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  1. good to hear! hope it goes well.
  2. I use a fluke 177, had it most of my repair career. close to 30 years old now and still going great.
  3. well, seeing Eric back on the forums is good. having your pc running is good too! MSVC is very heavy and resource hungry but that is what the project uses. will let you know what happens but the last build is around early feb. 2018 iirc. thanks JAC!
  4. ok, another thing, I am seeing the byte I click on in right pane is off by 2 in the left pane. same from left to right pane. alright, silly me, I did not read the dis6502.txt and this is already listed there. sorry.
  5. hi JAC!. looks like it is saving proper now. on to loading and saving workspaces now. cuz if I load a saved workspace I get nothing until I load the binary file again. then I have 2 segments and 3 different disassembly listings in the right window pane. also when saving the disassembly listing I get those 3 listings also, but I think that will be okay once the workspace loading gets fixed. thanks. Ken
  6. hey JAC!, ok, found a deal breaker! the filename.asm and filename.inc both contain the same thing only differing amounts. a hex dump of filename.inc is 695 bytes of F8F7190D0A repeatedly. filename.asm contains 31,294 bytes of the same hex values as the .inc file but starts with a $38 then the F8F7190D0A over and over up to the file length. also, if I load a saved workspace I get nothing until I load the binary file again , tho I am not sure how a workspace is actually supposed to work. hope you understand this. feel free to email me direct at [email protected] if you need more or faster info. thanks. Ken
  7. not a deal breaker, but the mouse scrolling in dump window on the left is not working. otherwise, so far so good! Ken
  8. hey JAC!, I obviously tried to hop on to the new download to early cuz now it comes up ok, sorry for the confusion. "Patience, I must learn patience!" Ken
  9. hi JAC!, I just try to open by doule click on DIS6502.exe in a file explorer window and it gives the system error dialog shown. the smaller clip is the actual list inside the exe that is looking for the debug dll, the "d" is wrapped to next line but definitely there. send me the exe you are running! hold on! checking it again.
  10. hi Jac! downloaded again but still get that same error trying to run it. sorry, not trying to be difficult but that is just the way things seem to go for me. Ken
  11. hi JAC!, this one wont run, it seems to be a debug build without the needed debug dlls. first one it looks for is ucrtbased.dll Ken
  12. hi JAC!, well, did not get too far. opened a file and selected a number of bytes that were supposed to be a string, right click and select cchange type of bytes selected to>string, then it goes to disassemble again - gets to pass 4 then crashes bringing up a "6502 Disassembler has stopped working" system dialog. working on windows 10 here. Ken PS: oh yea, 64bit
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