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  1. I know this post is old but since SNES is one of my fav. systems I wanted to add a reply. Personally I prefer the real SNES + SD2SNES Flash Cart (http://shop.retrogate.com/SD2SNES-SD2SNES.htm) but not the cheapest way to go but beats buying all the original carts unless you are a die-hard collector. Though I actually don't play many games this way - I got it more for Dev. and ROM hacking. The Wii homebrew can run a port of SNES9x which is pretty good (http://wiibrew.org/wiki/Snes9x_GX) and in some ways better then the real SNES. Obviously you can do 480p on a Wii and 1080P on a Wii-U, SNES can be modded but the best you can get is 480p or RGB. The Wii classic controller is OK, but the wire is in an awkward place, it should have be wireless but wasn't. You can also pick up the SNES controller adapter from RetroUSB. To me the Wii's emulation is 99%+ not much of a difference to complain about and in some aspects better. Not sure that retro systems are for non-collectors and even the best way to go these days since Audio/Video equipment keep changing.
  2. Big thanks "Omegamatrix" you are the man !!! I'll give them a try tonight. Thank you so much!
  3. I don't know anything about 2600 ASM or ROM hacking, but like to hack 2 of the Sesme Street games (Big Bird and Cookie Mon) so the controls map to a joystick instead of the keypad (Kid's controller). Big Bird is just left/right and Cookie Mon is standard 5 (up/down/left/right and button). Can anyone help with this?
  4. It doesn't matter if it's a 1080i or 1080p HDTV (I've had a 1080i for 4 years now) you'll never get that type of res from a real 2600 console. RF w/ heavy NR turned on looks decent (better than on a standard TV) but S-video still looks better. Personally I wouldn't even play on rare proto type 2600, I'd buy another 2600 for my enjoyment and keep the proto for historical purposes. I got the S-video modded unit from Atari2600.com and it's perfect, worked flawlessly on my 1080i HDTV for years. If you don't mind spending $120 or whatever they charge now I'd do that. If you can aford to buy a 42' Plasma - you can aford the S-video modded unit, unless you spent all your extra money on the TV
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