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  1. i'm looking for a complete (boxed and with manual) power drive rally for the jaguar in good conditions. you must ship to italy ,if you have one for sale just contact me...
  2. Star Raider 50 posts Report post #1 Posted 9 hours ago i'm looking for a complete copy of Nuon games+ demo if someone want to sale just contact me....pics for understand what i'm meaning regards Marco
  3. i'm looking for a complete copy of Nuon games+ demo if someone whant to sale just contact me....pics for understand what i'm meaning regards Marco
  4. as soon as you are ready to ship send me a PM i'm ready with the money....
  5. Looking forward to have the opportunity to buy some for me and for italian Jagfest comunity...i tried to contact you SainT with PM here at Atariage even to ask you for some lynx SD carts bu i never had a reply...if you can please contact me ...Ciao
  6. What are original Atari power supply unit specs for 5200 4 port console ?What is the voltage output and polarity ? the - is inside or outside in the jack that connects to Atari switch box?sorry for my poor english . Thanks Marco
  7. if the multicast is available i will need a expansion memory too...
  8. Any multicart left? 'i'm interested in buying one or even two copies...i live in Italy...
  9. if you will make a second run i could be interested in buying some too...
  10. i could be interested in buying 2/3 pcs of them ...please let me know when they will be ready .
  11. HI i'm searching for a copy of nuon game+demo dvd...if one of you has one for sale or just know where to find one please contact me
  12. Hi Flip . Is still possible to order the multicasts with shell label and manuals ? i'm interested in buying them for me and for the italian Jagfest team...i'm interested in buying 3 of them . i live in italy and carts should be sent here . This spring we will made the next italian jagfest ,it could be great to put the Studio II near the Channel F with both multicasts... If it is still possible please tell how much it will cost and how much time you need to prepare them...i could be interested also in the boxes do you have them or i must ask Stupus ?
  13. i don't know what jag VR headset you have tested, probably not the last version,Blue helmet . The hi resolution headset ,believe me have a really good and fast tracking ,unbelievable good for that time...the weight is high but non so much and you can play without problem for 20/30 minutes...Probably i must thanks god for giving me a big nose so i can play with the VR headset without falling it off... the big problem was the lack of software ready for launch and the high cost of production but the technology was really ahead for the time...
  14. yes it was like you said.... my english is so poor that some times i don't understand what people write...
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