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  1. Thanks, tried to delete the earlier pSeUDOKUwithcursor.png attachment but we're all stuck with it. Put some old images up (with descriptions) in : Wanted to use this as the Album cover - it would have cropped nicely. Guess I'll try it out as my Profile background. Richard
  2. Some images from Bally and/or Astrocade games I've written over the years.
  3. Hi! Long time member, but first post here. You might recognize the Verdana font often used on Yahoo! Group Bally Alley, where I'm known as "[email protected]" - real name at the bottom. Saw in Marketplace where someone is selling new copies of Kenn Lill's Ulti-Multi Astrocade Multicart - with My "LIFE" & 8 Beatles songs (note: all Arranged by George Moses) on it. Also included was my Prototype "PSEUDOKU 2008" featuring screen-shots attached in-line - Where the Red cursor is can ONLY go a '3' so ... Solved! Notice the fixed numbers are wider, placed numbers narrower. Missing is the Instruction Sheet, as seen here : ; pSeUDOKU for the BALLY/Astrocade (C) 2008 by Richard C Degler ; ; To use: Use clue squares to determine which number to place. ; Position red CURSOR on un-numbered square, pull trigger, then ; turn knob (1) to desired number or blank, and release trigger. ; Also enter the number directly from the keypad (1-9) and/or ; over-ride clue squares with the numeric keypad as follows: ; ; '1' '2' '3' 'x' <-- toggle clues using BPA keypad ; '4' '5' '6' 'x' ; '7' '8' '9' 'x' <-- 'x' is dead key for now [or test] ; ; '1' '2' '3' 'x' <-- set numbers using BPA keypad ; '4' '5' '6' 'x' ; '7' '8' '9' '0' <-- "=" (EQUALS) key clears cell ; ; Incorrect guesses WILL be allowed, but they will prevent you ; from solving the SuDoKu. Note that any changes you made to ; the clues will be obliterated if you change a placed number. ; ; Click on "NEW" for a new (well, a different) puzzle, and on ; "UNDO" if BLACK to restore to the original un-populated state ; or when RED to position cursor on the first incorrect entry. ; To get a "HINT" turn the Knob to select the number to isolate ; and hold the trigger in to show where missing digits might go. ; Nothing there about strategy - play it just like any other Sudoku puzzle. There were to be more than 2 to solve and each can be permutated so even repeats would not be recognized - but having the clues there took away the challenge … you might as well write a spreadsheet to solve it for you. PS Hi, Mario - who turned me on to this site almost 12 years ago!! Richard Degler
  4. How do YOU spell 256 "colors"?



    1. adam242


      You got it right.

    2. TwentySixHundred


      Depends where you're from, American English is "colors" and other English speaking countries it's "colours"

    3. PlaysWithWolves


      (1)red, (2)green, (3)blue, (4)pink, (5)chartreuse, (6)magenta ... 

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