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  1. Hey! Yep, i still print stuff from time to time under request. Please PM me (as i reminder when i see the notification, otherwise i may just forget xD) and i'll get back to you during the weekend. Cheers!
  2. Hey. Sorry for the delay replying. Been ill for the last couple weeks and printer broke too Will hopefully get it fixed during the week now that it seems i'm feeling better and will resume printing asap. Will contact all those who got in touch with me asap. Cheers!
  3. Last call for 3D printed cases before xmas crazyness gets nearer.... I probably won't be shipping anything to the US from December 5th to January 1st, i will take orders, but everything will be sent once the crazyness is over On eBay, S&H time will be increased to 30 days, no exception Same to European destinations from December 11th Yeah, i hate xmas
  4. For those who still prefer to purchase on eBay, i've moved all my 3D printed stuff to a new account: c0d3m4st4_3d The other account was shared with a friend, and we were short of free monthly listings, so i decided to move all my 3D printed stuff to a new one Same items, support, quality and communication, only low feedback for now.. hopefully that will change soon http://www.ebay.es/usr/c0d3m4st4_3d
  5. arcadeshopper.com has received a small amount of FinalGROM 3D printed cases, interested US buyers keep an eye on his website for stock updates
  6. ahhh.. ok Just added my SD2Vita adapters with nice 3D printed shells in case anyone is interested... not retro at all but...
  7. Glad you like them! Some parcels arrived pretty fast... Seems your parcel took almost a month? I guess this means USPS is still as reliable as a chinese laptop battery replacement Shame service. If anyone else has not yet received the parcel, please contact me.
  8. Glad you like it Hopefully that was nothing serious and he/she is fully recovered! Cheers!
  9. Mostly... but not sure about thickness right now as i modified it manually inside to be able to fit the connector next to the SD card socket, so mine will fit but they may be too loose if you turn the case upside down, or may be pressing the push button all the time. They are just button caps sitting on the push button itself.
  10. For those interested, my FinalGROM 99 3D printed case is ready.
  11. I was thinking exactly of that for the new FinalGROM99 case... LEDs are bright enough to be seen even if they are 1 or 2 cm inside the case. Glad you like the one for your awesome board
  12. That's me! Anyone interested, keep an eye on my marketplace thread in my signature.
  13. Were those big parcels (> 2kg) ? 10 days is nothing ! Had one parcel there for almost 3 months since shipped, and another one for nearly 2 Man, i remember when i started shipping the FR99 case.. transit times were no longer than 8 days!
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