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  1. It's definitely a bit of a bummer, but overall, I'm still happy with my 77 and the work you guys are doing for it!
  2. Real question here. Do you think that it's even remotely possible for the Retron 77 to read Homebrew Carts? I've heard it could possible be fixed with Firmware, but I know nothing about these kind of things. And Since I don't have ROMS of my homebrews, I was hoping there was even the smallest possibility.
  3. A Longshot, but is there any possible way I could get a ROM for my AtariMax? I bought an actual cartridge a while ago, but my system is in need of repair at the moment. I mean, I understand if thats a no go, but I thought I would ask.
  4. Saw this on the 5200 Podcast and HAD to have it! Gotta throw it on my AtariMax later today!!!
  5. I managed to clear the "8CD-I" Message and got the menu to boot after it was left unplugged for an hour. Tried a game again and it instantly failed and did nothing like before. I only saw the "8CD-I" message once more after powering it on and off few times. These games I have are Burns obviously... maybe that had something to do with it. Also I noticed that the power cord that shipped with it was a 3 prong cord... and the System only needed a two prong, so perhaps it was a Power fault? Anyway, the dude on eBay was super cool about it and refunded me... I sent the unit back and am on the hunt for a working one. But I really don't know why....
  6. Hey all, I was wondering if someone could shed some light on this problem. I recently bought a Philips CDI 910 off of eBay. This system was pristine and was worked on. I got everything with it, and when I first booted it up, everything was fine. I was playing Hotel Mario (which was a freebie) and it was running great, then it freaked out and went to a black screen. Now When I turn it back on I get a message on the front LED display that says "8CD-I" and it does nothing. Won't even load the menu screen. Is my timekeeper chip at fault here? Anyone with experience with this unit please help me out... I really like this thing (I know its cheesy) and dont really want to send it back...
  7. sorry for reviving an old topic... but Google brought me here. I have an expansion module 3 and can't get it to run Tapes. Do I need the Printer???
  8. Sorry for reviving an old thread, but I wanted to know if Tengen ever ported Space Harrier to the NES, Officially?
  9. Nothing yet.. but I remain optimistic that it will arrive Monday....
  10. I will be consistently bugging my mail carrier this week!
  11. Theres a repair center in town that supposedly repairs anything video game related ... Im gonna take it to them because opening this thing up scares me more than anything....
  12. Finally have an update. I just tried a Music CD and it starts playing fine on Track 1... then will sound choppy for a moment as it automatically skips to Track 3. I am not touching the system when this happens. Seems to skip to a random track if I select a higher one, but sooner or later, it will get choppy for a brief second before it skips. The CD I used its clean, and free of scratches ... so I guess I have to fix the VCO? (if I am reading that right) Also I never used Burned CD's on this system, only real ones. I had choppy audio before the caps were replaced, but never a skipping problem on the CD. Could the Drive of been misaligned when it was being fixed? Maybe the repair person did not put it back in right? I don't know.
  13. I will try a Music CD. Didn't think of that!!!
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