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  1. Please send link for waiting list Al, I know you are busy, no worries, just wanted to get on the list.
  2. RIP Curt! Thank you for all that you did for everyone!Will miss my political and hummer H2 buddy!
  3. IP Curt Vendel, this is just awful!!

    1. fdurso224


      God rest his soul and he will be missed. Thank you Curt for what you done for the video game community, and to all of us on the AtariAge forums.

    2. Prosystemsearch


      What was the Cause of death for him?

    3. doctorclu



      Rest in peace old friend.  :(


  4. atarian63


  5. found receipt, filled out form, cant wait to get this!
  6. As and Atari and commodore dealer back then I can say there was little know so therefore NO disappointment about amiga lol! Customers all wanted an ST and we sold tons vs the A1000. Sure it would have been better as an atari but that crap commodore os made it a hard sale (yes powerful blah blah but customers thought it looked like a little kid made it). Being a person who made his living on this stuff we did what worked. Atari 800 were traded in for ST's in droves,8 bit lingered on for awhile and we were happy to do it as long as we could but eventually not enough,people wanted that latest and greatest (just like now) and that was the ST.
  7. saw them with some frequency in the day my company sold packages and did well with that but only up to mediumd sized businesses, large ones we still pretty dim whited , but when you have unlimited funds.. like the later saying "nobody got fired for buying IBM".
  8. Where can you get this, cannot find it anywhere. looks like fun!
  9. Suckey Thanksgiving, food made me sick, then got a headache from unruly kids.

    1. adam242


      Damn. Mine was pretty amazing. GF prepared a phenomenal pork roast (neither of us particularly care for turkey) dinner and the two of us had a quiet evening alone.

    2. GoldLeader


      You just need a good beer.

    3. DZ-Jay


      And a few video games. :)

  10. maybe a dirty board on the bottom of the drive, try removing it and cleaning the connectors on the bottom and retry to see if it detects. also early 30mb wd drives had a socketed bios chip,the have a flat chip pin inserted into a round hold, fixed a few hundred that didnt detect by soldering the pins (use heat sink on each pin) into the round sockets. You can also just try removing the chip gently,prying it out and cleaning the pins (i bet they are black) a basic pencil eraser works.
  11. I have 3 so far, the 12 in one for tempest (modding it now), the pacman , just cause, and the Gauntlet model. Will probably pandora 6s with a pie to this one, worth it for a simple to mod small cab,nice artwork. Actual licensed games.
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