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  1. sorry to hear that. hope you get well soon. I would also llike one. Ken
  2. wow, what a monumental loss! RIP Curt and my condolences to his family. Ken
  3. hi Ebiguy and JAC, I gotta say 3.0 looks great and the improvements are stellar to an already stellar piece of software. the only basic improvement I can see that was missed is "CBYTE" handling. not a showstopper by any means tho. excellent work guys! Ken
  4. hi , I have built the binary for RPi and Ebiguy has put it on github to download at https://github.com/RespeQt/RespeQt/releases/download/r5.3/RespeQt_r5.3_RaspberryPi.tar.gz It has gone thru minimal testing but has been working fine for me. Enjoy. Ken
  5. I have that problem also, I have to go to the memory display window and refresh by hitting enter. That shows me current contents of memory.
  6. good to hear! hope it goes well.
  7. I use a fluke 177, had it most of my repair career. close to 30 years old now and still going great.
  8. well, seeing Eric back on the forums is good. having your pc running is good too! MSVC is very heavy and resource hungry but that is what the project uses. will let you know what happens but the last build is around early feb. 2018 iirc. thanks JAC!
  9. ok, another thing, I am seeing the byte I click on in right pane is off by 2 in the left pane. same from left to right pane. alright, silly me, I did not read the dis6502.txt and this is already listed there. sorry.
  10. hi JAC!. looks like it is saving proper now. on to loading and saving workspaces now. cuz if I load a saved workspace I get nothing until I load the binary file again. then I have 2 segments and 3 different disassembly listings in the right window pane. also when saving the disassembly listing I get those 3 listings also, but I think that will be okay once the workspace loading gets fixed. thanks. Ken
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