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  1. I'll take your word for it 🙂
  2. What if you used a com port splitter with the receiver? https://www.amazon.com/Your-Cable-Store-DB9-Serial/dp/B002IA3B06 Wouldn't you be able to read both sticks?
  3. It says here that you can pair multiple controllers that have been modded with the 8bitdo mod kits to one receiver Is that normal, or does it indicate you could also pair one with many receivers?
  4. Is it possible to pair one controller to two receivers? Is there some software that let's you re-map buttons?
  5. Would it be impossible to read two sticks from one port without overlapping bits? If so couldn't you make a version that reads them every other frame? character direction firing direction character direction firing direction EDIT: Or what if you got two 8bitdo receivers, and paired one dual stick controller to both of them, I'm gonna sell my edladdin and do some testing
  6. How do I use breakif { _scan==#263 } in Stella? I thought I remembered being able to paste it in there but I can't
  7. def does, const needs to be a value I guess, not code
  8. Found this thing, but I have no Idea if you can read two sticks from one port? https://www.8bitdo.com/retro-receiver-genesis-mega-drive/ but also found this, which I didn't know about If it's correct and it doesn't work, this should work: https://www.8bitdo.com/retro-receiver-snes/ https://www.raphnet-tech.com/products/snes_to_db9/index.php
  9. this looks good in the listing file but only black screen, why? other ORG's interfering? the other one, that should have been _bank6data + 31, also looks good, but origin reverse-indexed error 😭
  10. Haha, what are the odds of me accidentally checking the wrong previous label, and using that number causes it to align to the right address, 164 is exactly where it should be 😵 to many here's, would this work _bank6data SET * ; some code for 1st block jmp .bs2 ; unused filler is here bs6 SET _bank6data + 164 ORG bs6 or this ; some code for 1st block jmp .bs6 ; unused filler is here ORG $60a4 .bs6
  11. I have a total control plus playstation/playstation 2 to dreamcast adapter so I can play wireless and with two sticks, they are cheap and contain allmost nothing, they used to come with a plug so you could hook up a 9V power adapter for the wireless controllers that requires 5V, but guess the manufacturer saw the long threads of people complaining about the adapter "not working" so now they've removed the 5V regulator since no one figured out how to use it anyway and it was probably the most expensive part, I believe these are still being manufactured and sold by ems, and recently another company released a ps3/ps4 to dreamcast adapter, so there are allready companies that could spit out an ps to atari adapter quickly if enough people showed interest, write ems if you want an ps/ps2 adapter http://www.hkems.com/m_main.htm write brook if you want an ps3/ps4 adapter https://www.brookaccessory.com/detail/47613739/ and inform them about this new game that will make alot of people want/need one or any of the other millions of these adapter companies I want both 😁 but any would do since this beast would take care of the rest and add wired xbox360 controller support https://www.psxcare.com/universal-adapter-ultimate-for-xbox360-xbox-one-ps2-ps3-ps4-kontroller
  12. Yes it's to get the bankswitching code in the right place, I was using nop's but since I have a compile time condition and probably will add more I thought I'd try it instead of adding compile time conditions with different amount of nop's, align seemed like the obvious choice, but maybe there's better ones? I would like to know. 6096 4c a4 b0 jmp .bs6 6099 60a4 00 00 00 00* align 133 60a4 .bs6 60a4 ad f7 1f lda $1FF7 I wouldn't say clearly, I can't read hex, I thought the low byte of the address was the number of bytes into the current page (high byte), I was displaying that in my score as decimal to see where I was, but I seem to have been wrong? How do I use these hex numbers to my advantage not knowing what they mean?
  13. Actually #<bs5 is 164, so why am I not aligning 164? I must have understood why when I did it, but now I don't??? Or I checked the wrong address and it was a lucky accident it worked? But why is it working? _bank6data ; #< = 133 lda (DataPtr),y sta DF0PUSH ;210 iny lda (DataPtr),y sta DF0PUSH ;209 if PFRESOLUTION == 22 iny lda (DataPtr),y sta DF0PUSH endif ;ldx #2 jmp .bs6 align 133 .bs6 ; #< = 164 lda $1FF7 rts
  14. Ok thanks. I'm a bizarre dude 🙂 It's for a bB thing, and 133 bytes are allready used in bank 2 by the kernel, so that's where the bankswitch code ends up if you put it first thing in that bank, it just so happens the code I'm bankswitching to fits allmost perfectly above it in the other banks, ldx #2 jmp .bs5 is the end of that code where I return, I just realised I can put the align before that codeblock to just fall into the return.
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