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  1. Menu: Windows/Preferences and then here.
  2. Hi Thom. The output format is configurable and there are several presets named "profiles" included for MADS and other assemblers. You can change and tweak the output format at any time and export the listing again.
  3. That sounds strange. Maybe you have the .asm extension assigned to something else in Windows or in Eclipse? Maybe this helps: How to I associate my source file extensions with the correct editor? in https://www.wudsn.com/index.php/ide/faq, incl. the link to the video tutorial.
  4. Congratuations for the Cats, the Repository and the GreenPool - really fantastic results.
  5. Hi Michael, no, there is not more compresenive description yet. It's always been on the todo list for new video tutorial but real life keeps me away from that. Let's clarify you case in our fb chat and present the result here are an example. - Peter.
  6. Thanks for the hint, the typo is fixed in DEV branch now. The error message appears if you open a file via drag & drop or "Open File". In that case the file is opened with an absolute path and has no relation to the workspace folder. But since some things in the IDE are relative to the workspace folder, they cannot work in that mode. The solution is put the relevant files into a sub-folder e.g. "Atari800" of the workspace folder and then open them via the project explorer in the IDE.
  7. Can you please PM/upload the WRK file and show which exact DIS6502 version your are using?
  8. I've updated to MP 1.6.4. See errors below when I try to change from "function f():a" to procedure p(var a)" when a is s struct. @tebe Since the link of the MADS page goes to the releases overview, it would probably best to not mention a version there anymore. // Datenstrukturen für Variablen im Spiel type hund_aktion = ( hund_stehen=0, hund_hoch=1, hund_runter=2, hund_links=3, hund_rechts=4); //const hund_stehen: hund_aktion=0; //const hund_hoch: hund_aktion=1; //const hund_runter: hund_aktion=2; // hund_hoch=1, hund_runter=2, hund_links=3, hund_rechts=4); type thund = record aussehen: zeichen; spalte: zahl; zeile: zahl; alte_spalte: zahl; alte_zeile: zahl; aktion: hund_aktion; aktion_dauer: zahl; end; function AnimiereHund2(hund: thund): thund; begin if hund.aktion_dauer = 0 then begin hund.aktion:=hund_aktion(Random(5)); hund.aktion_dauer:=Random(5); end; AnimiereHund2:=hund; end; procedure AnimiereHund(var hund: thund); begin if hund.aktion_dauer = 0 then begin hund.aktion:=hund_aktion(Random(5)); hund.aktion_dauer:=Random(5); end; end; Mad Pascal Compiler version 1.6.4 [2020/10/04] for 6502 Compiling pas\Lilly.pas pas\lfiguren.pas (153,8) Error: Incompatible types: got "HUND.AKTION" expected "ENUM" ERROR: MP error occurred. See messages above.
  9. From ABBUC Forum http://www.abbuc.de/community/forum/viewtopic.php?f=15&t=10377&sid=ba9fe9c72d328d3cd8b9fb1190f1f4ea 1. Atariduino von freetz 2. Alternative Modulgehäuse für Atari XL/E komp. Platinen von kingkongxl 3. Mod bestehender Atari Spiele Module 8-16K für Eproms von kingkongxl 4. VIAtari - simple device using to connect other devices to Atari von pancio.net 5. MidiJoy 2.0 für PokeyMAX von freetz
  10. I checked the main page and it states "1.6.3", and so does the documentation in your like above, so I expected that is the latest version. http://mads.atari8.info/ Will try the newer versions tomorrow.
  11. I have a problem with MP (V1.6.3). I try to pass a struct to a procedure by reference, so I can modify its values. type thund = record aussehen: zeichen; spalte: zahl; zeile: zahl; alte_spalte: zahl; alte_zeile: zahl; aktion: hund_aktion; aktion_dauer: zahl; end; but this does not work/results are not written back: procedure BewegeHund(var hund: thund) if hund.zeile>rand_oben then hund.zeile:=hund.zeile-1; // No effekt for now I've worked around it for now by returning a copy of the result instead. But that is really too slow/complex: function BewegeHund(hund: thund): thund; BewegeHund:=hund; Any ideas? Is that a limtiation of MP? - Peter.
  12. I'm with IVOP here. Using XIO commands via the CIOV vector the the correct and documented way. Code like the above is not portable and will break on arbitrary OS versions. There are much many then "each system that was distributed with Atari XL / XE / XEGS series" even though people tend forget that. http://www.abbuc.de/software/133-software/softwarereferenz/315-xio-command-codes 17 DRAW LINE 18 FILL
  13. This is missing the initial assigment to the orgin. Something like * =$8000 in MAC which is ORG $8000 in MADS. SETVEC = *-BASE ;OK BUFFLEN = *+1 ;OK ERRNUM .ds 24 .ds 49 .SB +$80," START " ;Not sure, please check the MADS docs , probably something lke .byte +$80 ' START '
  14. No, sorry, too much real life recently... and I started a playing a game .... . And there are too many bugs in V4.x yet to give a preview.
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