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  1. You can use ASAP player to export the original RMT/CMC/. .. for editing
  2. Because of the new batch I have already started a new attempt, since the developer of the first idea vanished. I have an idea and I'am looking for developers familiar with Teensy LC / Arduino hardware and software development. I want it to be a very inexpensive, easy to build yourself solution based on standard parts.
  3. July 2020 - New Batch of The!Cart Now Available Thanks to the support from the A.B.B.U.C., a new batch of The!Cart is now available in the A.B.B.U.C. Member Shop for the price of 75 EUR. You need to be registered in the A.B.B.U.C. forum and your member ID must be linked to your account. If that link is missing, just PM one of the A.B.B.U.C. forum moderators.
  4. If you do not use BASIC or the FP ROM, $80-$ff is free for use by application program. You should not touch $00-$7f, except for regular use of the documented locations (set/get cursor, screeen pointer, attract mode, ...).
  5. Well, looks like this on my disk 🙂
  6. You not doing anythings wrong. It just the default behaviour. WUDSN defaults to MADS and MADS default to "Atari800" as the platform. You can explicitly set the platform via the @com.wudsn.ide.asm.haradware=ATARI2600 annotation in the source code. See https://www.wudsn.com/index.php/ide/faq#FAQHardwareAnnotation for details.
  7. I've been searching since the first day I've compiled dis6502, registered in MS forums etc. with no real solution so far. Somehow it seems that some GDI resources remain globally locked. " // TODO: Use AddFontResource instead to solve retention problems? // https://www.go4expert.com/forums/createfont-deleteobject-leaves-font-t35303/ // https://social.msdn.microsoft.com/Forums/windowsdesktop/en-US/b27d4e94-cd43-49b2-b6cc-6bf73bf2970a/createfont-deleteobject-leaves-font-file-locked-on-application-exit?forum=vcgeneral" Overall it seems that the function to load the font has a bug and the fixed function is not available in XP. So maybe switching XP off in the build will bring that option.
  8. .CAR ist on the list already. Until then just strip the first 16 bytes from the file before adding it.
  9. DIS6502 is native Window 32-bit Common Object Model (COM) program which implements native Windows controls for the visualization. So the only way to run it outside of Windows is Wine.
  10. Hello Eric, the instruction set incl. "undocumented opcodes" (they are not illegal according to the creator of the chip 🙂) of 6502/A/B/C/ and 6510 are identical. The 650C Sally in the Atari comes with some extra lines like HALT/RDY to interface more easily with the custom chips like ANTIC (sta wsync). The 6510 in the C64 comes with address $00/$01 acting as data direction register/data register for a bi-directional 8 bit I/O port directly on the check (but does not have other lines for that). With this the C64 realized the MMU control. It is basically the same as the PORTB on the PIA of the Atari, but with one chip less. The most prominent example of cross assemblers on the C64 is kickass. Extremely powerful and well designed. The definitive "hitchhikers guide of the opcode" for the C64 is the "NMOS - No More Secretes" reference by Goepaz. It is the equivalent of the Altrirra Hardware Reference Manual to some extend. It is traditionally updated on X-Mas every year (and I have had some small contribution ... [proud]). https://csdb.dk/search/?seinsel=all&search=nmos Best regards, Peter.
  11. In fact you can use it for C64 and everything else with 6502 - and I've used V2.2. on C64 for the largest disassembly in my life 🙂. C64 binaries are one block with word start address, that's it. And yes, planned for the next version.
  12. Yes, there will be "Add File" in addition to "Open File".
  13. Update 2020-05-17 https://www.wudsn.com/productions/atari800/action/action.zip - The Action! program is now called "ACTION.COM" in all disk versions. - The Action! editor is now included as "ACTIONED.COM" in all disk versions. - The Action! editor now has a build date, just like Action! itself. - The Action! editor documention is now included as "ACTION.TXT" in all disk versions. https://sourceforge.net/p/atari-action/code/ci/master/tree/JAC/ref/Action.txt Feedback is welcome. - Disk version for DOS XL added. - Passing command line parameters to the Action! editor now also works in DOS XL. - Incorrect status text output has been fixed in the Action! editor. There had been some places in the source where ASCII/ and ATASCII was mixed up. - The README.TXT file on the disks now has correct EOL. Note: The version dated 2020-05-17 which was uploaded first still had my (KIL) break points. This is fixed in the current upload. Also the DosXL build of that date had the OS/A+ boot secotors instead of the DosXL bootsectors. Both things are fixed in the build from 2020-05-18.
  14. I've verified it here from my side and it works, i.e. default download is 3.0. Which is your host OS? Sourceforge supports different default downloads per OS.
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