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  1. Sure, of course U1MB does count and in the end it's 64+1024KB if configured as such. 1MB in the poll is just for simplicity, but it's correct pick for U1MB. I meant rather a case of e.g. RAM-CART that has battery-maintained SRAM onboard for typical cartridge storage purposes, that it's no ATARI RAM in a typical definition, just own RAM of peripherial device.
  2. Unless its RAM works as some sort of external expansion of ATARI RAM, and is internal affair of that cartridge so it serves it's storage functionality, I'd say it doesn't count This poll is about ATARI "main" RAM, be it standard or expanded.
  3. @mimo So that would be 64KB in the poll if you own 65XE and incognito is not installed in 800. Thanks
  4. Whoever can't find his maximum RAM-size option in the poll, please tick the closest option (just with some comment message). Thanks and sorry for inconvenience, in the end sometimes it's hard to guess all the possible configurations
  5. Sorry, didn't mean to ignore anyone's hardware, including these cases with 16-bit CPU. So if anyone has something not included in the POLL, please write it down here, or choose closest match (here it would be still 1MB, although it's far off 32 MB ).
  6. I missed 192 KB option in the poll, so if someone has such maximum amount of RAM, please pick either 128 KB or 256 KB as the closest options.
  7. @flashjazzcat Thank you and I think you selected correctly, since it doesn't necessarily add-up for use by Atari at the same moment
  8. Myself: 1 MB (designed by Pasiu/SSG) in 800XL & 130XE, U1MB waiiting for installation on another mobo.
  9. Hi Guys, would just like to find out what maximum amount of RAM you have at your disposal in the most equipped REAL Atari 8-bit you own. Thanks!
  10. SIO loading sound is typical Atari, but I'm not sure it gives that high-class feeling. Normally with real disk drives when SIO loading sound is disabled, there's still that SIO audio-in interference, which is way more silent, sounds classy and I always loved it Either way will do anyway and is unimportant, with SIO sound at least we'd definitely know if speedy transmission is working or not, so i have no preferrence in the end 😉
  11. Nothing to take away from Albert, but for me the supremacy of Flimbo's Quest WIP in visuals department of platform A8 games remains unchallenged, if we talk technicals. Of course Albert is great, funny, extraordinary colourful and author's original idea game, but it's not THAT big boom, yet. But I'm keeping my fingers crossed for Albert 2 already, with Albert's experience and more advanced gameplay, it might become an all-time great, fighting it out with FQ! Can't wait for both those games anyway.
  12. I won't take the bait leading to this endless dispute with you here. If PoP using xBios won't downgrade transmission to 1xSIO when turbo is available and allows speedy loading, it will be good enough.
  13. I'd say it's very important We/I love disk drives, quite often have turbos in them (Happy, 1050 Turbo, Mini Speedy, Mega Speedy, 1050E, etc) or at least SIO2SD/SDrive, they're all very common devices, probably more common than programmable carts to put PoP on one. Not everyone prefers the "console" approach to A8 loading from carts, let's not abandon diskettes and let use the hardware available. So please, fingers crossed for turbos to be used properly, in the end they were available back in the '80's, no need to turn it off to 1xSIO in 2021, that doesn't sound like xTra improvement
  14. It's clearly visible you travel way more distance within 1 second on Rapidus
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