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  1. Middle finger? No no. Joystick gripped at tit's base with my right hand. My left hand thumb operating buttons 1 & 2. Luckily they're close enough together that I can hit then both with one press. EDIT: Part of me wants to fix my post, but too much of me laughs too much at seeing "tit's" and "gripped" so close together... It's staying!!! DOUBLE EDIT: That LAST line just seals the deal. Most unintentionally sexy post of the day.
  2. Me too! When I got my SMS thank some God I got a joystick with it. The SMS had a RIGHT handed joystick. If not I probably would NEVER have enjoyed my SMS (to this day I have trouble with a stock SMS controller!!!) It wasn't until the Sega Genesis that I finally learned to use a D-Pad. But I only did when it became necessary when I got my second game (which was Decapattack). My pack in game was Sonic. So I could continue to use my SMS Joystick, since button 2 acted as 'Start', and I only needed one button to jump (Button 1)
  3. A friend of mine did the same thing. Placed the controller on the floor and just played with fingertips. You obviously weren't alone. The Acclaim Speedboard was made for just such use. EDIT: Apparently it wasn't made by Acclaim...
  4. There's too much talk of parallax... where's Joe Redifer when you need him?
  5. How about "New and improved GAMEPLAY"??? I see, occasionally, very POSITIVE reviews of Space Jockey,.. And all I can think is,.. Really? This game IS the epitome of hollow gameplay that almost killed video games and helped put it in the genre of being a 'fad'.
  6. Thank You so much for those links. Something I would have NEVER thought to Google myself, or would have even considered being something that existed!!!
  7. So, if I get this right, someone has created a new server that you can dial into using an original Game Line Modem? Sounds cool as heck... but... wouldn't that be accruing some long distance charges unless your live in the server area? I'm still a little confused. And regarding the link, I'm brought back to an idea covered in other threads regarding how necessary manuals were to old Atari VCS games. It lists a bunch of games that could have been played over the modem. Games like Crypts of Chaos and Riddle of the Sphinx jump out as games that, without having a manual, would very VERY awkward to 'try and figure out' with trial and error, and potentially expensive since you paid per play of the games. If anything, these two fine games might have garnered a bad reputation from people who downloaded it, couldn't figure it out, and then scoffed at buying it if they ever saw it in a store. Getting off track here though!
  8. My friend had a Sears Video Arcade and a bunch of Sears (and Zellers!) carts. I always thought it felt... off. As someone else said, they just had a 'cheap' look to them. And stupid names! Target Fun or Air-Sea Battle... on name alone, you know what you wanted to play as a kid in the 80s. Breakaway IV??? what/where are the first 3??? (I know now... pong consoles) I gotta say though, the alternate wood grain pattern HAS been growing on me over the years as I see photos of them.
  9. Jeez, a lot of votes for Solar Fox here. I've had that game for years now just never really got into it. Maybe I'll have to give it another go tonight. I only own two myself, Solar Fox and Mountain King. Mountain King I JUST received about a week ago, and it IS fun, but a real pain in the ass to get back up to the surface with the crown. Gotta master that jumping angle. I quite enjoyed playing Wizard of Wor and Blueprint via emulation. I think Blueprint's visuals hook me more than the gameplay. I know I would have loved it as a kid! SO to answer the question... my favorite... Mountain King I guess! Not much of an answer though really 😉
  10. Exactly. Is anyone gonna explain what this thread is about?
  11. Selling the game in countries where people couldn't even compete was strange. Continuing to press copies into the late 80's when the contest was WELL over and abandoned, was strange too!
  12. Soon gonna have to challenge my son to some Summer/Winter Games. Two new additions to my collection. "Summer Games" Best, so far in one playthrough: Hurdles: 0:22.0 Swimming: 0:32.8 Skeet Shooting: 16/25 100-Yard Dash: 0:12.2 Swimming Relay: 2:11.6 Gymnastics: - (Still can't get the hang of it yet!) Rowing: 0:32.7
  13. Sorry, but I just finally got myself a copy of Ghostbusters. I love this game. The C64 original, the SMS port, and even to some extent the NES port. When I learned there was an Atari 2600 port... it may have taken 20 years, but I finally have it. I kept good notes this time. I was on the 8th playthrough. I needed $104,400... I obviously failed! I passed Stay Puft on the first, fourth, fifth and sixth playthroughs. But got got stomped on my second, third and seventh games... Even if I had made it past Stay Puft that seventh time, the bonus $2,000 still wouldn't have been enough!!
  14. Don't worry dude, I know that you "know all". You've made that clear. Time and time and time and time and time and time and time and time and time and time and time and time and time and time again!!! To get back to the point I made regarding you in general,.. You come here for input, yet every piece of input (or at least ALMOST every piece, I'm sure you'll dig something up to argue even THIS pointless point!) you refute and then find 9 or 10 jpegs and a paragraph or two to explain why someone's input was wrong. You know it all. Awesome. Now write your damn book already!!! Or really you have no book to write and you just love to act contrary on the internet. Don't worry, we got our farms tended to, loads of food for trolls like you. We also luckily have some actual educated people refuting you and that is REALLY bringing some interesting things to light. Keep up the good work, and keep spreading the new word!
  15. Just received a package in the mail today. A day off. Perfect. Here's two scores I'm proud of. In Ghostbusters' case, I had successfully run beneath Stay Puft once, then failed the second time, so to face him this third time I needed $60,000 or more. I was so close!!!
  16. basically.... what empsolo said. Now can we please stop feeding the troll? Or are so many of you guys in my camp that, this thread is just too much fun to read to to have it end? EDIT: Hell, this one AND the sales figures thread... I thought I was posting in that one!!!
  17. Again, not sure of my all time best, but this is definitely up there for me. This is my new way of recording High Scores. This way I always have a photo as proof, and the date stamp on the file lets me know WHEN I got it!
  18. My copy of Pitfall plays clean as a bean on my Light Sixer and my Vader console. Two games that "I" have problems with are Double Dragon (Activision) and Defender II (Atari). They don't produce any buzzing noise, but they do get a LOT of fuzz/nterference in the picture.
  19. This is my Defender II cart. It's how it's always looked to me! Any reason this game and Double Dragon get that interference fuzz? Seems like I might have one other cart or two that do suffer it as well, can't think of them now...
  20. 45,334 on Star Wars : The Arcade Game I had to emulate. This the only Star Wars game I need for my collection. I don't play it often, but this was definitely my longest session in quite some time, or ever maybe! I was on the 4th, maybe 5th loop... The Death Star trench was nothing but walls with narrow openings to pass through! I think you'd need to know/memorize the patterns because there's just not enough reaction time I felt!!
  21. I must admit, $22 USD shipping included IS a good price for a set of re-furbished paddles... Only I live in Canada. So that becomes $29 CAD which also has a shipping charge of $19 CAD... for a total of $48 CAD. Not their fault I live where I do! but 50 bucks for a set of paddles? Like I say, I could pay it, but they BETTER be worth it!!
  22. I found a fella on ebay selling a BUNCH of refurbished paddles controllers, here's a link to one of the listings: https://www.ebay.ca/itm/Atari-Brand-2600-Paddle-Controller-Set-Completely-Refurbished-FREE-SHIPPING/254584568488?hash=item3b466c3aa8:g:PccAAOSwOCteiZhL Just curious if maybe it's someone that's a member on here as well. It's a little pricey, but if I know they work as well as claimed, it could be worth it to me!
  23. Jeepers Creepers that is one amazing computer file. Thank You, so much.
  24. Exactly. Why shit on people who are trying to learn things that can better our future???
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