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  1. I for one find the interlace story book pages very elegant and good looking on PAL machines and monitor that doesn't reduce flickering. Way better than no-interlace setting.
  2. Pre-final release title screen comparison Amiga/PC: CPC: C64: Atari? Is it just an interim title screen or is going to stay? The title logo on top and the palette is great, but I miss the palace which is almost invisible in the backround (will it be there in final picture?), and it's a bit weird with the mouse acting as main character (she has her tiny role in the game, but still) 🙃 Clearly she had eaten early-proposal title screen🤭 Anyway, the newer is nicer (and surely micer).
  3. Indeed you can't understand... 1. No problem to wait for loading the level even with 1xSIO, since you don't get interruptions during play (I even wrote this, but you pick what you prefer apparently). 2. Contrary to 1. the intro and attract mode (demo) suffers big time with those interruptions for ultraslow loading with enforced 1xSIO. No music, no story pages, just breaks for too many seconds and the whole effect of the intro is gone. 3. Why do you dismiss the fact that peripherials for 8-bit Atari allowed for turbo speeds for let's say 35+ years, already? It's xBIOS limitation (apparently) bringing it down to 1xSIO where 3xSIO is AVAILABLE. And these are well-established solutions FROM the ERA. Atari is about both hardware and software we love. 4. Even cart version has these pauses for loading (mouse or princess wait-animation), although much shorter, so they harm the effect less, but on cart there should be 100% fluency, one can imagine. I can clearly see only one hater here, others are expressing opinions politely and in general give thanks and appreciate the conversion, even if there are some aspects some don't quite like, most of the game is great. It's public forum, public discussion so any project in any retro community triggers comments and feedback, especially the big title like PoP involves lot of emotions. Deal with it, even if it doesn't suit your "just appreciate and shut-up" attitude. P.S. Using f-word is cheap and doesn't stamp you any authority, just the opposite.
  4. xxl, since there's no merit in your reply, just your "usual stuff", I'm not taking the bait.
  5. Congratulations on next step, great it's actually happening and that close to the finish, although some aspects are still a bit of surprise and something I need to get to grip with, like blue Princess' chamber (shouldn't it be in palace's palette for consistency?) or a title screen with mouse (?). There's still that little feeling of missing on classic PoP aspects, but I guess no one can have everything For now the biggest issue though using real SIO device (SIO2SD or disk drive with turbo) seems to be enforcing 1xSIO loading time. It's seriously ultra-slow in DD density. That wouldn't be a big issue when loading next level, but intro is suffering big time because of it, whole fluency is gone, music stops , everything is paused by long loading breaks. Can there be something done about it (no loading during intro) or not forcing 1xSIO by xBios, when system and drive supports 3xSIO already at boot (using e.g. QMEG, HiassofT ROM, or drive own turbo handler laded with opened lever)? Disabling turbo and forcing 1xSIO is putting us 30 years back 😔 As for attached images of carts, instead(apart?) of CAR, could ROM/BIN be provided? I can't program SIC! Cart with CAR EDIT: removed first 16 bytes myself and it works. P.S. Thanks for the effort to everyone involved.
  6. Are you sure resistors connect to pin 7&8 (RD4&RD5) of the MMU? Looking at the picture I'm not so sure... https://web.archive.org/web/20170709155909/http://spiflash.org/node/18
  7. Oh, didn't think about it. Case closed and thank you for pointing it out
  8. It may be silly or controversial question, since it's feature of SIDE3, but would it be possible for SIDE1/SIDE2 to support cartridge images, too?
  9. Reflashed it all again, made sure XL-OS and 1088KB is set and now the GOS runs fine. Thank you @flashjazzcat for all the excellent firmware and software you program, it's incredible stuff of extraordinary quality.
  10. How about this?! Surely man with moustache in one bed with young Paul McCartney isn't right and even C64 doesn't help to unsee it 🥴
  11. Will try it again and come back, as I'm not sure of memory setting I did it with. Thanks!
  12. That's exactly what I did, reflashed it as a whole using ULTIMATE.ROM file. It flashed perfectly fine as previously used ULTNOGOS.ROM. The only issue with either ROM I experienced so far, is the crash when trying to run GOS. Can it be because of older .jed (v2, I guess, since there is SIDE Hardware)?
  13. He's looking for HELP (key). Poor guy will need to wait till XL series arrives...
  14. While everything was working perfect to date, just tried flashing firmware that includes GOS, but for whatever reason GOS doesn't work on my Candle's "black" U1MB, I'm only getting some garbage on screen after attempt to boot to GOS. Any hint, please? And by the way, is "smaller" SDX in GOS firmware missing some of the stuff?
  15. Sorry! It might happen again, though 😇
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