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  1. Are the internal keyboard connectors on the 130XE and 800XL compatible? Can I use an XL keyboard with an XE motherboard? I working on a custom Atari system using a 130XE motherboard and an 800XL case with keyboard. I realize that the connectors are oriented differently and I will have to do some fabrication to mate the XL keyboard to the XE board. And the entire back of the case too.
  2. Any plans for another run of boards? I'll buy one!
  3. I spoke too soon. After a little RTFM, I fiddled with the jumper settings. After 3 hours of combined formatting and bad sector checks, I have my ST up and running with AdSCSI.
  4. Well, I finally got a SCSI drive and an enclosure, but now I'm having problems with the Link. AdSCSI and AHDI both say there is no device present. Any ideas?
  5. I recently purchased an ICD The Link off ebay for use with my 1040 STF. This version of the is simply labeled "The Link" not a Link2 or a Link 97. I've searched the web for information specific to this adapter, but haven't been able to find anything. Most of what I've found refers either to the Link2 or Link97. The only bit of information I've found about this adapter is that it lacks support for parity. Hopefully, someone has the following answers: 1. Can I use SCSI drives larger than 1 GB with this adapter along with the HD Driver software? 2. Can I use SCSI-2 or SCSI-3 drives with an appropriate cable adapter? 3. Do SCSI-to-IDE adapters work? Thanks
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