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  1. The best CRT TV? The Montgomery Ward model my parents dumped in our basement when they bought a new TV in 1990. The TV I shared the same RF Switch for my NES and Genesis with. It looked like crap and we didn't care. To go back to that mentality...
  2. I'm seeing things Austin's way more and more Genesis through a Retrotink and HD Retrovision cables to an LCD HD I picked over a Mega SG. Retro AVS for NES games. I do wish I had a way to play NES games on a LCD with my original NES console.
  3. I own one that resides in my mom's basement. But no I don't really have a space for one in my house or more so a spot for it to be set up.
  4. I don't have a space in the house for a CRT TV. I do have one in the garage that I will use occasionally with my NES. But that means lugging it in and setting that all up. I use a flat screen more now. I use a Retro USB AVS for all my NES gaming. Genesis wise I use the HD Retrovision cables and a Retrotink. It looks really good.
  5. You guys are encouraging me to put away my Mega SG and pull out the old console...
  6. What is everyone hooking their Genesis up to and how? I'm really interested in how everyone is playing in today's modern set ups with HDTVs
  7. I jail broke mine. No need for my Everdrive anymore. As a diehard Genesis fan and someone who's seeked out all the various iterations of the console board changes I'm very impressed with the Mega SG. I'm thinking about selling my back up Genesis.
  8. I have two HD models they have TMSS so they aren't super old My childhood model was VA6 with non-HD Graphics logo. I can't get it to work. I've had super early HD models with non-tmss all the way up to the VA4 Model 2. My aviator is tongue in cheek but I was surprised how nice the picture is on the VA7 I briefly owned. This was during the days of the early 2000s when I could pick these up for 5 bucks a pop at Goodwill.
  9. 1995 was the year of the wrestling and sports games for me on the Genesis. NBA Live '96 was a game a few buddies and I played constantly after school. This would been late Junior High years. The end of my Genesis gaming but still a lot of communal type gaming with friends after school. I think our discussions had turn more sinister too when thinking back the communal NES style of gaming that took place in grade school.
  10. That's good advice. Maybe I should start by selling off my backup consoles...
  11. Did you keep your original hardware? We bought a small house two years ago and I really don't see a spot for a CRT tv in our daily life. I have a small one still tucked away at my mom's house and this one I picked up at a garage sale in my garage still(I should really try it out). This sounds silly but I would find it difficult to part with my original consoles. My first Genesis is dead (but I still have it).
  12. Thanks for sending me over here blainelockair. I guess my first concern would be lag over any picture quality. HDTVs are getting better but I remember when they first came out the NES and Genesis looked crappy on them. I'm more versed in the NES lately. So my best example would be how nice the Retro AVS looks on my HDTV. The Retrotink is close but not as sharp. That all said after watching a youtube video on the Mega SG at My Life in Gaming they talk about some of the settings in Mega SG that work with "dithering" and sort of take the square edges off some of the pixels. I guess the belief is that programmers played to the CRT monitor limitations when creating some of these games. I know have a retrotink, HD Retroware cables, Retro AVS and a Mega SG shipping to me. Young Genesis guy used the same RF switch to go between his Genesis and NES as a kid burned out TV his parent's scrapped for the basement. Things were certainly easier than.
  13. Austin its been awhile since I've been active but I remember you from Implant Games podcast. Is that happening again? I looked at the OSSC but I read I couldn't hook up my NES without an RGB Mod so I went with the retrotink. My classic gaming is basically NES and Genesis with the random SNES game. I have a Mega SG on order so I guess I will be able to answer my own questions soon.
  14. These are awesome! According to my defunct blog I found one back in 2011! I remember finding another shortly after. https://stillplayinggenesis.wordpress.com/2011/10/16/review-sega-genesis-1451-majesco-model-2/ Wish I still had these.
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