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  1. No, nothing that fancy You select the ROM image you want using the dipswitches on the board, then power on the ST. It just acts like a single ROM cartridge until you power down and select a different image with the switches.
  2. I posted this on AF a little while ago and thought i'd share it here. I designed a switch-based multicart to try P Putnik's cartridge game conversions on a real ST, it has 32 128k banks and uses a single 27c322 16-bit EPROM. Cartridge images need to be exactly 128k and byte-swapped As far as I can see, all of the games work fine on my machine (Atari STE with 4mb RAM). Works fine as a test cart too, I added all the diagnostics and utility cartridge images i could find.
  3. Just a quick heads up. I've started my Black Friday sale a bit early this year, my Vectrex 72 Game Multicart Version 2 is available for £24.99 until midnight GMT on the 23rd of November. That's a whole £15 less than the usual price of £39.99! As always, airmail shipping to any destination worldwide is included in the price. Kind regards, Andy http://vectrex.playntradeonline.com
  4. None of the games included on the multicart have a save function. However, the PCB design does support saves, and I plan to use this on my own future game releases. Kind regards, Andy.
  5. The new version of my Vectrex 72 Game Multicart is now available from my website V2 is fully compatible with all Vectrex machines, including the 'no-buzz' consoles. Now includes Veccy Bird, Whack a Mole, and some other cool bits and pieces. Price is £39.99 and, as always, this includes airmail shipping to any destination worldwide. Andy. http://vectrex.playntradeonline.com
  6. Just over half an hour left until the price goes back up.......
  7. Until Midnight (GMT) on Friday the 27th of November 2015, you can purchase the Vectrex 72 Game Multicart Lite for only £24.99! That's a whole £10 cheaper than the normal price of £34.99! As always, standard airmail shipping to any destination worldwide is included in the price. http://vectrex.playntradeonline.com
  8. Just in case there's anyone out there that doesn't have one, my 72 in 1 Vectrex Multicart is currently on sale for only £29.99 until the end of June As always, airmail shipping to any destination worldwide is included in the price. http://vectrex.playntradeonline.com
  9. The Vectrex 72 in 1 Multicart Lite will be available for the reduced price of £29.99 (usually £34.99) until the end of November. As always, this price includes airmail shipping to any destination worldwide. If you want one before Christmas, now's the time to grab it! Kind regards, Andy. http://vectrex.playntradeonline.com
  10. I stand corrected. It's uncannily similar to the early version of City Bomber that i wrote, even down to the style of buildings! I salute your speed-programming skills Martijn I'm now off to write my own version of Colorclash in 15 minutes..... (joke!!) Andy.
  11. It's a very early test version of my game. I think I sent it out to a few people, might even have put it on my website for a short time? I have no problem with it being included on your multicart. Carts look great, I like the cases. Cheers, Andy.
  12. Could you confirm whether the City Bomber game included is my one? http://vectrex.playntradeonline.com/bomber.html
  13. I'll gladly take 240 from the initial run (shells only). Translucent would be nice, but i'm happy with black Thanks, Andy. http://vectrex.playntradeonline.com - Home of the 72 in 1 Vectrex Multicart
  14. Wow, five year bump lol. In answer to your question, this isn't a limited edition product, i'm still selling the multicarts on my website (five years later)
  15. Hi, All orders placed before last Saturday have been shipped. International post can be a little slower than usual at this time of year, but i can assure you that your multicarts will be with you soon. Ipren: Have replied to your email today, my apologies for missing the one you sent on the 15th. Xxstatic: PM me your email address or order details and i'll get back to you. Kind Regards, Andy.
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