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  1. Another game to add to the very nice games from Inufuto ASCEND (fc2.com)
  2. It seems Aerial and Lift are not available for Colecovision yet but you can download the SC-3000 versions and play in CoolCV. These are some fun little games.
  3. OK. I thought that might be it. I have an Atarimax SD cartridge for ColecoVision which must be similar. I'll shoot Carl an e-mail and see what he says. Thanks.
  4. I'd be interested in a non-lto version if it's possible to get. Thanks. Don't even know what Lto is, actually.
  5. I picked up a digital copy of Ricky Rick and I finally finished it. I think I did anyway. The final screen said To Be Continued so maybe there will be a Risky Rick II? I thinks it's one of the best looking and playing games for ColecoVision. It's similar to Montezuma's Revenge which is a game I like also. I used the ColEm emulator to play it and I've not tried it on my ColecoVision with AtariMax yet. I had to use a lot of save states or I might never have finished it. It's a great game though so I'm curious if anyone else has finished it. I have Rick Dangerous for PC and I've made it quite a ways but I'm stuck on finishing a screen even though I know what to do. It has a lot of the same screens and many more and it's also more difficult. I also have Rick Dangerous II which is a good game also. I wish I could get digital copies of other homebrew games as I'm not interested in cartridge's. I like emulation.
  6. Thanks for this game. I completed Boulder Dash a long time ago so I'm looking forward to this one. I like that you can choose a level to play. If I remember right, you had to start from scratch when you died in Boulder Dash. Took forever to complete Boulder Dash for me. I also completed your Pitman recently. Great game and thanks for that one too.
  7. Tried Catrap for GameBoy on MESS. While a good game on GameBoy, I prefer the ColecoVision version.
  8. Good to know. I thought it was an original game. Either way, it's still fun.
  9. Great game and thanks for sharing it. Remindful of Boulder Dash. Even has some of the same sounds. Currently on level 30 but I have to admit that I haven't figured out level 20 yet. I like that you can skip around to different levels if you want and not have to start over. Excellent.
  10. Works in the emulator MESS as well. At least in the version that I have that is quite old.
  11. oops, I meant to say AdamEm which is part of Virtual ADAM
  12. The game does work on Virtual Adam emulator. (ColEm)
  13. As mentioned before, Squish'em Sam and Sewer Sam still do not have the digitized voices and now Wizard of War doesn't either. If I'm missing some audio setting I apologize. Otherwise, It would be nice to have that added to your fine emulator.
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