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  1. Cool, I always claimed WoW was fun, but not up to Atari XL/XE standard (ugly 😉). Good job and thanks, certainly an improvement but... That damn C64! 😄
  2. Just a quick question, is U1MB required for cartridge emulation or can SIDE3 do it alone, too?
  3. It must have been busy like you wrote, Guys, thanks I was simply getting "NO CARRIER" from ICE-T via FujiNet.
  4. Not much of an 8-bit style cover...
  5. Isn't DarkForce getting down from time to time, lately?
  6. Thanks and indeed, just found it out, too, while playing with concurrent use of SIO2SD. Smart 🙂
  7. On boot there's always configuration program in D1, which later is replaced with mouning either from TNFS or SD. But if nothing is mounted, I can see that configurator is still there, even after reboot from it's menu (OPTION). Is there a way of having no disk in FujiNet's D1 to allow co-working with other SIO drives? I think it would be nice if after OPTION configurator was gone from D1 and come back again after FN's reset or power off/power on?
  8. Good idea! It would say respective number to the FujiNet's power-on state? It would be nice to have that feature configurable (on/off) in the www admin.
  9. It's only an issue with one way rotation. Having theoretically both left and right would allow to keep consistency and rotate full set to get very image to D1, not only ones left from the "gap" drive. There are two issues, yours and one I mentioned, which can't be addressed both with oneway rotation. With A and B it would be logical to use for rotations, with printing function (or what it was) with both pressed or sth else. It's more natural to handle printing stuff via www than managing drives. In the end you need to enable PC to print it anyway. But I understand the authors have their own philosophy and sometimes it's hard to change it. FujiNet rocks in each case 🙂
  10. That starts to be interesting logical exercise For me rotation should ALWAYS allow you to get anywhere. Having gaps is common practice when using D1-D8 disk-drives emulation devices, let's say with SIO2SD and now FujiNet, I'm keeping always D3 empty, just in case I need to power on and use real floppy drive, which I have assigned as D3. Or you leave some drives empty, just in case to mount something temporarily. So now with empty D3 to be able to rotate between ATR images in D1, D2, D4, D5, D6, D7, D8, I would need to add something to D3 just to build the bridge? Hmm...
  11. I don't think so, since you have no LCDdisplay, but you know what you've mounted where (even with gaps), respective number of clicks gets you there. In most cases you shift L or R just around few nearby drives, so it's not an issue anyway to shift with gaps, provided you have both L and R shifts. For me it would be much more consistant to simply shift what's or what's not in drives. If you land no disk in drive, you have an idea where you are, too.
  12. Indeed, shifting/rotating left (including no mounts, please) feels much more intuitive, with possibility of counter-rotation it would be just all that's needed. Web interface for disk mountings would be nice addition, but I think all the fun with FujiNet is to finally use Atari for Internet access (BBS's, etc.) WITHOUT PC, so using PC to swap disks wouldn't be one's first choice, methinks. P.S. I did try it and got confused, that's probably because of rotation to the right and rotation stopping on gaps (unmounted drives)
  13. It was about sense of humor
  14. Well, for me, given there's no LCD display on the device: 1) it would make sense, because with shift LEFT and (if available) RIGHT it's more difficult to GET LOST in swapping if you need to jump back and forth between images. With one button, you need to click it n-times to rotate it all to do D1-D2-D1. Just A and B if two buttons were available 2) the rotation shouldn't really stop when there's a gap, it's a bit unlogic, why shouldn't it be rotated as a whole anyway? 3) to allow shift-RIGHT on button B, maybe further combinations of pressing-time or pressing A-B together could be used for more functionality on buttons? Just a thought
  15. It's quite funny as the picture would suit "Deathchase VBXE" much more, something xxl would hate, I guess
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