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  1. 😉Actually I didn't criticize Karateka I just wrote what wins comparison when we discuss Prince of Persia. If it's about PoP style and climate, it's honestly no brainer🙄 And I really hope you at least abandon contoured first letter, (fill it! ) as it's totally inconsistent with the rest of text, it's natural to be a bigger font of the same kind, not contour vs filled. I also hope you won't overdo it stamping your authority (own style) on conversion, doing changes just for the sake of them 😉 While dungeons and TIX's player/enemies turned out great, here's a reason for serious concern.
  2. So far the bathroom vs funeral style confrontation confirms initial worries - bathroom wins with healthy advantage😉 I think this contour letter "m" also doesn't cut it, it's like it's different just for the sake of it. Sorry 😇 I just wonder if there's a chance for retreat, or just full ahead to make the point.
  3. No, as for 8 bit I mainly mean 3D vector gfx, since textures are not possible, and I mentioned Tomahawk above. Anyway, I stop off-topic, now. Sorry 😉
  4. @emkay, maybe you could try to optimize Tomahawk? It's a great 3D flight simulator, but more FPS would be welcome. Sincerely, I don't quite understand that fascination with Atari 3D capabilities, and don't think we need next incarnations of RoF. Surely we have very good 8-bit CPU running quicker than C64's, but 1 or 3 FPS more than on C64 don't justify "shining" excitement. While I really love Stunt Car Racer comparison to C64, actually no 8-bit computer is shining or designed to cope well with real (calculated) 3D, it was pure 2D era in creators' minds. But I love "tricks" like Yoomp or Project M, but it's not real 3D.
  5. @rensoup Cool, the "sand" colors as an option to purple palace would be really nice (if I understood your plan correctly). As for "everybody disagrees with you", it's not something I wrote literally (it's never everybody anyway), but can be most of the rest. Even though everyone has his own taste how things should look, there's common denominator and sweet spot defined what the most of us like. So even though you chose your path, please accept that your individual taste can be strange for others, who like purples and blacks less. Something like: "If ten people say you're drunk, lie down" Or at least consider it for a moment(!) 😇 Anyway, let's just wait for an "artist's vision" and see, I have no intention to unleash any fury now or in the future ( 😛 ), the joy of playing PoP on Atari has been great already.
  6. @TIX Sorry, that meme does not add up... First asking for opinion, then accusing people of forcing someone to do "work", which authors volunteerily started, when fans of the project tend to think different. Especially the sounds and also the intro parts could be given almost ready to use, not forcing anyone to do more. And if worldwide-known intro is "insignifficant detail", that's really weird attitude to such great project. You Guys had all the praise and still have lot of it, together with admiration of your talents, but stubborness and being cocky don't do any good to it. And I don't buy the idea of intro similiarity to Karateka. Mechner also could have kept that style, but he moved on and done it oriental way.
  7. Sorry, I couldn't resist it (not that I like Soviet stuff - totally opposite)😇 But with the rest Jose is right (minus emotions) and except terrifying "better not to do it at all" (DISAGREED!). Atari community wants/needs this game badly with this or that intro, but at the same time we wish the Author(s) would listen to people's voice and accept he might be in the dark( actually black ) with his recent ideas and great majority thinks different...
  8. There is great consistency between the intro pages and the actual title screen (here C64 version). A8 could do even better with our superior palette of colors. But sadly, looks like we'll miss classic title screen, too, with decorations on it? No reason to be shocked by community reaction, when we're going to miss some parts of legendary artwork we dreamed of seeing on A8, because just the author sees Mechner's gfx as "bathroom style" 😐 If that's bathroom style, @rensoup B/W proposal must be FUNERAL edition (no offence) 😄
  9. @Poison While I ABSOLUTELY AGREE with you that Jose's-like screens should be used, did you try to run these black/white examples on real machine? The flickering in #2 is minimal (#1 is terrible) and actually makes the letters look way better/sharper than no-flicker version, which letters look bad...
  10. Together with potential flickering, I think many people simply gave an opinion on pure "white on black" text, not being much prince-of-persish and missing a lot of "classic" stuff, but yeah, it's certainly different 🙄 Altirra argument is missed, I think. While it's extraordinary tool giving almost real Atari feeling, I don't feel it should be considered as target platform or the one to determine looks. My feedback nevertheless (PAL Atari 130XE + LG M1721A old LCD-TV 17" monitor, that DOES NOT reduce flickering): 1) flicker_1: flickers a lot and it both hurts the eyes and doesn't look good 2) flicker_2: minimal/acceptable flickering, fonts look best overall and that would be MY PICK. 3) no_flickering: stable fonts, but they don't look that good as in flicker_2. What's important Guys, maybe we shouldn't give flickering feedback with modern TV/monitors that don't allow to disable all picture-corrections, as one can get stable flicker_1, while it flickers like hell @rensoup Good luck with intro whatever it is, it's just a bit strange that with all that openess (poll) regarding sounds and other stuff, here the voice of people isn't heard and these beautiful screens of Jose will be missed... But it's your creation to have PoP you like, we all appreciate the fact and will certainly celebrate and be happy when it's finished 🙂
  11. These look just great 🤩 A legendary PoP style of text and decorations, the one you immediately recognize as THAT VERY GAME arrived on Atari, plus making use of Atari capabilities. I'd vote with my everything for that, if there only was a poll
  12. @rensoup I understand you want to go another way compared to existing versions, but I'm also not sure if plain black/white text of introduction is the way to go. It shows not much of Atari8 superiority over another 8-bit platforms (colors), looks just plain and not that stylish, rather like it's plain because there was no disk-space, RAM, etc... Of course it's not a life or death choice and the game still will be great, but I think these subtitles should be presented in consistent colors-form to the rest of the intro/PoP graphics. I really see nothing wrong with these decorations around and having more colours (here, Amiga), so maybe thinking twice would be good if we want to have it different just for the sake of it: The big 1st letter is also a "classic" here we'd miss? And sorry for that, but supporting isn't only about agreeing to everything
  13. How about the one with karatekas? 🙂
  14. Robert Jaeger for quite a some time is working on new incarnation of Montezu, unfortunately not for Atari, but I recall it must be finishing off Montezuma's Revenge. Maybe based on this, when it's ready, we could have completed version of Montezuma's Revenge, too? Preliminary Monty (16k) although a finished game, for me simply wasn't THAT Montezuma, missing the element of unknown adventure and mystery 🙂
  15. Just one thing, as I'm happy with Rocky's palette incorporation, other people may like to incorporate other palettes. Would there be a chance for built-in or external .act->.atcolors converter, or is such automation impossible?
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