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  1. I finally found some good size boxes, now to fill 'em, wrap 'em, put 'em in ANOTHER box, and mail 'em! This has been good fun, wish I'd participated sooner, already can't wait for next year! 🎅
  2. Too bad... I coulda got you as my Secret Santa. Great Avatar/Username, DecapAttack is on my want list! First game I ever bought with my own money, first game I got for my Genny besides the pack in Sonic 1! Regret selling that! It was even the multilingual Canadian version. (Something I collect nowadays)
  3. They were too busy licensing celebrity names.
  4. If you drew me, I won't be upset 🤣🤣🤣
  5. Id say because it was 1995. Sega of America knew that the kerfuffle with the 32X/Saturn was not gonna be pretty (SOA wanted to push the 32X, SOJ wanted to push the Saturn) and they figured this would be at least a few more dollars coming in, and since these were American releases of Genesis games on PC, SOA was trying to prove there was no reason to abandon the Genesis yet. SOA did NOT want to move on the Saturn while the Genesis was still pulling in money,.. why push a new console on people who were happy with what they had? And maybe even rope in a few more Genny customers while they were at it. And Nintendo did release PC titles, games starring Mario (hell if they didn't star Mario it woulda been pointless!), just not ports of existing games.
  6. I remember Link To The Past DX (not sure if the original did as well) had these segments where you would take photos along the way (or rather, someone would take a photo of you), not necessary to finish the game, just for fun, and those could be printed.
  7. So many people praising ROTJ, yet it has only 1 vote (mine) as opposed to ESB having 12. Hmmm. I love the game, dont get me wrong, but what's missing is the theme tune that EVERY other game has. Why?? When you blow up the Death Star II and are dodging the fireballs (which I imagine was the best they could do to recapture Lando's escape from the explosion within the Death Star II) you should hear the theme, not that... that... stuff? noise? crazy shit?, you hear instead!
  8. I'm no mobile gamer myself, seems like every one I try you either have to watch an ad every 30 seconds or spend or spend 10-20 bucks a day to keep competitive. BUT I can definitely understand WHY they are popular. As much as "pay to win" seems "stupid" today... it's just like the arcade days. You were never gonna beat "those other kids" at SFII, MK, or NBA Jam or whatever if they went there every day with 10 bucks in quarters to get as good as they did. You had to keep pouring in money to stay competitive, just like with mobile gaming today. The few games I DO play, are basically like old school Atari games, simple to figure out, hard to master. Hence why I still play Atari today, and the few phone games that I do play. I don't have to spend 3-4 hours going thru tutorials and cutscenes just to hit the meat of the game, only to be bombarded with MORE cutscenes and text and blah blah every 20 minutes. Something that scares away a gamer like me, and especially casual gamers. I imagine there were quite a few "Atari Gamers" back in the day that shied away from gaming when things like like SMB3 and Mega Man and such became the standard style of gaming, cause they thought (like I do of modern games today) I don't have that much time (or even WANT) to sink that much time into a game. I just wanna have a 15-30 minute distraction from what's currently going on in my life.
  9. Count me in! Never did a Secret Santa on here before.
  10. I gotta say... I NEVER saw the dragons as ducks until I started seeing people say it on the internet. Never. I still have trouble seeing a duck when I look at it... I get it that there is a long flat bill-like protrusion on the head... but how many ducks have no wings and a long curly tail??? Side note, not having instructions, I always thought I was guiding a kangaroo across the road in Freeway!!!
  11. Thank You. What I saw looked pretty cool. It's late here and I didn't have time to watch them all but I definitely will. I'm not very tech savvy, and I know "I" won't be doing anything like this, but we NEED more new members like you around here!!
  12. This Tai fighter you speak of... Was it a southeast Asian who fought... or someone who fought southeast Asians? Chirrut Imwe might be considered a Tai Fighter I guess! 😁😆 I'll get my coat...
  13. Not everyone believes in things that will help us as a society. I can think of a LOT of things (that I'm too lazy to type) that I know I would certainly not be honored to discover I inspired. Like when I made reference to the old world belief that the white man was chosen by god and therefor had the right to take whatever they wanted from other races of people and cultures/religions/etc. If THAT inspired someone to say "Yeah! Remember when that's how things were? We should go back to those beliefs" and then this fool actually started an organization to do just that, and referenced me as his inspiration (Not that I'd be cool if he didn't, I just mean without the reference how would I know I was his catalyst?), whether they succeeded or not, I would DEFINITELY regret the day I typed that comment.
