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  1. This one? Still coming soon... Ms. PAC-MAN™ / GALAGA™ Class of '81 Arcade Machine - Arcade1Up
  2. I realize you're just here to troll, but it's sad seeing real cabs in the hands of people who can't properly restore or maintain them. Hopefully you're selling them on to people who can do them justice!
  3. You got low self esteem or what? I've seen quite a few game rooms with A1ups/AtGames/iiRcades that look a hell of a lot cooler than your random beater cabinets positioned next to your kitchen stove.
  4. The whole point of this product line is to repackage the old stuff. 😄 We can expect that the most famous games (Pac-Man, Ms. Pac-Man, various Atari titles) will continue to be sold in new forms every single year, because they are known by almost everyone and there are always going to be more people who don't already have them. As long as they're continuing to improve the form factors and the quality of the controls, I think it's great. I was actually looking close at the thumbnail of the above images because I wondered if someone had just used an image of the New Wave Toys Replicade version of Centipede. This looks much more accurate to the original cab design than the Gen 1 Centipede.
  5. The one I saw was the cockpit cabinet, at the Hillwood Plaza arcade in Nashville. I played it a few times. I remember it being pretty good, and I was particularly interested in trying to figure out if the footage of the landscape would bank differently in response to my inputs. Spoiler alert: it does not. But the combination of live action footage and raster graphics is pretty cool.
  6. Aside from Dragons Lair/Space Ace, the only other laserdisc game I remember seeing back in the day was Mach 3.
  7. Same reason there's no Robotron... they've gotta save something to make you want to buy it all again in a couple of years! 😁 It would be nice if they started to put some hidden games on these cabs as Easter Eggs.
  8. Looks great! Definitely more appealing to me personally than the Mortal Kombat design. I'd have to get rid of that Midway logo though! 😄 It's funny because the Bally/Williams pinball table has a proper Williams logo. I guess the pinball games are under different ownership now than the video games.
  9. Looks nicer than the original Galaga cab. Only thing is, the riser is partially obscuring the side art. And it really should have Galaga '88 and Gaplus.
  10. I saw this at the Hickory Hollow Mall arcade outside of Nashville. I was rather surprised to see a home game make it to the big leagues! 😄 This is one of the nicest versions of Choplifter, along with the Sega Master System port. Great use of parallax scrolling to give the landscape lots of depth.
  11. Pong, Super Pong, Ms. Pong, Ponglympics, Breakout, and uh... Mr. Balls?
  12. It looks like the kind of cartoon that would appear in the New Yorker magazine! 😄 The game itself has pretty good depth for a 1986 release.
  13. Literally playing a game of "telephone" with data! It was brute force ambition against technical/legal limitations.
  14. Hey, look on the bright side - at least now we can get nice "parlor wall" smart TVs like they had in Fahrenheit 451!
  15. The trackball is like a band that everybody knows is great and should have gotten more success and acclaim. It's your favorite band's favorite band. But somehow the trackball never quite breaks through to full mainstream acceptance.
  16. I will second these selections! Although for me it would be Defender on the 2600 rather than the Atari 800. Really a fine re-creation of the arcade game with a much more elegant control scheme. I mean, all due respect to Eugene Jarvis, but even he might have had second thoughts about the crazy button array on Defender which resulted in a much more intuitive control scheme for Robotron. Just looking at Defender's control panel as a kid, I was like "nope!" As for Space Invaders, as much as I appreciate the historical importance of the arcade game, to me it has very little "fun factor." But the 2600 version had a lot of interesting variations and I played it a lot. Night Driver - you could say the 2600 version is better as it's in color, whereas the arcade version is black & white. Both are silky smooth minimalist masterpieces! Altered Beast (MD/Gen) - I mentioned this recently in another thread, but the home version adds some nice depth with parallax backgrounds that the arcade version lacks. Ghouls 'n Ghosts (Master System) - this version is interesting because it adds some light strategy elements with a magic gauge, a life gauge, and a shop where you can choose to equip different items. Overall it eases up on the sadistic difficulty of the original.
  17. What I've heard is that it's so they can be flat-packed and fit on retail store shelves.
  18. But they make 3/4 scale cabinets, and most of us are at least 1 3/4 scale now!
  19. I like the overall shapes/profiles of these cabinets. As for the games, not really my cup of tea but I know there are a lot of people who want these.
  20. All three are excellent, although it should be noted they are all significantly different. Shadow Dancer is a companion to the arcade game of the same name, but it has all original levels. It has the same play mechanics with Yamato the dog, one-hit kills, and bonus stage challenges. I think Shinobi III shows some major advances in mastery of the hardware, as you would expect for a game release some four years into the console's life cycle. But for a near-launch title, Revenge of Shinobi is no slouch. It's my favorite of the three.
  21. Really... I'm not a rocket scientist, but... A rocket shaped like that is the most advanced design here in the 21st century..?

    1. universal2600
    2. Cobra Kai

      Cobra Kai

      Just wait until we build the vagina space station to match.

  22. When I've gotten new buttons, the microswitch or leaf switch mechanism is actually fitted inside the plastic button housing in a specific way. So although it might be possible to pair one brand of button with a different brand switch, you might be opening up a can of worms where it's more time-consuming than it's really worth. Fortunately, even very good buttons are fairly cheap (although shipping is, as always, a factor). And I usually just swap out the buttons that are used during gameplay... I don't mind the stock buttons for Player 1 and Player 2 start. It seems kind of appropriate for them to have a different feel. You'll also need to get some wires that have plug-and-play quick disconnects. Here's a good guide:
  23. I think the problem is the buttons themselves, which based on my experience with the Asteroids cabinet are very stiff and have to be pressed a relatively long distance to register. It's an easy modification to swap those out for nicer buttons but it would be great if they would just spend the extra dollar per button to put good ones in to begin with.
  24. I'm definitely considering it. I've only read about Raspberry Pi's though, no hands on experience with them yet. If I go that route, what I would want would be to set it up with a small group of games that work well with the Asteroids + spinner layout. (No desire to add joysticks or otherwise change the control panel layout, because I already have another MAME cabinet with joysticks.) And I'd want to have a nice front end that loads up automatically when you power on the cabinet and shuts off safely when you power it down.
  25. I got it for $80, I should be able to do several nice upgrades and still come in for a fair bit less than when it was new. As for the appearance of the vectors, it doesn't bother me. I was looking at the size of the cabinet and wondering if there would be enough space in a cabinet of this type to do a proper Asteroids Deluxe with the two-way mirror and blacklight painted background (or a second screen to include other games that used a similar technique, like Omega Race), or if I'd need to build my own from scratch.
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