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  1. All these years later and I had forgotten about this post, at that time I was trawling a number of boards (including some I don't frequent regularly) to find like-minded people and this one got away from me. Sorry guys. The group did happen and is called the STL Classic Computing and Retrogaming Club, you can find it here: https://www.facebook.com/groups/429635153738633/ We ended up going with a Facebook group, since it was free and most people already have an account. We've had many meetups and even a few events at the Basement Arcade (the owner is part of the group). The meetups have dropped off as I've got 2 kids now and I've always had a serious interest in music and synthesizers as well (which ties in well to the retro scene) - I'm still interested and present, just no energy to plan stuff for the time being. Hope anyone who would have been interested, either already found us or will now
  2. St. Louis, MO - at the bottom of my post I also mentioned local pickup is OK for those near enough.
  3. New old stock 5 1/4" diskettes, double sided double density, in manufacturer's shrinkwrap (3M sealed with band) - I use them on a C64, Vic20 and Atari 800XL flawlessly. Please PM if interested. Estimated manufacture 1998-99 per the box, these were pulled brand new from a warehouse that closed. In addition these are designed to resist damage from temperature extremes, per the box logo. About as good as it gets if you're a retro computing or gaming enthusiast looking to replace old, warped floppies. I have several hundred to sell in total, $10 per box of ten plus shipping, if you'd like to buy multiple boxes (3+) or a large bulk quantity (10+) I'd be open to negotiation, have about 500 (50 boxes) on hand. I'd appreciate buying at least 2 boxes to make it worth my while to ship, but I won't make that a requirement Pictures available if anyone needs them, but it's typical Imation 3M stock. Also open to local pickup in the St. Louis, Missouri area. Thanks, Owen
  4. Over 2 years later and here I am looking over this thread, because I ran into the same situation with speech not working and couldn't remember what I did. The commands were all correct, the trick is to make sure they are typed in ALL CAPS, which other posters alluded to but nobody outright said was the solution, so I wanted to make that clear to anyone skimming through quickly. I didn't realize it right away even after re-reading most of the thread :-) The commands to get speech going can be found on page 34 of the Terminal Emulator II manual, located here: http://www.digitpress.com/library/manuals/ti994a/terminal%20emulator%20ii.pdf
  5. Yes, TE2 cart in TI BASIC - "I/O error 00". If I unplug the speech module I get the same error.
  6. The only other carts I have are TI Invaders and Munchman. Don't have cassette or disk drives either. Bummer...
  7. Actually tried running the Speech Synthesizer today, and I'm getting an error. According to the manual, I should be typing in the following: OPEN #1:"SPEECH",OUTPUT And going from there. But when I run this line I get an "I/O ERROR". Does this mean my speech module is dead? I've reseated it (and the TE2 cart) several times.
  8. Another noob question... are there any decent music/sound editors/tools out there for this machine? Like a tracker perhaps? I'm looking for something that's a little better than TI's music maker cart, but doesn't require programming it by hand. Thanks!
  9. Thanks, if you're offering to send me one, I may still be in the market. The eBayer I was trying to get mine from is being awfully slow about answering my question about local pickup - and technically I haven't bought the cart yet - if they aren't willing to do that, I'd take you up on this.
  10. So I can generate individual phonemes with TE2 it appears - can I control other things like speech speed? Any other vocal characteristics I can change? Thanks for all the info so far. Just ordered a speech synthesizer module and TE2 from eBay... this will be my first legit use of the TI-99/4A that I acquired somewhat accidentally from a friend who was moving.
  11. Lee - thanks, I was hoping that was the case! dendawg - What's XB? Also, is there any advantage to having the Speech Editor cart? I am a musician experimenting with old-school voice synthesizers and ran into some pretty serious limitations with the Commodore Magic Voice, so I was hoping for a little more power/ease of use on the TI. -Owen
  12. Hello, Is the TI Speech Synthesizer module limited to its internal vocabulary only, or can it do full-on text to speech via the Terminal Emulator II cart? Thanks, Owen
  13. I'm willing to wait for more to be built, a long time if necessary (like 4-8 months). Santosp said he'd get back to me about it sometime this week, we'll see if there's any possibility.
  14. But wait... you guys haven't seen this? http://www.atariage.com/forums/topic/205995-sio2sdpc-combo-for-atari-8-bit/ Unless I'm misunderstanding something, it's supposed to do both (standalone SD storage AND SIO2PC/USB interface). I've asked Santosp (the creator) about it, he's out of them but will be getting back to me... it looks perfect.
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