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  1. Can I read the mag on my 130XE? Hope\fully FJC programmed a Web browser already... Cheers...
  2. I finally got tenka to work on an emu (doesn't work on epsxe). Hrm, why do I get the feeling this is some soft of commercial jelousy?
  3. If anybody's interested, here's how to get it to work without an analog controller of any kind. First you have to run the game as if you ran it for the first time, so if you already ran it, and the controls don't work, you have to remove the harddriv.nv file in the nvram directory. Then start Mame and select "default game options". Under controllers, select "enable mouse input" and under controller mapping, select "mouse" as paddle device. Hit apply, then go back to the same menu and make sure what you did is still there. Run "Hard Drivin'" and as soon as you see the "Initialize POT inputs", hit the TAB key and select "Inputs for this game". Scroll down to "P2 Pedal 1 Analog" and hit RETURN, then move the mouse up/down or in the vertical direction. You should see "Mouse 1 Y" in the space next to it. Make sure both "Paddle Analog" says "Mouse 1 X". If not, scroll over then, hit return and move the mouse horizontally left/right until you see "Mouse 1 X" next to both. Now, hit TAB again to get rid of the key configuration screen. You should be back at "Initialize POT inputs" screen. Hit the "1" key, which is your ignition key. You'll immediately see "Turn wheel counterclockwise then turn key". Move the mouse horizontally to the left and hit the "1" key. Then it will ask for "Turn wheel clockwise then turn key". Move the mouse horizontally to the right and hit "1". Your streering should be configured. Next you'll see "Initialize shifter limits". You don't need the shifter because there is an automatic, so you can just skip this, but just in case, hit "D" + "R" keys at the same time, and while still holding them, press "1". Then on the next screen hold "F" + "G" and then hit "1". Next, it will ask for "Seat Limits". This is obviously unnecessary, so hit "1" twice to get rid of it. The very next screen is the root of the problem, so pay attention. When it says "Initialize Break limits". WAIT for a second or two, and when it asks "Step on the break and release", move the mouse DOWN then UP. It should recognize this, and say "thank you". The game should be running now, but we have got the mouse linked to both streering and breaking, which is not good, so hit TAB again, and go back to "P2 Pedal 1 Analog". Hit RETURN over it then ESC. This will kill the analog break input. Then go down to "P2 Pedal 1 Inc", hit RET and then "Z". So you have the break in digial mode now, where "Z" hits the breaks and "A" lets off. Press "5" to insert a coin, then move the mouse to the left for "Automatic transmission" then hit "1". You should be in the car now, so press and hold "1" again till it starts. "Left CTRL" is your gas pedal, so step on it, and if you hear the wheels screeching, hit "A" to let off the breaks. (THIS WAS THE WHOLE PROBLEM!). Now be prepared for some real fun. I also recommend messing with game options again. You can actually make the game run faster than in the arcade by selecting some of the advanced timing options. If you got a supercomputer at home, you can fly through the game. Also, beware that "Race Drivin'" runs slower than "Hard Drivin", so don't use it. OK, that's all my good friends, and god bless.
  4. I'm reading it word for word. It sounds like a novel to me. I also read "Dealers of Lightening" about Xerox park. That is truely the best novel I ever read, and I read some good novels.
  5. Thanks. I guess the real archade machine does this when it boots up. Things are more complicated, because MAME allows different input devices to be chosen as different inputs. I actually got the wheel working with the mouse, but I still can't figure out gas/breaks/etc. It will take a while. Also hitting TAB helps.
  6. Hey, I finally got these awesome games to run. BTW, in case you're trying to run this in mame, use mame32, otherwise it will say it can't find what it needs. I guess there is also mame64, which I guess is for 64 bit windows? I do have a problem with configuring this thing though. It goes through a bunch of excercises, asking to turn the wheel, step on the breaks, and turn the key, but after I'm done with all that, I can't drive the car. Anybody know how to do this? --Bart
  7. It's a little bit more complicated, I think. cc65 has varying support for different systems. Some libraries are pretty good and others aren't maintained as well. Don't get me wrong, I love cc65. It's great for testing a function you want to write in assembler. Once you write your assembly functions, you can call them from your C program, but you wouldn't want to write time critical sections in C.
  8. Heh, cc65 is as good as the human that programmed it, right?
  9. It's actually the same picture you see when you look up the word "nerd"...
  10. hello from the children of planet Earth... check out my new face..
  11. At least shifting A is only 2 cycles. If you're doing serious bit manipulations then some LUT's might be in order. I agree. One of the requirements should be that multiplying by larger numbers won't take any longer to complete!
  12. Sure, it's easy, as long as all your variables are 8 bit and you don't need to use more than three registers in your program (two of which are just index registers and can't be used in arithmetic operations). Speaking of arithmetic, you only have addition and subtraction, you'll have to code multiplication and division yourself, if you're even able to do that, which most people don't (present company excluded, I'm sure).
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