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  1. 3D and diagonal scrolling are two things I'll never get use to. Pole Position really does need a descent looking car. Maybe someone can find a use for that missile that can stretch clear across the screen. Does Antic E have to cover the whole screen or can we have mix modes down the way?
  2. Mr robot's helmet on miner 2049er's body. BBSB is too compact to hack. Has anyone done this "station select" technique on Miner 2049er. I can't get it to work on Atari800win+ and I think it might be an upper button emulation issue. Start a zone. Jump onto the first platform and position Bounty Bob so that no creatures will touch him (do NOT pause game). Hold the UPPER red fire button down while entering Big Five's phone number (2137826861) on the keypad. You will know you did it right because it will immediately restart the zone again when you enter the last digit of the phone number. Congratulations, you now have a way to 'warp' to any zone or station in the game! HOW TO USE IT Push the reset button on the joystick and select 1-0 on the keypad for the zone you want to play. (1=zone 1, 2=zone 2, ... 0=zone 10). Now, hold the upper red button down while pressing 1-0 on the keypad. This will allow you to select which station to play. You will immediately warp to the selected station! The warping ability will work at *ANY* time during the game! This is extremely useful for getting 'unlimited' lives. (HINT: If you die on a level and IMMEDIATELY warp Bounty Bob, the game will keep track of your score, but won't take away a life!) Miner 2049 Hack.zip
  3. After awhile of play the colors go funny and the screen goes blank but the game keeps playing unseen.
  4. Here's a no shield hack with the 1980 invader gfx. no shield SI_80_hack.bin
  5. Released this Dreadnaught Factor 3 in 2013 as a ROM only, but after looking at Xuel's rom-to-xex Joust conversion I was able to make this XEX file. Hope it works. If you're tired of starting with the triangle ship then Zero-out this hex string to get a random first ship each time you press start. (works on all versions) 00 (01 01 02 02 04) 10 E0 E0 E0 ; change this 00 (00 00 00 00 00) 10 E0 E0 E0 ; to this Player tip on tdf2: Destroying the 5 Silos will give your base invincibility, but destroying more than five silos will reset the checksum and leave you vulnerable again. Likewise invincibility is impossible on a ship with only 4 silos. tdf3.xex
  6. Fixed tracks for AtariMax SD. Don't bother with speedups or the rest. There's a PAL speedup version for the A8 that does it properly (not really needed for NTSC). What would be cool would be the Pole Position & Race Designer for the 5200 or even Pole Position X+ as a conciliation prize. PP_MAX_tracks.zip
  7. Here's that $FE95 to $FEAB" hack. Of course it will only work with 2-port bios. I'm sure MaPa has a better solution. thetris (2-port).zip
  8. Doesn't work with 2-port bios in emulation. You can (or could at one time) get them on the atarionline front page in a big 50mb 7.zip file called "archiwumuzytkow_atarionlinepl_20xxxxxx"
  9. Play Castle Crisis to test your upper (2nd) fire button theory. (Don't use Atari 800Win4.0 Emu. It assigns one second button to all 4-playes. Use Kat or Altirra.) Or PM Bryan.
  10. CV has the advantage when GFX needs sharp angles. (1x1 pixels) 5200 firing SFX is heard during challenge stages but not when music plays, yet Pokey has 4 channels? Ultimately this 5200 version is pointless as the set game window is too small. It forces the GFX to squish down. (Check out the C64 version for proper window size and 2x1 GFX.) Perhaps offset colors would make badies look less blocky: ...change this hex string... 44 46 28 44 78 28 74 2A 28 24 C8 28 C4 ...to something like this... 44 B6 28 44 98 28 74 DA 28 24 08 28 C4 Gyruss-autofire-color.zip
  11. slampam


    Lost gem. Truly Infectious! Splash screen is a nice touch. Too bad an 80's software company didn't think of licensing and porting these third party titles to the 5200.
  12. I only tested in emulation, but the above-posted "Demo" seems fully functioning. Both flippers work, sound is ON, and color is through artifacting (unless one has a video mod).
  13. I wonder how those micro switches were stuck on the controller. (1st pic) http://retrogamegirl.com/2013/03/26/atari-5200-custom-controller-build/
  14. Both flippers work. Left flipper = controller 1 fire button Right flipper = controller 2 fire button The idea is to use the dual Joystick Coupler like a mini pinball machine.
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