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  1. Pardon my ignorance but what is voxel rendering?
  2. For me the appeal to this day for the jaguar is largely nostalgia. Like the 3do, the Jaguar gave a sense of exclusivity as none of my friends or anyone at my middle school for that matter had one. I would very frequently be asked and begged by fellow students if they could come over to my house after school to get a glimpse at both the Jaguar and 3DO. It got even worse once AvP was released. I constantly wonder what could have been with either system had they achieved more commercial success. It was special and I felt priviledged to be experiencing AvP, Doom, Iron Soldier, T2K, Road Rash, and Gex to name a few while my friends were stuck with their 16-bit experiences.
  3. This thread has been a very illuminating read too bad 50% of it is a foreign language to me
  4. Bumping incase anyone didn't get the chance to view these scans when I originally posted them awhile back.
  5. How difficult would it be to setup and play zone hunters? I am thinking of bidding on this but as I am not too tech savvy either I may not bid if it is difficult to get up and running .
  6. I voted for the VR setup as it was one of the enigmatic peripherals that I was most excited for back in the early 90s. Would love to experience Missle Command VR with the hmd.
  7. You sold your flashroms!? Just kidding, but those sound really interesting.
  8. Please explain in great detail how the Jaguar is not Phonedork. Please refrain from rhetoric meant to mask your technological schematic ignorance. Go reread the posts from Gorf concerning your declaritive statements that you believe to be fact.
  9. I actually love seeing Gorf hand these ignorant few their a$$es.
  10. Tempest 2000 and AvP are still among my top ten favorite video games of all time. They are incredible accomplishments IMO.
  11. Bring the VR unit to fruition . I want that VR unit sooo bad.
  12. Keep me updated on the progress of your search .
  13. only one level was partly complete buddy... And as best answer I could get out of former Atari execs was it was probably canceled because of license cost. No one can seem to recall specifically why it was really canceled. I wouldn't be surprised too that they canceled the project because it was just a 2D side scroller and not a 3D game (that's just my theory). That picture of the toons inside the rocket ship back in '93 is what first got me excited for that jaguar . Wish screens or video for that first level could be found.
  14. The VR helm and controller look really nice in the pics. Are the prototypes the same that someone on these boards has in their collection?
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