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  1. The build scripts and launch files are part of the github repo: https://sourceforge.net/p/atari-action/code/ci/master/tree/JAC/build/ if you really want to go into cross-development with an Action! style language, you should use MAD Pascal. You can basically translate Action! into Pascal with a few substitutions.
  2. Like with the standard Action! you have to compile with a disk version of the runtime to get a stand-alone binary.
  3. Hello Tebe, would is be possible to combine mp.exe and mads.exe into a single .exe? Like is it the case with gcc, there you you have 2 phases but you can control everything with a single class. Parameter for mads could be passed via a separate "-..." parameter. This would simplify the usage and make it easier to integrate it into an IDE/build. Also you'll always have "the right" MADS version implicitly. Still all intermediate fiels etc. shall be created of course. Best regards, Peter.
  4. I intentionally made this release compatible with JDK 8. The versions given in the https://www.wudsn.com/index.php/ide/releases are of course minimum versions required for the plugin itself. I assume you ment the minimum requirement for Eclipse and that can of course be higher for newer versions of Eclipse. Request for Help: It's 11 years now since I started with the plugin. Some major things have changed in Eclipse and I'd need some help in replacing the deprecated action/actionSets extension point. So if there is anybody reading this who has experience with PDE development in the recent Eclipse builds, please contact me.
  5. WUDSN IDE update 1.7.1 released The aim of this release was to gain long term stability and include pending fixes. It contains a lot of internal cleanups that you cannot see at the surface. The following visible changes are relevant for the users. Java and Eclipse After 7 years of successfully maintaining compatibility with Java 1.6/1.7, all Eclipse versions and the 32-bit architectures an era ends. Support by fixes in Java and Eclipse is only available for Java 1.8 and Eclipse 4.10 and later and both do not support 32-bit development environments anymore. Understandable in a time where every mobile phone has an 8-core 64-bit architecture. Therefore WUDSN IDE 1.7.1 requires Java 1.8, Eclipse 2019-06 (4.12), and a 64-bit operating system as a minimum. The 1.7.1 is intentionally a minor version update, so there are no major feature changes and people who cannot migrate to the new environment can, of course, download the older version from the Releases page. Pascal: Source code editor added with the first version of syntax highlighting for Pascal Source Files (".pas") that can be used with Mad Pascal. Since building with MapPascal is a multi-step process, an example script file for compiling is included in the "Atari800/Pascal" folder of the zero installation download. Hex Editor Support for parsing the structure of files in Interchange File Format ("IFF") added. Sound Editor POKEY emulation updated to ASAP 4.0.0 for compatibility and more accurate replay. Fixes: Online help now works again thanks to the update to Java 1.8 and the newer Eclipse version. Atari TrueType fonts by Mark Schmelzenbach updated to version 1.2, which fixes the look of the capital "J". If the "Skip All Breakpoints" option is active, breakpoints are now correctly skipped. Copyright, features, and GPL to updated to 2020. All links to the WUDSN site updated from "http://" to https://"
  6. Thanks for the feedback. I've included the details in the description (daily build and web site). I hope this is clearer now: https://www.wudsn.com/index.php/ide/installation#InstallingEmulators
  7. Welcome! About 50% of the WUDSN users are Mac Users, so we'll surely sore that out. I'm not a Mac user myself, that is the difficult part 🙂 Native versions for the different platforms are available from my site. Please check http://www.wudsn.com/index.php/ide/installation#InstallingCompilers. It contains PPC and Intel32 bit versions. Which Mac OS version are you running? >I am at a loss to understand where "inside the .app directory" is. In MacOS the "App" is actually not a file, but a folder. You can display the content (i.e. subfolders and files) via the "Show Contents" or similar menu option. There you will find the actual executable file. - Peter.
  8. Hehe, so I'd say Poison owes me two beers 🙂 And believe me, that is cheap considering the 2 months time frame it took to fix it...
  9. Great show and even uses one of my all time favorite POKEY tunes, excellent choice! Regarding the borders: From what I see there are many NOP cycles left. How about using a wide playfield $3f instead of $3e and extend the playfield to the border?
  10. To activate the highlighting, the .pas file currently needs to be opened with the "Generic Text Editor". You can do that via the context menu. The batch file to compile and run looks like this. It simply calls MP.EXE to generate the ASM file and then MADS to generate the XEX. @echo off setlocal set BASE_DIR=C:\jac\system\Atari800\Programming\Games\Example set RELEASE=Example set MP=%BASE_DIR%\mp cd %BASE_DIR% cd asm %MP%\mads.exe Example-Kernel.asm -o:Example-Kernel.xex if ERRORLEVEL 1 goto :mads_error cd .. %MP%\mp.exe -d pas\%RELEASE%.pas if ERRORLEVEL 1 goto :mp_error %MP%\mads.exe pas\%RELEASE%.a65 -x -i:%MP%\base -t:%RELEASE%.lab -l:%RELEASE%.lst -o:pas\%RELEASE%.xex if ERRORLEVEL 1 goto :mads_error copy /B asm\Example-Kernel.xex + /B pas\Example.xex files\AUTORUN.ar0 if ERRORLEVEL 1 goto :copy_error if exist mads_output.txt del mads_output.txt if exist mp_output.txt del mp_output.txt echo Copying background graphics. copy gfx\background\test\01\*.* files if ERRORLEVEL 1 goto :copy_error echo Creating disk image. set ATR=%RELEASE%.atr atr\hias\dir2atr.exe -d -m -b MyDos4534 %ATR% files if ERRORLEVEL 1 goto :dir2atr_error C:\jac\system\Atari800\Tools\EMU\Altirra\Altirra64.exe /singleinstance /disk:%ATR% /debugcmd:".batch Example.atdbg" echo Done. goto :eof :mp_error echo ERROR: MP error occurred. See messages above. goto :eof :mads_error echo ERROR: MADS errors occurred. See messages above. goto :eof :copy_error echo ERROR: Copy errors occurred. See messages above. goto :eof :dir2atr_error echo ERROR: DIR2ATR errors occurred. Check error messages above. exit To be precise, this activates 65816 mode. MADs does not have a separate setting for 65C02 (which is the minum CPU type which supports BRA). You can activate the related sytax highlighting in the preferences.
  11. In fact for me it also sounds like a power supply issue. Hardware modifications comsume more power and the power supplies/regulators may change their behaviour after some hours of operation. Even some mV can make a difference then.
  12. Haha, brilliant idea 🙂 . Could you point to the exact homesoft version which doesn't work? I'll check why. EDIT: I just tested it in Altirra with the (not yet released) daily build where the XEX loader in has been improved already. Here the original XEX from the HOMESOFT site seems to work. Maybe you can test it in detail to confirm. Daily build: https://www.wudsn.com/productions/atari800/thecartstudio-daily/thecartstudio.zip
  13. TurboFreezer 2011 Official Documentation Just in case it got missed, the full documentation is available at https://www.horus.com/~hias/freezer/turbo-freezer-2011/
  14. Hello Dave, no, WUDSN IDE is only for Eclipse. But you don't need the full Eclipse installation, only the core platform. The download on my site contains it as complete package which also includes all assemblers and emulators pre-configured. So you't really have to care about the platform underneath. http://www.wudsn.com/index.php/ide/installation Peter/JAC!
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