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  1. On the bottom left, 7 titles up. TENNIS BOXING. I know it's a multicart, but if it wasn't. Some sport that incorporates both... that would make for some interesting doubles games, especially between the two closest to the net. Kinda like an 'Arch Rivals' version of Tennis I love both Tennis and Boxing, so that caught my eye!!!
  2. The OP wasn't asking for worst of ALL TIME Just the worst YOU'VE played.
  3. WOW Way to stifle creative/forward thinking. I guess you think that danged Atari is why kids are so fat and no one plays baseball anymore.... cause they can do it on their newfangled technology gadgets!!!!!!! That's a sad response from an Avatar I recognize.
  4. I think a LOT of this is missing the point. MOST Atari sales (be they 7800 or 2600 Jr.s) were poor/cheap parents looking for an easy way out to provide their children with video games. I can tell you for sure, and someone else please back me up, that when child 'X' received a 7800 (or even a 2600 Jr.) for Xmas in 1988 or whatever, they got what they didn't want. Sure it counts as sale, but it's a bad sale when your customer is unhappy with the product (hence why Atari doesn't exist really anymore). Like I say. after 1987... EVERY kid wanted an NES. Eventually, some of us got an SMS or TG16 instead and were happy.... and hell, even some of us were even happy with our 7800/2600 Jr. But at the end of the day, the parents eventually bought an NES or SMS or TG16 for their kids too. AND some kids, like I say just gave up on the video game 'fad' and found other hobbies. VERY few kids were happy playing 7800 Asteroids and Ms Pac-Man when they were going to their friends houses and playing Mega Man 2 and Super Mario Bros. 1 & 2 and Legend of Zelda and Metroid. Sales numbers don't mean ANYTHING regarding customer satisfaction. EDIT: Thats why I believe I had such trouble finding 7800 systems in the mid-late 90's. Because by then Sega and Nintendo ruled the market, and anyone who had an "Atari"... well all they had was fuel for the fire pit out back. Yes that's a thing. The fire pit. Like I say, no dumpsters in rural Newfoundland.
  5. Just bought some more 2600 games on eBay... been a while. Finally gonna have a copy of Ghostbusters!!

  6. I had SO much Q*Bert merchandise as a kid (that is all gone now). YET, I never played or seen a Q*Bert video game (I'm from the sticks remember) until I got the red label re-release by Atari for my birthday in 1989!!! That was cool. To FINALLY have the actual game. Thank goodness it lived up to the hype. I too never heard of Q*Bert's Qubes untill I found AtariAge
  7. Bowled a 193 last night. Game 1, curve ball. Best in a while. Not sure of my all time best.
  8. I must say, here in Newfoundland (Basically the ghetto of Canada for those unfamiliar) 7800s were fairly common. But anyone who had one, didn't want it. They asked for an NES, but their poor (financially poor) parents saw a cheap alternative and bought that. No one actually played them. They either eventually got an NES (or in my case an SMS... I got my first VCS, a JR model, for xmas '86, even though I asked for a Coleco like my cousin had, and an SMS the summer of 90) or they forgot about the gaming hype altogether and had fun instead tearing up the woods on quads and skidoos.... which your parents had NO problems spending money on!!! 😂😂 I regret not caring about the 7800 sooner, because even by '93 when I was buying other peoples old VCS games (I've been a retro gamer since before it meant something) people ironically still had all their old VCS games... but literally had thrown their 7800s away. And forget dumpster diving or whatever... throwing shit away here (especially in those days) meant having a big fire in your backyard.
  9. I wanted a Jaguar SOO bad. Magazines at the time with their screenshots and all, plus the 64 BIT hype. I was like... "What about 32 bit??? Or are we just skipping that because 3D0 and CDi are doing so bad?? The fact it used carts even led me to believe that CDROM was a fad, mainly for Computers and Music... not gaming. Sega and NECs CD units weren't exactly flying of shelves either!!! Then Jaguar came out with a CD Unit with like a year!!! Thank god I grew up in nowheresville where this wasn't available. I KNOW I would have wasted MY money!!!
  10. I'm not doubting you here, well kind of I guess I am!!! It's just that it's been my experience, mechanics wise, that WD40 is generally used as a SHORT term solution to a problem. I.E. A stuck lugnut. WD40 will loosen it. A stuck bicycle chain on the other hand, it's works at FIRST... but causes MUCH worse problems down the road. A lot of people misunderstand WD40. It's NOT a lubricant. It's dissolves shit. BUT in this case it doesn't sound like lube is what we want, but dissolving that fine metal isn't something I want to do either. If anyone can back up what your saying, I might try it. I have a pair of paddles giving me trouble... I've been considering looking for some new ones, but if this can ACTUALLY help...
  11. No... it started when I made the point that "The Atarian's" Mailbag Column had a letter where some kid claimed that not only he, but all his friends too, would rather come to his house and play Mario Bros. (1983) and Winter Games on his 7800 in the year of 1989 than anything released on the NES to that point. Which is laughable. Hurt my sides laughable. And then you actually defended that letter and acted as though it could have been real. (This was in their FIRST issue mind you... how many people are sending letters to a magazine that doesn't even exist yet??) But yeah, I'm out of troll food. Enjoy alienating the small audience your book has.
  12. Seems like we don't know what we're talking about, and you know enough to teach all of us narrow minded fools right from wrong! So why are you still here? Go write your book and we'll save our troll food for the next hungry one.
  13. You're amazing dude. Just write whatever it is you WANT to write. You come here asking for advice and input, and then refute everything that's been offered, because it's contrary to what you want to write. You clearly have an agenda, and you thought, this being an ATARI fan site, we'd all jump on board and agree with everything you claim, just because it's painting Atari in a positive light. We ARE Atari fans, but we're not blind to reality.
