errors, but sadly it don't start. But well, only retail atm i suppose ^^
  13. Hehe ok since my French is nonexistent I didn't notice No in altos house I found nothing just used the hammer on the wall and it says there are some symbols but didn't know what to do with that information. Can't use any more item there ^^
  14. Yeah was a"pleasant" surprise and nice gimmick with the key in the box. But now I'm stuck at the Easter Island. Just got half of the statue but don't know what to do from then. Maybe someone here has played it that far? Or I'm the only one playing his retro games hahaha
  15. All fine, still appreciate this amazing effort and great game! Would just be nice to have a version which boots from HDD in the future but that is of course up to you
  16. A bit later in the first town when you came back from the town with the starving people the innkeeper woman stands in front of the inn. If you give her any items she asks for a code which can be found in the original box of the game
  17. Has anyone here played the game? Has some one found this nice Easter egg, too?
  18. Great work, played it today works fine on my mega STE. Nonetheless it doesn't boot with a ultrasatan equipped and powered on. I have to w Switchoff the ultrasatan to let it boot from gotek. Copied the files to HDD but doesn't work and crashes with bombs.
  19. Hey, the set seems to be down again, is is available anywhere still? Thanks
  20. Does anyone have working versions of doom 2 and checkered flag with steering patch? Both games only show red screen on my GD Tried doom2 v93, v94, AC2011 versions All roms are working fine on my skunk though
  21. Best enjoyed when pressing 5 in the main menu before start!
  22. Commercial NUON Games are not protected and can be burned on DVD-R Media and run on any NUON player which run burned media (afaik all Samsung models)
  23. Yeah friend of mine blew it the first time, too. Never overestimate the human brain ^^ Will your games be game drive exclusive?
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