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  1. That ad is AWESOME. Not because it's advertising a porno video game... ...but because it's also adverting a "LEFTY Joystick Adapter"! Albeit, it's a legitimate and very practical piece of hardware, you can't help but laugh when it's being advertised alongside Mystique's library of games! Did they really think people would have a joystick in their left hand and manstick in their right playing these games??? (I'm sure someone did...)
  2. He didn't use a grenade. I never knew you could just walk into that green cave from the marketplace!!! I gotta try that out later!
  3. Torr

    Atari in 2049

    Do you notice it says "Video Game Interpretation of the film score by Vangelis So... does that mean this is just chiptunes.... on a cassette... that will only play on a C-64? or what?
  4. My original 2600 Jr. died by my hand I believe. It stopped working one day and my cousin (if you know my posts, yes, THAT cousin again) told me it was probably the adapter burned out cause he had gone through like 2 or 3 himself. He said leaving it plugged in and getting hot "burns" it out. (Is this true by the way?) and I did have a habit of not unplugging it. However, I believe the deathblow came when in my haste to play games I recalled seeing an adapter in my sister's room with a bunch of different plugs on the end... ONE of them must fit! Lo and behold they ALL fit, however, try as I might, one at a time, repeatedly, none would power the system. And it never powered up again, even when I did get a new Atari adapter. I NOW know I probably toasted the poor thing, gang-banging it, as I did, with that multi-headed hydra-dapter. And well, this is more pathetic than a sin... I also had these "3-D" glasses that were for watching a fire-works display, but I would wear them while playing Defender claiming it was making it 3-D (even though it wasn't) and when my friends said it didn't work I'd just say they must have had crappy eyes or something it worked great for me! Why Defender you might ask? I remembered reading in the manual somewhere that Defender was a 3-D game, so I assumed you'd need 3-D glasses, and ANY 3-D glasses would do the job obviously! To this day I have no idea WHERE I read that Defender is a '3-D' game. At all. Not even in a passing reference... but, at the time, in MY mind, I had read it somewhere, and by god, in MY mind, I was gonna MAKE Defender 3-D!!!
  5. Torr

    Atari in 2049

    Do you mean Rise Of The Dragon? That only had Blade Runner's "style", the dystopian metropolis-future with a hero in a sweet brown trench coat. It was actually about Drugs and a Dragon Cult. Nary a robot to be seen in it.
  6. Yeah,.. because they're not Sonic the Hedgehog.
  7. Holy smokes. Game Gear games on my GBA. Never knew this. (will the Everdrive work in a GBA Player? Please say yes.)
  8. I've got 5 or 6 games out of a hundred or so in my collection I can't get to work... Gonna try getting some of this "contact cleaner" and give em another go. Off hand I can remember: Air-Sea Battle (pic label) Ice Hockey (activision) Dragster (activision) Unknown (looks like an Atari shell) Plus I have a weird Midnight Magic cart. When I play it on my lighter-sixer it play fine... until the ball falls down to the lower third of the screen at which point the game RESETs. I've tried launching the ball with varying degrees of power; sometimes it falls straight down instantly triggering a RESET, other time it bounces around bumpers and drop flags earning me some points, before finally falling to the bottom of the screen triggering the RESET. I can practically pinpoint the line on my TV screen that, when crossed, causes the RESET. When I play it on my Vader, it plays fine.
  9. I still remember when I found out about them. I was emulating with, I believe, Z26.EXE. I had downloaded a 5 part ROM set. The two that I remember seeing as the ZIPs uncompressed; MEGAMAN.BIN and XMAN.BIN Holy shit! Mega Man for Atari!!! Well, they DID do Marios Bros, Kung Fu, Double Dragon... why not??........ Oh... it's Megamania. <insert sad party blower sound effect> X-Man?? Was he even a character yet back in the Atari days? Why would HE get a game? Could they have made an X-MEN game and this is a typo? Lets see.... Wow... a giant, pixelated, nude chick running by... hahaha, oh my god, being chased by a giant pixelated nude fella with a boner!!! What the Hell is this?!?! I gotta call Reggie... (this was around 97-98, so, like a savage, I actually had to disconnect the internet and go down the hall and use the one that was corded to the wall, imagine that bullshit?)
  10. I had no idea SH: Shattered Memories for PS2 was so pricey.. or ebay is lying to me.. I got one for trade if it IS worth something!

