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  1. Isn't Hangman SUPPOSED to hang! 😆
  2. Since some of you obviously didn't read my post, it's not an issue with a bad ROM, or not understanding that C64 games like to use a random controller port... It's not seeing ANYTHING but a blank window with File, Edit, Etc across the top, no matter what I load, or attach, or whatever, and then click start, or autorun or whatever.... just a blank window. So I was right. Apparently I'm too stupid to use it. Not a big loss really. Helps me focus on other games I want to play.
  3. Dude ain't looking for a definitive answer of what the "worst console ever" was.... They asked, "Whats the worst you've played?" Big difference. They want opinions. Problem is opinions piss people off, because they think everyone else is supposed to have the same opinion they do, and when they realize they don't, well then, it's time to start converting people by explaining to them why their opinion is wrong. If someone thinks that the N64 is worst console they ever played.... then it is. To THAT person.
  4. I know the ROM images are fine... they're the same ones I used with my C64 mini.... like I say, pick a file, and it loads... plug and play basically. I can't even get to any kind of actual C-64 screen with these emulators. Just windows, upon windows... with way too many options and all of them are settings with none of them being just... "START". Fuck it. Admins?.. you can delete this thread.... I'm done trying to emulate the C-64. I'll always have my memories, and those few months that my C=64 mini was playable.
  5. Can someone point me towards a good emu, that ALSO has some kind of "idiots guide to..." somewhere? I've been fiddling with CCS64 and VICE for a few days now and haven't successfully loaded even one ROM... I've seemingly "attached" some disk images or carts or whatever... but fat load of good that does me... it doesnt autoload any programs on the disk or bring me to a basic command prompt where I can type Load /program name/ ,8 and stuff.... it's just... its maddening and it's been this way EVERY time I've tried emulating the C=64. My C64 mini is unplayable now, plus it had issues with too many games, so it'd be nice to play using an emulator that works better. Maybe I'm just too stupid, please don't be afraid to tell me if that's the case... I mean, if I gave someone a copy of Gens, and a couple genesis ROMs and they couldn't figure it out, I'd say "Fuck it dude, just play Minesweeper". I really don't understand why I'm having so much trouble with these emulators. 10-20 years ago I blamed it on technology and early software not being able to handle the emulation in an easy-to-use fashion... but it's 2020 now... the C64 mini basically works plug and play... why can't I figure out even ONE of these emulators???
  6. Wow, cant deny this is interesting, innovative, and something.. people apparently want. Not for me though. Checking the manual, toggling those switches, and remembering your favorite game number is part of the experience, and why I use a 6 switch system. Only the Atari VCS has those buggers (that I know of) and doing away with them, is just... not right?
  7. wow... they're up to gta 5 now huh? Thats how "well known" that game is; dont get me wrong, I'm not trying to be sarcastic, I'm just saying, I've been gaming daily since 1985, first "I" heard of it. I'm just making the point that we have gamers of ALL types here. What makes it so great here at AA. but yeah... this question was loaded from the beginning... Japan vs... THE WORLD. come on, that just TOO much competition!!!!!?
  8. Thats why Mine is unfortunately gathering dust.The flimsy (and shitty) pack in stick broke fairly quickly and there just don't seem to be any others that work with it... incredibly stupid. The C64 Mini was a great idea I think... the execution however? well.. executed is probably too appropriate as a choice of words. Really wish I didn't have to type that, because I loved my C64 as a kid and enjoyed my C64 Mini for the brief period I could play it.
  9. The 32X could have had SO many good Sega Arcade conversions... Problem was no wanted to play late 80's arcade games in 1995, while Sony had polygonal boobs bouncing all over.
  10. I keep all mine a Game Gear carryall with the inlay pulled out! I too would like a nicer way of pouring through my collection when looking for a game to play. Then again, I'm on Game Gear #3 now and even that one is getting iffy. So maybe my games will end up in storage... unless I find someone who can recap a GG and give it a fresh life. Because, I'm NOT buying another used one after this one dies... I bought my first one in 2001, lasted about 10 years, the next one lasted 5, and this one is just hitting 3 years and giving me trouble... So I know damn near every other one out there is dying about this time too!!!
