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  1. hi, I know the programming inside the Side2 cart gets in the way of the programming in the 1090XL, and suspect the same may be true of the hardware part also but have not tested that. The Side carts with the U1M replace the pbi capabilities at least for storage. maybe FlashJazzCat could shine some light on this as far as the Side carts go. until then maybe try an original type SDX cart? Ken
  2. not in the LA area any more, am now in Phoenix, AZ if you would consider shipping. Ken
  3. it would be simple to detect if 12 or -12 were there and act accordingly. Ken
  4. hi, I said earlier in this thread (you may have missed it) I am working on the original cards. the 80 column card is somewhat working and still getting debugged. I got sidetracked with a big project that needed my full attention for some weeks, then about 4 weeks ago I got hit hard with covid! man am I ever sick of being sick but finally getting over it. I think the +10v could be scaled down to 7 to 7.5 volts and still maintain compatibility, just have to stay above the 7805 dropout voltage, in all atari's designs that is what it is used for. so a tabletop power supply or a closed frame supply could be used and +12 and -12 could be derived on card if needed, IMHO. smaller size is nicer to the final budget on any project. I am not trying to be a purist, I just started doing this for Curt, I am just real sorry he did not get to see this through. Re-create the 1090XL in it's original form, get the chassis and cards out there for those that want them. the design is open so anyone can do as they wish, just mind the license and contribute your changes or redesigns back to the community. Feel free to ask any questions or make suggestions or just state your own opinion. Thanks Ken
  5. hi Mathy, Yes, jlc and pcbway are both in China. Ken
  6. I would second the idea of making it plug into the 1090XL as it is a functional board.
  7. hi everyone, I apologize for not being more active here but have been very busy. I have built a run of Express cartridges, some ICD style XE to MIO adapters (with 2 cart ports), did some software projects, and then got hot with a bad case of covid. I am now getting over that and hope to get back to this project along with the expansion cards. still have to do the serial/parallel card, the z80 card, and at least one other I don't remember right now. thanks for all you patience with me. Ken
  8. hi, I am sure everyone here has seen but there is a new 1090XL pc board design available and open to everyone. it is at I have not done any work on the chassis for this project so if anyone wants to jump on that, please do. Thanks everyone. Ken
  9. I know Curt was looking into it. I have no details or specs on the case so I could not do a true to original one. Ken
  10. hi, would you share your design files for the board and the stl for the ball hole replacement? Ken
  11. yea, I was thinking about that too and even went so far as to delete the cf2 hole and marking on the top panel file for manufacture. looking good tho all around. won't be too much longer until I fire these up for test. Ken
  12. hi Mr Robot, thanks! did you ever find any? all brando could send me is the single ones. *sigh* Ken
  13. all I get is a blank browser window from https://sdx.atari8.info using latest firefox on opensuse 15.2 Ken
  14. well crap, I am building out 2 of the 1088XEL boards and I just got an email from brando.com after a month that the dual cf card adapters are out of stock. so, just thought I would let everyone know. Ken
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