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  1. I thought playability is carbon-copy of the Atari original, as only GFX changed?
  2. Nice effort, thanks to all involved! Just one question, why the moon is so green (at least on PAL machines)? 😉
  3. We are the fans though, both of JSW itself and your awesome conversion. All the original features (even if they are bugs 😉 ) should be kept - it's historical code after all😊
  4. Let's wait for Barbarian, maybe... 😍
  5. As for using 2 pokeys for both sound and music, it would be good to have keyboard option to freely enable/disable them, so you can have MSX+SFX, MSX, SFX or silence. With default just MSX on 1 pokey and let's say MSX+SFX on 2 pokeys. Speaking of keyboard, maybe there would be a chance to add such way to play? In original it's (methinks): Left - Q, E, T, U, O Joystick left Right - W, R, Y, I, P Joystick right Jump - Z to M, SPACE Joystick up But LEFT/RIGHT arrow + space and/or left shift would be great
  6. I wonder what they might be and if they include Barbarian 😇
  7. VBXE-alike version of xxl's JSW 2007 without VBXE! This is just awesome thank you Tezz! :)
  8. Is there a chance it eventually turns into full game? Would be great to have Silk Worm on our beloved A8 :-)
  9. Hi Guys, it's pretty nice discussion with quite a lot of new versions, but that causes a bit of confusion Which is the current/latest/best/stable one, not some kind of experiment attached to the subsequent posts? That said, does the author edit 1st post, so the attached files are always the ones to have (for PAL, NTSC machine)? Besides, does "black" mean just black background of title screen or what?
  10. Jacques


    I really hope it gets done by Pavros one day (he did great job with IK EE and has been doing wonderful things with IK+), but on the other hand, when you realize IK+ port project was started back in 2001...
  11. Incredible stuff coming up, great to hear that original palette will stay, the Atari-improved one will be additional and BOTH will get optional VBXE enhancement :-)
  12. It would be way better to avoid political/historical messages here, as original subject relates to simple congratulations
  13. Flimbo's Quest both standard and VBXE versions? I must be dreaming! :-) It would be useful though to be optionally able to force standard colours despite having VBXE onboard. And big congrats to you Miker, msx rocks, too!
  14. I don't want blue all the time, you haven't read carefully. I just feel that black consistant border for all locations (like on C64) would look more elegant. Whichever direction it goes, we are witnessing something truly exceptional beyond words
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