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  1. I had to build a fence around the garden to keep the groundhogs from eating everything! Why can't they eat all the poke weed coming up instead?

    1. _The Doctor__

      _The Doctor__

      poke weed bad, poke weed berries when prepared properly... great juice...

      rhubarb leaves bad, but rhubarb stalks make great pie...

      poke weed is a pain in the *ss when it gets too big and takes serious root.

      I feel the pain.

      If you have a sure fire way to get rid of poke weed without terrible chemicals, I'm all ears!

      I got all but 1 poke weed eradicated... and I've dug so deep to get the root, it keeps coming back, it just won't die!

    2. Zoyous


      Yeah, the poke seriously took off like a rocket this week and got pretty big. We're just gonna try and chop it down, lay cardboard on top of it and cover that area with some mulch. Hopefully it'll slow it down for a while but we'll see.

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