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  1. Best wishes of speedy revovery @Mauro Rodriguez And whenever you're ready, we'll be happy to run the xex's of your beautiful conversions 👍
  2. I don't know what that figure shows, but it doesn't seem to be FPS if you compare how it goes with the actual number And it does not seem any slower than Wolfenstein 3D on 8 MHz ST, too.
  3. Similiar playable demo with these new gfx will soon be available for both ST and Amiga. The author says A500 version will be working noticeably quicker due to usefulness of Amiga blitter for C2P conversion (better than the one of STE). I expect A500 version to have more colours than ST, too, not sure about STE. Nevermind the comparison, Atari version would still rock
  4. Not sure about floor, but from what the authors say, there will be elevation changes in levels of final release. And of course the walls aren't / won't be only 90 degrees oriented as was the case in Wolfenstein 3D.
  5. @moulinaie I do, but with no textures in Substation, I'd say Wolfenstein 3D conversion was the top 3D FPS game for ST(E). It took many years, but it's going to be detronized by a big margin, now
  6. That's incredible news coming from Silly Venture: Dread - upcoming Doom clone originally developed for Amiga 500 (or better) - will get its ST/STE version, too!
  7. Is it candid camera? Which line of truth should we pick up, then? The one saying you virtually see no room for improvement of intro, or the bottom one you now pick up to suggest otherwise? Crazy stuff, lots of confusion could have been easily avoided here.
  8. Now you got into endless loop of accusing of spamming, whenever you don't like a comment. It's just the intro animation, as simple as that, WIP, demo, whatever we call it, but it shows what Atari is capable of when it comes to PoP intro. Your opinions are iconsistent, you dismiss some beautiful title screens and call them monochrome, yet monochrome intro is state of the art? It's nice, it's OK, but if we put above example of Gonzo's intro against your words: ...it shows the limits are way more far. Sure, I prefer to have your complete and excellent conversion than just the intro, but please be fair and admit Atari can do better, and "don't admit to its weaknesses", because that example shows some killer graphics against any other 8-bit PoP intro, so if it stays monochrome, fair enough, but there's no need to say it's looking best this way.
  9. This is absolutely amazing. That golden look was good already, now with some additional colours it's even better. And dark blue palace in the background adds the feeling of mystery. Stunning.
  10. On the best looking title screen visualization you prepared 👍 I once thought (hoped) it's gonna be the one and stay... 😶
  11. Especially they seem to look just too good for the converter-job 😉
  12. @Mazzspeed That's unnecessary. Atari XL/XE version will be both great and epic conversion in the world of 8-bits. And what @MrFish proposes looks great already and seems sensible compromise mouse-wise, I really appreciate it. Some previous statements I'm leaving without comment, there's rather a need to calm things down, than the opposite.
  13. Why do you have to act so rude? If you're entitled to call classic title-screen "terrible" and openly hate the "bathroom tiles", can't you really stand an opinion on your big mouse screen? It's nice, colourful gfx, but yes, as a title screen of "the PoP" it is a form of grotesque. The gameplay is obviously excellent both on the engine and gfx side. People say it gets toxic here, but it takes more than one side and sadly you don't help it either with answers like that, while my comment had nothing personal to it and I meant no offence. Peace.
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