  14. I can't deny that some of our (unfortunate) history is so imbedded in our culture it seeps into and can even shape our everyday thoughts without us realizing it, but the author was REALLY grasping for straws and trying to find ANYTHING that could be twisted into being offensive. I'll jump on board. Apparently this jungle has been hit with gamma radiation or is on some foreign planet, because what we call crocodiles in that game are anything but. Just look at them. It's three heads in a small pond, there is no room for the crocodiles to have bodies, so it must be some kind of 3 headed dragon or something that has just it's heads poking above water. This is further reinforced by the fact the "crocs" don't "eat" you, they just open their mouth and you fall perfectly vertically down into it's mandible, or rather, straight down it's long vertical throat. But even that makes no sense in this topsy-turvy world where the ponds and tarpit can only be about 2 feet deep. Is it even water? Logs have no problem rolling right over them like they're solid ground! More on the monster theory, also leading into this being some alien world, did you see how big those scorpions are? And the diamond rings!!! This must be a world of giants, they're as big as hula hoops! Maybe not even an alien planet, but some alternate universe where one can only travel along 2 axis, why does this planet/universe have no third dimension??? and it's a small world at that, he can run this whole "world" in about 30 minutes... in fact that's all he can do, there is no entrance nor an exit!!! Going underground creates wormholes apparently.... but I guess that does explain why even though there's only about 2 feet between the surface and underground the ponds and tarpits are infinitely deep. Ponds and tarpits that can just disappear and reappear in 5 second intervals I might add. Not to mention Harry apparently brought a 'Bag of Holding' with him to store all these hundreds (thousands?) of pounds of gold around with him. OH THATS RIGHT... ITS A VIDEO GAME, not some story with subtext about the white man having "the god given right" to take whatever they want from jungle dwelling heathens. And everything happens and appears as it does because it's a game that had to easily and simply convey what to do and what everything is given it has a low resolution and very tight memory constraints. You just cherry picked the few details that would make it look like your super intelligent, seeing between the lines and through bullshit that us 'common folk' are just blind to. THAT'S why I hope this was written as a piece of humor and NOT with any real sincerity. But think my hopes are in vain...
  15. You should become a writer for Cracked.com That WAS written tongue-in-cheek I hope.
  16. Why is this in Classic Computing instead of Classic Gaming? Anyway, I was always dislike how the Menacer was so big and bulky, not as easy to get a pistol style grip on. Plus if you hold it one handed, arm extended, 6-8 feet from a TV, it almost obscures your entire field of vision, unless you play quick draw style, always letting your guard down! I was thinking about this recently myself, and I theorized they needed a BIG lens for how it works. Its essentially a Wii-mote if I'm not mistaken? As a kid I was really surprised at how accurate both the binos AND standard sights worked. Just take the 10 seconds to calibrate it for the setup you're using. Nowadays I HAVE to play using just the base component, the shoulder stock is TOO short to use comfortably as an adult. Or I should say I USED to have to,.. the stock WAS too short, but I got clever and made a simple modification to lengthen it. Now I generally just use it rifle style, but as a kid I was always WAY better with the binos. ..and side note, using the binos WITHOUT the stock just feels and looks weird! Damn, now I wanna play Crime Patrol. I know what I'm doing after work!
  17. Really Serguei2? You had to prod this tool? Leeroy... Stop starting threads, especially ones that are just looking for unending arguments. You were interesting at first, thought maybe your were a fellow AAer looking to start anew Knight Rider thread for fun, then I realized you are real, then you seemed kinda interesting just misunderstood... but it's just getting old. Start a webpage or something,... quit filling AA with your bullshit.
  18. Exactly. The owners seem to think they have some rare piece of history on their hands, and then slap an adhesive sticker RIGHT on the label.
  19. I wish there had been an original Streets Of Rage arcade game. As a kid I assumed ALL Sega (actual SEGA produced) games were ports of it's arcade titles. Hang On, Thunder Blade, Golden Axe, Outrun, Alien Storm, Shinobi, Altered Beast, etc... When I found out there WAS NO arcade game for SoR, I was kinda bummed!
  20. Me too! I have a copy coming in the mail. Unfortunately I have only one Video Touch Pad. So until I get some proper keyboard controllers or at least another Touch Pad, I'm out of luck! (I guess I could... no... can you imagine playing with just one controller, and constantly switching ports!!!)
  21. That IS an awesome back story! And it makes sense because I compare this game to old LCD/LED games where it's just a steady stream of the same gameplay, but better because it actually has frames of animation!!! But not much better! 😂
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