  11. I got a Junior model for Xmas of '86. I was 5 years old. No pack in games, but I also got Asteroids, Frogger, Defender, Missile Command, Pac-Man, and Yar's Revenge. Then not long after (couple months at most) I got Star Raiders. throughout '87-'88 a lot of my friends and family were getting Nintendos so I received quite a few hand-me-downs. Air-Sea Battle, Combat, Donkey Kong, Dragster, E.T., Freeway, Ice Hockey, Joust, Phoenix, Raiders of the Lost Ark, RealSports Football, Skiing, Sky Jinks, StarMaster, Star Wars: Jedi Arena (Even though I had no paddles and never did until around 2010!), Super Challenge Baseball, Swordquest: Earthworld, and Word Zapper I would only get two more games "new", Q-Bert for my birthday in '89 and then Defender II for Xmas of '89. Then the summer of 1990 my uncle gave me his old Sega Master System. I've always been a bit behind in video gaming!
  12. I grew up in Newfoundland Canada, my cousin had Fast Food, and my friend had CocoNuts.
  13. http://www.arcade-classics.com/exidy_arcade_price_guide.html I was looking to value some of my arcade cabs, and this was all I could really find. ANy collectors here willing to back up that these are reasonabley accurate? What really caught my eye, was they valued Mr. Do at $2,500-$3,500. I have that one, and would like to know if it's ACTUALLY worth that! And of course I'd like to know if they're all reasonable quotes. Looking at selling some and seeing what's worth insuring, storing, selling, or whatnot!
  14. That sounds like it would make sense, except every Sega Master System Power Base (that has a boot-up screen) refers to itself as a "Sega Master System". You might of bought the 3D Super Scope Set, or just the Base Set... but regardless the boot-up screen told you you were playing a "Sega Master System". Interestingly, by the time Sega FULLY embraced the Sega Master System name in marketing and box-art, they got rid of the boot-up screen!!!
  15. Apparently Steam has a Rape Simulation game for sale... called Rape Day... so unfortunately maybe this game does have some merit today. *EDIT: upon a quick Google search so I could add a link.... it was apparently taken down 2 days ago. But there's still a LOT of info available about it, and we all know it'll be available somewhere for download somehow soon, if not already. *DOUBLE_EDIT: Is 'merit' the right word to use here? not trying to be a troll or support something like this... just posting facts.
  16. All you needed was the comic book, a little (very little) common sense regarding sentence structure and some luck. There was nothing "Deep" about these games. They were almost the equivalent of a lottery ticket... only if the lottery ticket was a scratch-off with a bazillion combinations you could rescratch until you found the right way... And then realized all the words were hidden in plain sight in a book you were given with it and you never had to touch the ticket really to win. I love the SwordQuest games because they mean a lot nostalgically to me and I love/hate that they were the exact opposite of what I always thought they were. I also like to make sure people know what they actually were. You can still have fun with them, don't get me wrong. It sure beats tapping away at some Skinner Box Test they call "Smart Phone Gaming" or whatever. By a little bit at least... I think... I hope...?
  17. I'm certainly not gonna say this is a "good" game, but back in the 80s me and a friend of mine who owned it had a lot of fun with it. It's definitely a 2 Player only game, so you can smack talk each other while button mashing, hoping to knock the other in the hole. But in the end, thats all it is, button mashing hoping to win, but I cant deny I have some great memories of this. When we weren't playing Mario 3, we were playing Urban Champion!!! No joke!
  18. I can see why many are "collectible". If you enjoy Hockey, NHL '94 on Genesis is some of the best 2D hockey you can play. Maybe your an older fella and you wanna play with the that 1996 roster because that year your favorite team was doing great and a lot of your favorite players are in that season. As long as you enjoy sports games/the sport in question, then the list can just go on and on as to why to collect them. But if you don't like sports... then obviously don't buy them... same as if you don't like FPS games... don't buy them. And as already mentioned there are so many "bizarre" sports games like the Mutant League series, Cyber Ball, Speedball, heck, even NBA Jam, that transcend the 'sport' itself and can be just fun games to play. You don't have to enjoy the sport of Golf as a whole to enjoy Kirby's Dream Course for example. And to go back to NBA Jam, I don't 'know' Basketball AT ALL. I've never played a basketball game I enjoyed, with the exception of NBA Jam, which i don't just enjoy, I love. Not because it's basketball, but because it's fast, frenetic, and the fun multiplies with multiplayer. It's unlike and basketball game I've played, except Arch Rivals of course!! and I think I would enjoy NBA Jam more if it had a wild and goofy roster (which it kinda does with hidden characters) as opposed to the NBA license, which I recall back in the day pissed a few of my friends off, they were like "so you can push people and do slam dunks from center court??? that's not basketball!!! No it isn't, and that's why it's so much more fun, to me at least.
