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  1. What about HDMI output too?
  2. Would this v9938.vhd file be useful for a maybe future "F19A"? v9938.vhd.txt
  3. Do it! Any other with nice animation? It could be another inspiration for an A8 demo Another Bad Apple version...
  4. This isn't trolling, I just want to understand. I see the C64 versions feature the voice... What about this Atari 5200 version? And this Atari 8bit?
  5. It seems a nice machine, but I suspect it may be expensive to buy and need to place it inside a ti99/4a console. I hope that FPGA implementation resurrects someday and someone be able to port it to MiST
  6. What EDA software have you used? Do you plan to release the design files on a place such as GitHub? It would be interesting for people into electronics, even modifying it to "break" the 1983 rule (replacing memory chips with higher density ones, using CPLD or FPGA, integrate updates, convert it into a Geneva, etc).
  7. I can't help you much. I found two Apple IIGS emulators still in development https://github.com/jmthompson/xgs https://github.com/digarok/gsplus(based on KEGS)
  8. I see a hub and a MultiJoy16, but nobody want to release the schematics to spread this hardware. Why?
  9. I see. I didn't know ysung two MultiJoy8 equals a MultiJoy16. But where are the schenatics of MultyJoy16 that uses the 74154 Whewe aew they
  10. What about putting Real Mechanical Key-switches? This could make the A8 compies to suck even less possible, despite something like that would seem impossible
  11. Sorry to write in an old topic. Where's the Multijoy16 schematic? I can't locate it. I just found this. There's some references, but I don't understand German http://www.abbuc.de/community/forum/viewtopic.php?f=15&t=2320 http://www.abbuc.de/community/forum/viewtopic.php?f=15&t=7793&start=0 http://atari.sk/satantronic/MultiJoy/index.htm No schematic, "coming soon" http://www.abbuc.de:80/~hardwaredoc/projekte/hardware/ultrajoy-pro/ultrajoy-pro.html Some references... http://atariage.com/forums/topic/219776-network-multiplayer-atari-games/ http://atariage.com/forums/topic/223879-atari-8-player-multijoy-adaptor-new-full-color-assembly-instructions/ I see there's a 74154...
  12. Any news? It would be amazing to have a multijoy8/multijoy16 with sega genesis 6 button controller support, but I suppose that would be too complex to do...
  13. Are you planning to share your design files? I wonder why you designed Multijoy8 instead MultiJoy16. Anyway, I'm interested in a PCB as it's just 8EUR.
  14. Is Antonia still available? I plan to save money to put it in a 600XL or 800XL. It might take two months, as I'm broke. I also wonder if the 65816 can run at higher freqs like 14MHz or 20MHz. What about SDX?
  15. It's Carmen Sandiego. Carmen Santiago is the character of a "parody" game that teaches Dante's "Inferno". https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Carmen_Sandiego_(video_game_series)#Where_in_Hell_is_Carmen_Santiago.3F
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