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  1. Thanks, I'll check it tonight. Would be nice if it was possible to have both on stereo-equipped Atari P.S. I love these coloured hi-res games: Manic Miner, JSW, and now Monty on the Run... Great that it's possible to switch between non-VBXE and VBXE mode, too!
  2. Nice conversion, thank you! 🙂 Aren't there SFX or have I missed something?
  3. Staying tuned as hell - fingers crossed
  4. Spot on With just 1 more colour on Prince and enemies (if possible), the game will look much less "monochrome", although it already looks very good.
  5. It wasn't the machine I meant as NOT being a hybrid. I meant PoP conversion to stay classic and not a hybrid of two eras, so to forget inspiration by modern stuff: your "Xbox-like playing with lightning".
  6. Surely it's up to rensoup who's doing incredible job, and I hope he keeps his ways of doing it the best looking and as colourful "classic" incarnation of PoP. "X-box like" light effects in Atari resolution and palette? Come on, let it stay classic, not some a freak hybrid of 80's and modern consoles. Can't wait for next demo
  7. Totally wrong, maybe you should try again with putting glasses on. It's evident on this cover, that Prince actually wears some sort of narrow band on his head, with hair still being visible: So just for the record: zero turban involved on anyone except enemies
  8. Yeah, a beard grown in "60 minutes". Given resolution of 8-bit Atari, I'd say we have it implemented already.
  9. Are you mad even trying to imply such offending motives on Atari forum? I guess the only reason for "no turban"-voices is that most classic look of PoP is that from most popular Amiga/PC version, therefore without turban, which appeared on later Mac, SNES conversions and PoP II. In original Apple II original it's hard to tell what it is shape-wise (either white hair or turban) and BBC Master version IS NOT original, it's conversion from 2018, which added more colour to the shape of whatever it was in APPLE II version Personally I don't care, what I already saw IN WIP version looks great 🤩
  10. I think the fact that Prince got imprisoned, may explain lack of turban in "classic" version and purity of his clothes 😎
  11. Maybe it's not about specifically joystick, just any block (UP) input that's causing attack sometimes, while Prince should only block and don't attack without FIRE/ACTION?
  12. Found one more suspicious thing during fight. On occassion Prince attacks with the sword after just the blocking (UP) as the only input (no FIRE).
  13. It's simply incredible to be able to run it on my 8-bit Atari - amazing view! 😍 I know it's just early WIP version and probably I haven't discovered anything the author doesn't know already, but will report it just in case: 1) Contrary to PC/AMIGA version, prince can't hang "forever" on the platforms he swings on (drops after a while). Not a real issue and maybe that's intended or a feture of BBC Master version - dunno 😉 2) when running you can immediately turn around from running LEFT to running RIGHT, but while running RIGHT, sudden turning joystick LEFT doesn't change the direction (prince keeps running RIGHT). That's it, can't wait for the finished conversion, but to be honest, to the next WIP version, too! 😃
  14. That would be great to have Barbarian in the close future, following Flimbo's Quest and PoP As for cheats in PoP, optional unlimited time / lives would do and maybe SHIFT-L to skip level up to level 4 as on PC, for historical reasons
  15. I also like the classic, clean look of PC/Amiga/ST version. It looks like C64 one is pretty similiar, too, which makes it feel more 16-bit-like.
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