    1. masschamber


      funny considering the better wii version is reasonable

  11. Anything that's overpriced for what it is. IE Super Mario 3 McDonald's Happy Meal toy. Price: Free-$1.00 - Sure it'll look nice sitting on a game shelf or by a Nintendo system Price: $1.00+ - No thanks. Don't care what it's worth as a 'collectible' it ain't worth it to me, leave it for the collector who wants it. --- MUSHA; Sega Genesis Awesome game... but I refuse to pay more than $50 for ANY game.
  12. AC Adapters for the Genny2/gamegear/32x (model MK-2103) has polarized plugs
  13. I'm sure I'll never get to play the arcade version. But I'd love to play that SG-1000 version. Times like this I like emulation! We've been talking about Everdrives in another thread and apparently the new SMS Everdrive can play SG-1000 ROMs... I think I'm finally at my buying point. However, since SG-1000 cards can't be played directly on an SMS, how DOES the Everdrive do it? Are there converter cards for SG-1000 to SMS like PC-E to TG-16? Back to the game... so who HAS heard of this (probably quite a few...) So, who has actually seen a cabinet or played one? Any good? The screenshot on the back looks like this could have been the foundation for building Super Pitfall on NES... man... I hope it's not that bad... oh, and for those who haven't heard of it... it's NOT a direct port of Pitfall II: Lost Caverns... it's level oriented, combines both Pitfall 1 and 2 and has a boss at the end apparently. From Sega Retro: Sega's version of Pitfall II was tweaked significantly from its western counterparts released for the Atari 2600, ColecoVision etc. The gameplay is largely the same, but there are many additions. These include a Lives system, mine-carts, balloons, and a final Demon boss. EDIT: Images from and more info at http://segaretro.org/Pitfall_II:_The_Lost_Caverns
  14. I'd imagine a porn shop... most of the porn I bought in my life came from one. (or any store with the curtained off booth of "novelties") Or if mom & pop stores had them behind the counter they'd probably know their clientele well enough to know who to offer the new inventory too.
  15. Never knew those carts were valuable at all... But I've also never seen a cartridge of either of them since I was about 8... Makes sense. I always preferred HERO on my C-64 anyway! It was a trailblazer, that's for sure.
  16. Now that you mention it, even if it meant increasing the ROM size or making it only work on emulators, I'm surprised it hasn't happened already... Or maybe it has and we don't even know! I, for one, don't keep up on the hacks/homebrew scene. I must say there are a few in the AA store I keep eyeing tho... And now that I think of it... is or was basketball an olympic sport?
  17. I hear Nintendo released this mini version of the NES... 30 games built in, just a simple HDMI to hook up, it'll save you space and time. Hehe, sorry, seemed like a laugh was in order here! Seriously tho... You seem to have a good attitude and clear head, it'll all work out for the best however you do it, just keep doing what your doing. If you can find the right buyers, now is REALLY good time to sell, market-wise. I like the bar-top arcade idea. I think it'd be great for someone who wants to game as a lesser hobby, the games are geared towards short play times, and I'm a fan of how most arcade games are multi-player oriented, so not only can it be a conversation piece it can actually be enjoyed as a group if you so wish... Most console games (of the 8-bit era and up) are really single player affairs or shoddy ports of arcade games... While Zelda or Tomb Raider may make for conversation as well as Mortal Kombat or Alien Storm, it's nicer to finish up with, "So, you wanna try your luck with a credit?" rather than "So, you wanna watch me beat the first cavern?" And if you're gonna play arcade games, might as well play the arcade originals... Hell, even if you want to collect some day again in the future, you can always start again! Just cause a save file got deleted doesn't mean you can't play again some day! *Edit: Now that I think of it... it's hard to think of a "good two player" game that DIDN'T originate in the arcade!
  18. I'd have to say the Pong variations with CPU opponent! But really though me and my son and nephew have a time with this once a year or so, break it out and go thru all the games. And I know the basketball one is always the most frustrating... so definitely not that one! Really, I'm surprised it has ANY AI, since most 2 player games of that period were strictly 2 player games. So why did they put AI in just ONE variation... Even if it wasn't that smart, a simple AI tracking the "ball" for any variation should have been doable...
  19. I've often thought of a multi-retro-unit that had number pad controllers as a standard pack-in and have the system compaitble with intellivision/5200/colecovison/whatever used a number pad controller. But then you have the issue with overlays... Which brings my next idea... a retro console that (as much as I hate the concept) syncs with a smartphone/tablet app, and THAT can be your number pad controller, which of course can load whatever overlay you need and you could even customize button layouts maybe.
  20. Man... I'd like to see a proper comparison of part 2. I have Lethal Enforcers II: Gunfighters for Sega CD. I've loaded up the Genesis ROM in Fusion. I swear it's the EXACT same game... only the Sega CD version has load times. Considering the style of game I wouldn't figure the graphics could be improved upon, but I'd think they toss a few FMVs in like they did with Part 1 on the Sega CD... or maybe Part 2 just didn't have any FMV between stages originally in the arcade. I've never played it. But there is also NO sound improvements! I'd imagine you'd get the arcade music tracks on CD (or at least some kind of arranged music like CD games always had), better quality voices, improved SFX, even if not still "arcade" perfect, just some kind of attempt at improvement. But I'm sure it's a carbon copy... a carbon copy that some how takes up a lot of CD space.
  21. All arguments about technical aspects aside between the two; NES carts were just designed too damn BIG to load top style like any traditional cartridge. The second model looks great aesthetically until there's a big grey slab sticking out the top.
  22. Right now I have a Genesis/CD/32X and a Dreamcast hooked to a 14" CRT. Bigger looks nicer,.. until the gaming really starts, then I prefer a smaller screen to focus on.
  23. I want one purely as a Sega CD back-up RAM cart.
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