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  1. hi, well, I will bump this subject. Either you or flashjazzcat could release what you have and every one could be happy. even your 3.5 source code would be great to have out in the wild. so, how about it guys. the community would appreciate this gesture. Ken
  2. hi Santosp, I forgot to let you know my boards have arrived a few days ago. I got involved in admiring them cuz they look so nice. gonna start building them up soon. thank you. Ken
  3. hi, did Atari ever have a spec sheet for the CO14806? I never came acroos that one, or the one for POKEY. did they ever exist or get out to roam wild? Ken
  4. hi, I got a 404 error with that link so I guess it expired but found one at http://www.bitfunx.com/product/retroscaler2x-a-v-to-hdmi-converter/ for $58.83 so it is about half of the retrotink converter, the full one. dont know how long the sale will last so get it asap if you want. I am not affiliated with them in any way, just want to let everyone know this info. later all. Ken
  5. I think that would be possible, just take some time and thought on how to do it the correct way. Ken
  6. hi, I found some badly placed routes in the 1090.kicad_pcb (board layout) so I corrected that and the board looks better now. I uploaded a new board file. If anyone sees or finds any mistakes then please feel free to let me know. I have not generated or uploaded new gerber files so those will need to be generated by you before ordering boards if you plan to. enjoy. Ken
  7. wow! that looks great! cant wait to get my hands on. thanks for sharing! Ken
  8. hi, my name is Ken and this is my brother XE Game System and this is my other brother XE Game System.
  9. ok, added a schematic pdf and added page info in 1066.sch file. Ken
  10. hi everyone, just uploaded all the files I had done for the 1066 xl ram expansion card for the 1090xl. that is the only card I ever got done. I think I got it done anyway. the original schematic is under the images directory. as always, the original documents and drawings that I worked from can be found at atarimuseum.com. if you find any mistakes or omissions feel free to let me know. I hope everyone enjoys this. Ken
  11. got mine ready to send to me? Ken
  12. hi Panos, I hear ya, I was really paranoid when I did the sdx pc board with just the 2 holes for the case posts. I use an HP laserjet 2200 which is as accurate as I have found. many laserjets have built in postscript which is very accurate provided the printer mechanics are well calibrated. I do hope you remember I would like 2 of these if you do a large enough run. Thanks. Ken
  13. hi Panos, do you have an idea when these boards will be available? thanks. Ken
  14. santosp, stop torturing me already, I need boards! Ken
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