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  1. All cartridges had the same image. But, with the help of friends from an electronics industry, I got the entire 5200 motherboard checked. All ICs were removed and their contacts cleaned, all solders redone. The 5200 is back up and running. Thanks for your attention. I'm quite relieved now. Luckily there was no burnt component, just bad electronic contact. 😅
  2. Hello. I desperately need help. My Atari 5200, which was working perfectly yesterday, today had a problem. The image is gone and there is just static. I know that it is difficult - if not impossible - to give a diagnosis without having the equipment in hand, but if someone can give me a light on what could have happened, I would be forever grateful. There is no technical assistance around here that can fix it. I live in Brazil. The 5200 is my favorite console. He had the power MOD and composite video output through the UAV card (as attached photo) 😭Please, if anyone can help, I really appreciate it!
  3. I will check this out later today. Any further ideas, I will be very grateful ...
  4. I noticed this voltage drop on the capacitor C48. C48 is very close to the power switch and the 5v connection. The drop appears in other points, but I found it more interesting to be in this component so close to the 5v power input point on pcb.
  5. The image was confused before any mod. Even using the original RF output. So, first I changed the power switch. Nothing improved. I installed an AV MOD based on the LM318. The image now is very clear, but still fuzzy... finally, I made the 5v memory mod. Nothingh changes. But I noticed after that that there was a voltage drop from 5v to 4.2v. Remembering that this power supply works perfectly on my other ColecoVision. Whenever I turn on the console the voltages drop. 12v to 11v and 5v to 4.2v.
  6. The power supply has been completely redone and has correct voltages. My other ColecoVision - I have two - works perfectly with it. The power switch was also replaced by a new one. As the other ColecoVision works perfectly with this power supply, I believe that there is a voltage drop after the switch is turned on. I replaced the switch, but the problem persists. I would be very grateful to someone who could give me an idea of what to do.
  7. I have a problem. The image of my colecovision was completely fuzzy. I made the change to 5v memory chips. The procedure itself went well. Everything was ok, according to the instructions on the Console5 website. But I still have a fuzzy picture. Measuring the voltage, I realized that the new memory chips are not reaching 5v. The measurement shows about 4.2v. Could you give me an idea of how to get the 5v on the memory chips? Is it possible that the problem is elsewhere on the console? Any idea? The power source is ok. Their voltages are perfect.
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