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  1. Haha I feel like you should get one beta tester and hypeman nr. 1 I will earn one one day, mark my words! 🤣
  2. I wish I had your ability to look and sound cool as a cucumber while feeling nervous, my voice and face makes distorted artistic interpretations of my feelings. Has the trophy's nickname ever been the "Stella" as in "And the Stella goes to.." or did I imagine that? Sounds to good to not be true.
  3. It's most likely just a witty company name because it's really a time machine, so you can allways go back 4 years when you get it working. I've also chosen to spend way to much time on stuff like this.. Instead of buying an everdrive cart I bought two 24Mbit super magic drives, to take two ram chips from one and make the other 32Mbit, bought and replaced a special battery, bought three disk drives to get one working, bought a power adapter for the disk drive, bought an old laptop with a paralell port, and learned ucon64... Actually that's a bad example since it was totally worth it, looks sick, and I can dump my undumped prototype carts, as soon as I find them at the thrift store, any day now, I can feel it. I actually sd-card modded the n64 mr. backup seen in the video to, the sd-card slot cost more than an everdrive and it would hang all the time, not worth it.
  4. Facts, I haven't voted yet because I don't know what my 2-10 would be or what order, but Beamrider is #1 in a league of it's own, I knew that long before I could program or understood the 2600, and I know it's indisputable now that I do. It should be less controversial than saying Solaris has the best graphics. Those who know, know.
  5. Looks good, I was gonna try it for my next project and I've been pondering the best way to do certain things for a while, I'm still gonna experiment with it just for fun 🙂
  6. Thanks!!! I just want to finish it asap, I've never finished anything before so that would be fun
  7. I needed to do something else for a while, so I started working on a 7800 game I did however add player0 masking to the ARM code so an animated player wouldn't be to hard now platformer hack demo 2020-12-30.bas.bin
  8. chase 2020-12-31.txt.a78 chase 2020-12-31.txt.bin
  9. Where can I find some information about atari homebrew awards categories and deadlines?
  10. A couple people including myself also suggested Dennis Debro in the twitch chat, and it would be fun if you could get seemo 🙂
  11. I want to know something else to!! Has he ever shown any of his games to the old atari programmers at PRGE? Do they ever come by the atariage booth and check out the homebrews? That would be pretty awesome.
  12. I want to know if he works as a programmer? If he has any programming education or just self taught, how he doesn't get overwhelmed with having so many projects going at the same time, if he allmost sees it as an obligation to port these games since he's one of so few or possibly only one that could and they would never exist otherwise.. might be a weird question, but I can imagine I would if I had that 2600/cdfj expertise. If he has or think he might have any mental condition/diagnosis, asking only because I have and I desperatley want to have something in common with John 😀 That might be a totally socially unacceptable question, but how would I know? 🙃 And how the enemies/playfield pixels in robotwar changes color from one pfpixel to the next, even my mom knows you can't do that and have a bunch of other things running around in the same zone?
  13. I've been wondering what the first post was everyday since I saw this, it's keeping me up at night, cruel.. Is there some formula for calculating the fixed point increments for moving the same speed x and y? And how do people make music and sound effects?
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