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  1. I agree .. if only it had ever been completed...
  2. Repost about a suggestion for improving the compatibility of "TD": " - With "TD.COM ON" the YASH screen is messed up. Reason is, that an interrupt routine of Sparta DOS always inserts the TD line at the start of any display list with some blank lines, even if a program creates a new non-standard display list. This doesn't work with YASH, since it needs an own display list with DLIs and the insertion of the TD line together with some blank lines makes the display list too long for ANTIC. And since the YASH display is shifted down by the TD line the DLIs use wrong colors, since they are based on VCOUNT values. The Sparta DOS manual states the following on p. 108: "TD ON may be incompatible with some programs. If you are having problems with a program, try TD OFF, or do not install it at all." A solution would be that Sparta DOS checks, if a normal display list (with 24 blank lines at the beginning) is shown and if not, the TD line is not displayed. And/or the TD line is only inserted, when there are enough blank lines at the beginning of the display list AND the display is not shifted down for the TD line, i.e. replace 8 blank lines of the DL with the TD line. Perhaps the Sparta DOS developers can do something about this, since the current behaviour of TD may affect all programs with an own display list? "
  3. Hehe, that is the version I had created 1h ago based on Keatah's feedback: There were several issue introduced by moving stuff around into a new folder/respository structure, plus changes caused by my new JDK (main class name missing from manifest). I've fixed all of this and uploaded a new version to my site. The one thing I had to remove is the OS X wrapper. The one that was included will not work with 64 bit and will required a rewrite. The .jar version and the .sh script should work on OS X nonetheless. So please test and send feedback.
  4. SillyVenture 2020 Summer Edition has a VCS music compo: https://sillyventure.eu/en/compos So in case you have an yet unrelease TIA Tracker tune, I can turn it into a binary with a small intro screen and submit it with/for you. Just PM in case you have something to support the party!
  5. In fact that is loading from an IO device. Control returns to DOS at the RTS of the first segment and DOS blocks NMI 2nd stage via SEI and IRQ. That's why CLI solves the problem.
  6. Do you load the 2nd program from an IO device (e.g. disk?). This will disable parts of the VBI which read the shadow registers. You have to wait one frame after setting the shadows before you continue. lda #$00 sta $02c4 sta $02c5 sta $02c6 sta $02c7 sta $02c8 lda $14 wait: cmp $14 beq wait
  7. ... and only 2037 days after my initial post an can finally report, that all problems of my 850 board have now been eliminated and it runs fine. So if you ever need a good example of hobby projects taking longer than expected, feel free to use this one 🙂
  8. Hello, after 5 years I've finally managed to get a broken Atari 850 board woring again. Now I'm looking for a suitable case, as I don't have one. Does anybody know of there are original/alternative or 3-d printed cases for it out there? Best regards, Peter.
  9. My Atari ROM Checker download has been enhanced with and the "Atari ROM Patcher" tool to display, compute and fix OS checks sums for Atari XL/XE computers. It can also be used to swap the floating-poing package. The tool is written in Atari BASIC and starts automatically when the disk is booted. Also, typos and swapped columns in the documentation have been fixed. Also, the disk images are now single density, so they also work on Atari 810. EDIT: Fixed incorrect TRAP that would skip loading the FP ROM in case you enter a wrong file name.
  10. I had bought this one several years ago at a retro fair and had never turned it on until today. I expected much less and must admit the design is extremely clever. We even managed to save and load from a tape drive and that goes far beyond my expectations. Universum, PAL, BC0100025286
  11. Here's a scan of the PCB top side. I've created it on my flatbed scanner. It can help a lot finding the correct location of parts on a populated board. https://www.wudsn.com/index.php/productions-atari800/hardware
  12. Then you should stay on 1.7.1. You don't lose anything functionally. The main purpose of 1.7.2 we pushing up the versions of all components.
  13. Note: Some user have reported problems like "Cannot complete the install because one or more required items could no be found" updating to the lasted (1.7.2.x) version of WUDSN IDE plugin. As we found the problem typically is that the Eclipse version itself was too old. For WUDSN 1.7.2 you need as least Eclipse 2021-03 (aka 4.19). Here is the complete release list and the Eclipse versions required foryour reference: https://www.wudsn.com/index.php/ide/releases
  14. I've tested it and the options offered in the editor selection dialog are not sufficient. I've reopened the corresponding bug report.
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