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  1. It makes me sooo mad In my opinion Gauntlet is not only one of the games Atari has ever made but one of the best period. I remember going into Round Table Pizza as a kid with my cousins and playing it. I was always the warrior my cousin Phillip was Merlin Danny played Questor and Louise was Valkyre. It wsa so awsome. Especially in the mid eighties with all of the Wizards and Warriors movies like Connan Beastmaster Excalibur Dragon Slayer etc etc etc. You can find a good conversion of this game now for the Playstation. Midways Arcade Classics the Atari Collection volume 2. My question though why didn't Atari ever release their own game for their own system? Nintendo released an ok version of it, and the Atari 7800 system had Dark Chambers which might have been Gauntlets original predecessor but was without question an inferior game. Lets see Gauntlet was in the Aracades in 1985. The Atari 5200 could have handled this game with the right programers working on it. It even could have done the speach.(remember berzerk did way back in 83') It was never even released for the 7800 400 or 800 systems. Did Atari loose it's rights to market its own game after giveing it to Nintendo? Or were they simply afraid that one of their own systems couldn't have displayed own of their own games as well as Nintendo or someone else. Does anyone know if I'm wrong and it was in fact released to a home system and if not the real reason why? Bumbed fan
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