  19. Easy. 1. Ground Zero Texas. At the time I was one of the "FMV is the Future!!!" twits. 2. Wheel of Fortune. Would have had BIG hopes there would be some nice FMV of Vanna, but would still enjoy the game, because I love WOF in any incarnation. 3. Exterminators. Come on!!! It has a the word Teminator, AND a big ol' red X in the title! How could you NOT pick this as an adolescent boy. But it didn't get released, so I'd be pissed that the one I wanted most wasn't there. I probably would have taken Ultraverse Prime('cause I had a few comics, but they sucked...) or Frankenstein. If you mean't what three would I take today? The most valuable obviously! Or maybe you mean which 3 I think are the most fun... well I haven't played them all, so couldn't tell ya.
  20. Also works on the Game Boy Player for GCN.
  21. I can't believe they still haven't made playing multi-disc games more user-friendly, but already moving on to a "bigger better" version. I'm loving my Mini, but... (I must say I notice very few other people griping about this) But!, to play disk-swapping games you have to power down the system, remove the USB and plug it into computer, rename two files (the disk your removing and the disk you inserting), put it back in the Mini, bootup the system and reload a save file that can now load the imaginary disk it's looking for. Is this really necessary? If this can't be improved why bother improving the physical architecture?, I can't quote numbers now, but if you require a keyboard to play your game, I'll assume you're playing some big adventure games or similiar, a game that is going to be a biotch to load and mess around powercycling/renaming files mid-game. In fact, can the Mini even write to the USB? I haven't seen a succesful game save file. I mean I can "save state", but It never really "saves a game", you know? Right now as it stands to me, my experience as a user, it's great for playing the classic arcade ports and some unique titles (Go play Trolls and Tribulations NOW!), but if you want to get into the grander games you'll need a Keyboard (They did that!) and EASY DISK SWAPPING (No word yet... however as I stated earlier I feel like I'm the only one complaining about this so it DOES make sense that they're not fixing something IF no one REALLY is complaining it broken... just me!) Oh King's Bounty and Carmen Sandiego... some day I will play you again proper!
  22. I've been trying to get into Alien on C64. I just can't.... figure it out!!! I need a simple stepthru, not the whole game, just like 4 minutes maybe. Explain what does what. All I do is switch characters and change menus... and nothing really seems to be happening.
  23. This isn't an app, but someone on this site host this page which should be a goldmine for you. http://www.thevgatv.com/styled-3/
  24. I feel like adding something more. Since the first post I made in this thread I've been able to play the C64 versions of Double Dragon. (There were two.) Maybe it's just rose colored glasses and nostalgia because I owned it as a kid, but as bad as anyone might say the 2600 version is, I think it's better than these two!!! The C64 may have better graphics/music, but the game play is horrible. You think the AI in the VCS port is relentless, heh... Not just that, but the controls (despite the fact you still use a one button stick) are somehow so much worse in comparison. The hit detection, forget about it. And I can't remember which version, but in one, every time I PUNCHED a guy he fell down, and I'd have to wait for him to get back up, but be far away, otherwise he'd always land a free hit while getting to his feet... well, beating the first 2 enemies took me about 5 minutes. I probably could have beat the first level in that one with enough patience, but jeez, I imagine beating the game would easily take many hours, especially considering (I assume) that enemies get even more health as the levels progress. I could go on, I love the Double Dragon series, and all I've ever been able to find out about these games over the years were short take reviews, a few short vids, screenshots to judge them by. Then actually being able to play them... such a letdown. I also had a C64 growing up and it DID have some pretty great ports of games of the time... DK Jr, Mario Bros, Spyhunter, Skramble... Hell, even Castlevania (which I never played as a kid but also recently tried) is, well... it's, its... its what I said about the VCS DD, it IS what it IS!, but I'm getting off topic! I always assumed these versions of Double Dragon (or hell even just one!) must at least be decent, at least a hair above the VCS version. I think I've even conned myself in liking a few shit games in the past just because I always assumed they were so good, I couldn't let my actual experience destroy my fantasy... but not this time... Nope, suddenly I had a LOT more appreciation for DD on VCS!
  25. Yeah, getting multi-disk games to run in a easier manner is what I was hoping for with this update as well. Hopefully they are working on it... don't emulators handle it reasonably? I don't know, cause I've always had trouble with C64 emus, and the simplicity of the C64 mini is one reason I like it so much... maybe the simplicity is whats holding back multi-disk games? I dunno... But if they really plan to release a FULL size C64, they're gonna have to get multi-disk games running smoothly first I think. And last but not least, that new game they added is great. Does the author hang around here?, they did well, it's easily one of the best games in the collection, and has inspired me to seek out more C64 homebrew work. Any suggestions?
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