  14. The 5200 had GREAT sound, if you consider the 7800 went back to using the same sound as the 2600. Might have been a necessary evil for backwards compatibility, but I find that is the consoles biggest problem. The games look great, but sound terrible (Except for the few that had POKEY chips.... that should have just been put it right in the system)
  15. So... you really think kids would rather play a "more" accurate arcade port of 1983 Mario Bros. in 1989 rather than anything released on the NES by that point??? were YOU this Derek Jacobs I wonder??
  16. I wish I could find it now... but THERE IS a clear case of false advertising regarding QBert... I just wish I could find it It basically says "Screenshots from Atari 2600" yet doesn't have the slightly skewed pyramid AND shows the teleporter pads as rainbow circular discs.... which were definitely NOT on the 2600!!!
  17. Two identical looking NTSC carts of SQ:EW One has the PAL solution (the roughed up one), one other has the NTSC solution
  18. This snippet from Atarian: Video Game Magazine, their first issue dated May/June 1989 shows just how much Atari liked to lie and actually publish these lies, shows that anything they "claim" can be as trustworthy as the photographers of Bigfoot or The Loch Ness Monster. Yeah... It's spring of 1989, and kids are clamoring to go to his house and play Mario Bros. (not SUPER Mario Bros. mind you!!!) and, of ALL things, Winter Games (???) on the 7800, rather than ANYTHING that had been released on the NES by that point... it's just... it's... oh my god... it's just so bad... actually, it's so SAD rather!!! This CANNOT be an actual letter, I can't believe they actually used a full name, not just initials,.. and a city, not just a state... They were REALLY lying through their teeth!!!!! EDIT: Or possibly they were from a neighborhood (I know Forth Worth is not small, so it's not indicative of the city as a whole!!!) with serious xenophobia that wanted to support ANYTHING American and NOT foreign (particularly Japanese, WWII was less than 50 years in the past) Not glad I had to type that, but it's an unfortunate truth about the past (and sometimes even the present) So yeah, there might have been some parents that wouldn't by a "Nintendo" and kids would go to his house to play ANYTHING that was a video game.
  19. I'm quoting myself from an older topic (one the MANY) regarding ET and this stupid idea that VCS games were "plug and play" and "no one read manuals"
  20. While you're there, see if you can find a guy doing some hardwork on a 'new' 2600 game...
  21. My first software... we had a C-64 and I only ever had ONE actual disk that was bought from a store. EVERYTHING else was pirates from a C-64 club my uncle was in where people would meet up and duplicate each others disks. So I eventually had 2 disks FULL of decent games. But back to my first, well I think it was still a pirate, I've learned in time! It was disk with 4 games on it. All by Anirog. Kong, Scramble, Cosmic Commando, and Zodiac. Kong I enjoyed because, come on it was 1986 and all I had otherwise was the 2600 version! Incredibly difficult, but it just looked so clean and colorful and better sounds! Scramble was GREAT fun. Come on.. it's Scramble!!! Zodiac was fun for a while, but it just goes and goes... Cosmic Commando, now THERE was a weird one. Damn near impossible. A shooting gallery game where you pretty much had to hit EVERY target EVERY round, if you missed once, you might still make it, if you missed twice, fuck it, give up. In recent years, I've been trying to learn more about these games. Turns out Cosmic Commando was playable with a light gun?? Never knew the C64 had a light gun!!!
  22. It's hard to pick... Like choosing between Star Wars and Star Trek, they both offer a very different style of the same basic premise. I still remember the first time I played Video Pinball, I was like, 'this is basically pachinko!' I was playing for about 4-5 minutes and had to use the flippers maybe 3 or 4 times. Otherwise I was just watching the ball bounce all around and racking up a score I really had nothing to do with!!! THEN I read the manual and learned how to nudge.... SO much more fun! Midnight Magic is awesome but it bugs me how much screen real estate is wasted to maintain the vertical playfield. Even if they had done it in two halves, that switch as the ball gets lower as many 8-16 bit pinball games did. But still, an amazing game.
  23. Hmm... been away for a while, not sure if I know about that game, time to find it and try it!
  24. Look, sorry for being snappy. This is all I have to say on this matter. I am seriously DONE with this whole C=64 thing. I've been trying (unsuccessfully) to load even a SINGLE... thing, yes thing, not even a fucking 64 KRAM SYSTEM 38911 BASIC BYTES FREE READY *Blinking square* Not even that, in ANY C64 emulator. I've been trying off an on since around 2003-2004. I keep saying, its 2010,.. its 20014,.. it's 2020... what the fuck ever... I've gotten the same results every time. Every damn time. This is not the first thread I've started over my years on this message board and they always work out the same. I'm tapping out. I'm done. I may have been emulating everything under the sun since the 90's. N64, CDi... those are the only other two major consoles I've never emulated older than PS2... and that's neglecting the lovely Dolphin emulator which let me play a couple of GCN games. But you've bested me C=64, you really have my balls in a VICE. I enjoyed you briefly with the C64 mini, but that one has controller issues which I won't get into here, which has led it IT being unplayable. Anirog Kong.... you will be missed.
  25. I've worked tech support call centers. And I know that THIS is the response you give when you're dealing with something you don't understand. Like I said. Mods... delete, or at least lock, this thread. It's going nowhere. EDIT. Seriously... the next comment that is as "helpful" as the rest have been WILL get a response worthy of locking/deleting this thread. I just want a how to guide.... if you don't have one.. fine, close the tab and read the next thread.
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