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  1. Why are SO many 'selfies' taken in Public Bathrooms? Are school photograghers soon gonna add this to their repertoire? "We have the countryside background, we also have the abstract art motif, and our most popluar choice, the public shitter... so what'll be Sally?"

    1. nofrills100


      [beginrant] Why are so many selfies taken - full stop. The amount of narcissism these days is totally off the scale. I frequently see whole instagram accounts of 1000's of photographs of selfies and almost nothing else... Damn there are some serious underlying mental illnesses out there [/endrant]

    2. jaybird3rd


      Exactly. Why take selfies at all? This isn't something that a sane person is so compelled to do.

    3. Torr


      I consider selfies to be a form of masturbation... nobody wants to photograph these people that often, but they certainly seem to enjoy having their photo taken, so they have to do it themselves... which also explains why it's done in the bathroom so much! Solved! :P

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