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  1. Ther can only be one: the glorious Pinball Fantasies. Such a great pinball game with great table design and ball physics for the time. The soundtrack is really awesome and the jaguar version possibly the best version of the game.
  2. I think first 3D Polygon mech game on a console goes to Vortex on SNES which was released 3 months before iron soldier.
  3. I think it's good to focus on a good battle system and not too stupid AI. Every team has it's limits. At the moment as I see there are 2 people working on this, so we can't expect a game as deep as dragons crown or the later Capcom brawlers. Could be the target but this would take years to make I assume with this small team. Better set goals what can be achieved with the team in a good timeframe and work on it. As I read your inspiration was moonstone? Which by itself is not a really good brawler/hack and slash from a design and control viewport. Therefore maybe better to insure controls from games like the Capcom cps1 brawler, konami brawlers like tmnt, golden axe or streets of rage. There are brawler which are way more complex with controls, like battle circuit (which has 4 player and RPG elements and sick combos), alien vs Predator or the ultimate brawler imo "Guardians" which has the best combo engine to date for a arcade brawler.
  4. As I wrote on YouTube, it looks great and is a genre much needed in the jaguar library. The background artwork is impressive even in this early state. Please think about adding a dash function which makes these games so much more dynamic and fluid to play Nonetheless this is really amazing
  5. Thisooks really great, especially from an artistic viewpoint.
  6. Really nice looking and great progress. I love the art design which nicely makes use of the effects.
  7. Of course cybermorph has a save eeprom. It saves scores. Just not level progression. The only cart game I know and have which doesn't save is Worms, you can't save your edit teams there. Every other game I played saves at least scores.
  8. So is every version the same (boxed, manual) when we order from you or songbird? Since I'm in Europe that would be interesting to know @phoboz We have at least 8 people gathered in Germany to order from you ^^
  9. Will us EU citizens also be able to order kings of edom from you? I wanted to have both games but songbird asks for really high shipping (40$) plus import taxes so that each game will easily be over 100€ then.
  10. Not directly for the Jaguar but as it's an unreleased Jaguar game, American Hero is going to be released for consoles and PC. Now they just have to make a Jaguar CD Version Trailer:
  11. These are really looking good. There is no denial how much good artdesign helps to boost a prouct. Looking forward to get the chance to play it
  12. Received mine yesterday in Germany. Was a blast to play them again. And still amused about Downfall and my own 'Heiko' mode Thanks for all the games in the last years.
  13. It's great! Thanks for picking up suggestions in the game!
  14. Thank you so much, the second hint helped!!!
  15. There is an Amiga port in the making. Also a falcon port iirc
  16. No memorytrack is currently not supported in this beta firmware. Ok so noone got Robinson's to boot?
  17. Ok got tha sorted out but now what to do with the sand? "Give me the sand multiplied by 2 times infinity" wtf? XD
  18. Ah found the potter but missing the wood (got the clay) xD
  19. Got many games to work but still puzzled why Battlemorph won't boot. Converted perfectly from that redump set but started only once in about 15 tries ^^ Other games not working: Dragons lair World tour racing Vid grid (hangs at loading screen in game) But got varunas forces to boot ^^
  20. Anyone got Robinson's requiem to boot or even converted to jcd? Got my original and ripped it with clone cd and imgburn but both with no success when converting to jcd.
  21. Damn, now I have to try mine again xD
  22. Was curious and converted my Black Ice White Noise Alpha without errors, but sadly it don't start. But well, only retail atm i suppose ^^
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