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  1. Works in the emulator MESS as well. At least in the version that I have that is quite old.
  2. oops, I meant to say AdamEm which is part of Virtual ADAM
  3. The game does work on Virtual Adam emulator. (ColEm)
  4. As mentioned before, Squish'em Sam and Sewer Sam still do not have the digitized voices and now Wizard of War doesn't either. If I'm missing some audio setting I apologize. Otherwise, It would be nice to have that added to your fine emulator.
  5. Happy Holidays and thanks to Team Pixelboy for the present of the roms. As a curiosity, will the roms of Joust and Battle of Hoth ever be released. Maybe they already have as far as I know.
  6. Cool. Thanks for making this and sharing. Reminds me of Grail Of The Gods or the old time game Kroz by Apogee.
  7. This is a very nice hack and thanks for doing it. I'm not sure where you came up with the name Robbie for the robot's name but one of my favorite movies is the sy-fy classic from the 50's Forbidden Planet where the robot's name is Robbie. Highly recommended.
  8. Very nice hack. On the initial map screen, can you make the "dot" actually "robbie". I never did like just a dot.
  9. ColEm still does not emulate the sound in S'Quish Em Sam and Sewer Sam correctly, Maybe I don't have the latest version, I don't know. I think I have version 4.4. It is dated 4-7-2018. MESS and CoolCV has the sound correct. Just some feedback. I do like ColEm.
  10. Alt-Enter Also, under the video pull down menu there's an item Full screen mode or Stretch to full screen
  11. Interesting project. I wish you luck. So far, though, I can't download anything. I just get gobble gook.
  12. I tried the image that you provided of SmartBASIC V1.1 and it would not boot up in either CoolCV or AdamEM. Version 1.0 works though. BTW, there is no separate CoolCV emulator for Adam. It just works for ColecoVision or Adam. SG-1000 roms as well.
  13. I have Windows 64 bit and there's been nothing in emulation that I can't run with it. Well.....except Adam's Desktop.
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