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  1. I just started doing something like that, I think the NES has nametable A and nametable B and when you scroll it goes A B A B A B... and you update the one that's not visable dim tilemap = $2200 ;A (visable area) dim tilemap2 = $23E0 ;B If you can shift that data like how you scroll on 2600, then when you have shifted the entire B screen into A, you can just copy the next screen into B, maybe? But if you wanted to scroll both left and right you would have to have three areas I think, A B C, would that work? Does making your levels with alphachars take less space than the tiled map or same thing?
  2. But wouldn't I just be able to scroll between 0-255, that's a very very small distance to scroll, right? The visable tiles I have in ram at $2200, for the tile collision checks to work I feel like I have to scroll that memory, and fetch a little bit of new data from a bigger map for the side columns or a buffer outside the visable area or something like that?
  3. Instead of changing stuff in the tilemap in RAM, is it possible to have the tileset in ram and change tiles there, I think some NES games does that?
  4. Is this just one way of doing it? Could I use the same technique but scroll one pixel a frame and with colors? At first I thought I could make a big level in tiled and just use x and y variables in the plotmap command to scroll around, but that wouldn't be able to scroll very far would it, if it even works.
  5. Oh, It was the temp variables being used somewhere
  6. I'm trying to do tile collision the simplest way, the map is in ROM, but I just get the same value wherever I check temp1 = playerX / 4 temp2 = playerY / 8 lookupchar = peekchar( tiledMap4x8, temp1, temp2, 40, 24 ) temp4 = converttobcd(lookupchar) plotvalue font 3 temp4 2 24 8 Just says 18 everywhere when I move the player around? What am I doing wrong?
  7. Thanks, I've tried everything for five hours.. I'm just gonna give up on this for about a year just like I did last time I tried 🙂
  8. Thanks, I'm using the same font, at first the screen was completely scrambled, so I did the characterset right before when they were needed characterset testsprite plotmap tiledMap4colors 0 0 0 20 12 0 0 40 plotmap tiledMap4colors 0 80 0 20 12 20 0 40 characterset font plotchars '1up' 3 20 3 3 plotchars scoreText0 3 12 4 6 That made the background good but not the font apparently, do I need to re-draw the font in my tileset and only do one characterset or can I use it like I do? I don't understand what you mean, "added to the bank" especially? Could you try to explain in other words? I tried doing the incgraphic font.png 160A first thing in my code that made the 6 digits show up, 010101, then I changed 160A to 160B in the incgraphic, and that made the text say 1up but now only shows the first 3 digits, 000, So it's allmost working now, except only 3 digits? I tried to change 1up to "score" but it also only shows first 3 letters, I both changed the number_of_chars parameter and removed it, no luck.
  9. I copied quickscore to my code, what am I doing wrong if plotchars '1up' 3 20 3 3 ;shows up as 23 ]& plotchars scoreText0 3 12 3 6 ;doesn't show up at all?
  10. Even better! Thanks! Btw, what does displaymode affect? Since I have it as 160A but the tiles for my background as 160B, and how can that be good for extra colors like mksmith described?
  11. That makes my map 40 columns wide, but 32 is the highest to choose when plotting, so would making two maps and plotting them next to eachother be a good choice?
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