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  2. The XE line has always felt like a case-design that descends from the Commodore +4 more than from the Atari XL's:
  3. I'm in for 3, thank you! Looks great.
  4. I'd be interested in: - 3 for XE - 3 for XL (when available)
  5. I'd be in for five of these, thanks.
  6. I always wanted an Atari PC-1. Found one in mint condition (NOS) on eBay. Was pricey, but what the heck said I. Got it in and it turns out it's a prototype/marketing sample! Score. -Vis
  7. I don't have one, but I did notice you can get SyJet drives for $45-$70 on eBay and even brand new on Amazon.
  8. My local post office My local post office can be a little unpredictable. All was fine though.
  9. Finally got mine. Thanks santosp, great work indeed.
  10. Still haven't received mine; getting a bit concerned. Do you have tracking numbers?
  11. I believe I mentioned this previously, but I am interested in one.
  12. I'd take 3 of each board (SimpleStereo and IOboard). Thanks, -J
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