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  1. I am currently busy with carnival and will return to my Atari business in March. Sorry for not replying earlier until then!

  2. Hello Roland. Current there are no preferences yet, only highlighting. Building can be done with regular batch scripts triggered from Eclipse. I'll send you a PM to sort this out.
  3. I found the related bug in the RAM detection routine and have provided fix. CharlieChaplin has succesfully tested it. Homesoft has incorporated the fix and updated his download. http://www.mushca.com/f/atari/index.php?idx=7#DISK350
  4. Request for Testers for The!Cart Studio I've the the following idea to prevent the recent problems from popping up again: - I will create a separate "daily" build like I do with my other projects (WUDSN IDE). The public version remains untouched in first place. - I create a separate private message thread where I invite people whou would like to support me with testing new versions before they become "public" So I you are interested in supporting with testing new versions and feature of The!Cart, please send me a simple PM with the subject "The!Cart Tester". Best regards, Peter/JAC!
  5. I knew you were using it for Time Pilot and I'm very happy to see the IDE enables people create such great things. But what I didn't know until now is that you are also using it for Lynx and that your are the coder behind one of my all time favorite A8 demos. Hats-off for "Forsaken Love" - it is a master piece, mate!
  6. Clearly CHR$(0) - it is a heart and a string zero termination a the same time
  7. Correct, plus: - there can be multiple segments in one XEX - the vector addresses $2e0/$2e1 (RUNAD) and $2e2/$2e3 (INIAD) have special meanings when used as segments. They define where the program starts at the end of the loading (RUNAD) or at any point during loading (INIAD). The latter can be used to load a title screen, display it and then load the rest. All in a single XEX
  8. You are right, I was so happy to get the genre filter done that I missed to see if searching still works (double facepalm). I've restored version 2019-11-27 on the web site for now and promise to have better testing before the next upload...
  9. Sure, all who has contacted me before are on the list and thanks to the support from the ABBUC we'll have enough in spare, too!
  10. Has anybody here been in contact with jfmateos in the past months? I've been trying to contact him, but without success.
  11. Well, my obviously biased advice would of course be "The!Cart" ... after all you are asking this in the "The!Cart" thread 🙂. With Sdrive max you have a very good SIO solution that can handle all disk stuff and quick testing. With The!Cart you have a almost 100% emulation of everthing else (ROM based stuff, but also ATR/XEX). A new run is planned to be available in Q1/2020.
  12. No, it's quite different. See the comparison table at https://www.wudsn.com/index.php/productions-atari800/tools/thecart
  13. This looks great. I have a number of half-broken boards I use for spare parts. Using turning them into working boards again would be cool.
  14. The!Cart Studio Update 2019-11-24 released The tabbed display for the genres now only scrolls, if the select genre does not fit on the screen. This is what you'd expect from a tabbed visualization. The XEX loader now sets the BOOT? flag to $01, like a DOS would. This fixes problems with programs that rely on the XEX being loaded from a disk. This version contains the a new data format for storing the genres in on the Atari side. It is the pre-condition to make the favorites feature work in the next round.
  15. WUDSN IDE Tutorial 14: New Features in Version 1.6.6
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